by jaichry
Published: November 23, 2022 (1 week ago)

Don Williams-The Very Best Of Don Williams Full ~REPACK~ Album Zip



Don Williams-The Very Best Of Don Williams Full Album Zip

the only strong song here is the title track, not a classic but a very original version of the song. i imagine this song was released as a single at a time when williams was at the peak of his career. if his version of the song is a christmas song then i cant imagine he could perform this song live, but then i dont know if he could perform live at all, and i hope he can. its a very beautiful song, and i can only imagine the classic version which i know and love.

the best ive got for christmas is a rather boring song that doesnt really stand up to anything, and a very generic sappy lump of a song. its not a bad song, but its a horrible standout as the album closes. i like the falsetto that williams sings at the end of the song, and i liked the idea of the song, but the execution is just so dull.

for an album that is filled with songs about christmas, christmas songs, its not particularly christmassy. williams is not a songwriter, and this album doesnt even really sound like christmas. it does sound a bit like the 50s, i suppose, and this is a little bit too much of a good thing.

i prefer williams original take on the song. it is more of a genuine christmas song, and its an authentic take on the song. but even that song is more sophisticated than this album. its a little too slick and perfect. the song is not quite as lush and mature as it should be. williams record it has a lack of confidence in its own effect, and this ultimately makes me dislike it. its a great song, but i would have preferred if it was played up a little bit more in my opinion.

this is the problem of imitation. in a world where everything is copy-pasted, everything is a rip-off of what came before, its very easy to make a terrible imitation of a song that you know sounds great. once youve done it, its almost impossible to get the original feeling of that song back. in this case, by the time we get to williams version of winter wonderland, it just sounds like a bad version of a christmas song. but thats just my opinion.
don williams is a big reason why i find myself enjoying country music so much again. some of the songs have a low-fi, acoustic feel to them, and i always love the way that williams will pay homage to a country sound, but then twist it into something more melodic, or add a bit of a blues, or rock to it. thats what makes williams so timeless. his voice is still pretty powerful for someone whos gone into the auld game. he can still hit a note that will make you pause, even if it takes a little while to get there. i actually really like this album and its a great find for country fans, but also for people who like heartland country or country in general. i think its a great album from start to finish and you should check it out.
the only problem with don williams is that his albums are all available as mp3s, with sometimes three or four songs on an album being the same song recorded in multiple variations. this is confusing to the casual listener, and it also makes it hard to know how to order his albums, because you can’t just put them in order of the number of versions of a song on the album. i think that this is a shame, because i think that the songs that he’s recorded over the years have a lot of depth to them. i wish don williams would start releasing his old albums on cd, or even as mp3s, because i can’t help but feel that there’s a lot more of his music that i’m missing out on.