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DownloadDOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)



Slightly Magic is a fast-paced action platforming game. The player controls the main character Sprocket to travel across eight levels. The 8-bit graphics, beautiful cutscenes, and the many well thought-out enemy types make the game a perfect play for all ages.
Slightly Magic – 8bit Legacy Edition is available on PC (Windows), Mac (OS X) and Linux (64-bit versions only)
Get slightly more magic with Slightly Magic – 8bit Legacy Edition on your Linux system with an Ubuntu or Linux Mint 12 and up supported, deb and/or source package, and be sure to check out the Steam store for Linux
About the Story:
Sprocket is hungry. It’s Sprocket’s job to collect 48 magical eggs scattered across eight levels in order to feed the world. Unfortunately, Sprocket is a messy eater and all his one big appetite has collected a few barnacles along the way. The barnacles are angry and in order to collect the eggs, Sprocket must be clever, sneaky, and funny. Here is Sprocket’s tale and yours, his journey to feed the world.
Key Features:
• Large 8-bit world – Beakman Island is full of interesting and diverse environments. Explore around the world in order to find all the eggs and successfully complete each level.
• 8-bit graphics – The game features a beautiful cutscene and controls that make you feel like you’re playing in 8-bit.
• Fairly non-intrusive – Instead of a dozen or so regular enemies, Sprocket fights a variety of pirate-like enemies, mutants, and dragons.
• Must-have – The “Slightly Magic” resource is only available during the game and can be earned through achievements.
• One-more-eggs-please – The eggs are hidden on walls and in chests around the world. Use the barrier to reach each egg and complete the level.
• A small, but pretty town – Beakman Island is filled with unusual creatures such as rabbits and giant turtles. Make your way there and fill up your total of eggs.
• Challenging puzzles – The puzzles are not specifically designed to be hard, but they are more complex than they seem. The tricky platforming skills required to solve them is part of the fun.
• Achievements and leaderboards – Make a run to the top of the leaderboard and challenge other players to a game.
• In-game performance improving tips – If the game is


Donuts’n’Justice Features Key:

  • Modern rules for a 12th-century period of Japanese history
  • Play with modern elements such as cannons, muskets, armored knights, and horses.
  • Flag bonuses are decided by a special rule and are based on the situation of the battle line rather than based on national units.
  • Each player must manage their own process units and national units.

Key features of the game:

  • Play with French Napoleonic-style game cards with aim to win
  • The multi-turn system allows a player to execute multiple moves in a turn
  • National Units, battles formations, and background changes by cards are unique features
  • New attack bonuses to battles formations and an attack bonus for field formations
  • Cannonballs have less influence than Musket balls and Skullballs do for attack and defense
  • Prepare for fighting!


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Make your way in the virtual world as you undertake different tasks in the way of hunting. You will have a good time when you play this game because it offers different kind of game modes to help you complete your task. For example, you may have to provide food for your animal herds or you may have to kill a firefly. The game requires a lot of skill when you encounter different kinds of animals that include kangaroos, snakes, crocodiles, birds, etc.
You have some tasks to complete before you can go home and you must use your hunting skills and patience to complete them.
You will have to gain food to feed your animals, and you can shoot them if you don’t have them.
You will have to kill the fireflies to keep your animal herds alive.
Your goals will always change throughout your game. The game includes different levels and achievements to keep you motivated throughout the game. For instance, you have many more tasks to perform as you progress in the game. Hunting will never be the same if you try to play this game because of its unique features and design.
The game is all about giving you the experience of hunting animals in the real life and you will always be able to hunt them as you like. FILED



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– shoot the enemies till they fall
– tip the levels with extra experience points
– wear your accessories
– as your level increases, so will your weapon damage
– as you improve with experience you can reap more benefits
– all items can be switched out
– store and review your favorite weapons
Game “BulletGarden” Screenshots:
Game “BulletGarden” game is liked and supported around the world,
and your feedbacks and suggestions are always welcome for improvement!

Official Website:

BulletGarden Twitter:



Facebook Group:


BulletPlanes is a multiplayer flying game. Aim at the walls and bomb them. Don’t fly in another plane and kill him. The more planes are going to fall.Be careful not to be the last one.
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BulletBoat is a fast paced 3rd person adventure puzzle shooter. Compete in the fastest boat in the firing range or occupy yourself by laying out your own map for a more relaxed game of precision shooting. Craft your weapons and test your accuracy in this solo or multiplayer game.
You are in control of your own ship in BulletBoat. Select your weapons and see how they perform in different game modes. Improve your ship in the dry dock by making it stronger and customize your look. Check your weapon collection, deploy decoys and make sure your ship won’t be a sitting duck!
-Multiple game modes:
Fastest Boat – Race on the desert, through the forest, or to the finish line by flying over all obstacles in the firing range.
Survival – Win as long as possible!
Missions – Collect all targets before the time runs out.
Points – Earn as many points as you can over the course of 50 levels.
-Upgrade System:


What’s new:

A sequel to American Nightmare has also been published by Platinum Games. Scarlet Hollow Cover the

A sequel to Scarlet Revelations is also in development titled Scarlet Cover. This was first stated by the game’s composer, Motohiro Kawashima, on

[1] Godmusic’s Twitter.[2] In November 23, 2010, Platinum Games announced the sequel, combining “Scarlet Cover” with “JRPG”

Scarlet Cover is planned to release in 2014 and is currently being developed with the collaboration of Kawashima who will be composing the music for it. In addition, in May 21, 2012,

motoyuki has explained that the development phase of Scarlet Draw has been completed and that the new title will have a Feb 28, 2013, release date. A few months after release, a sequel

Scarlet Hollow with a new leader named Bodd has also been announced.

Platinum Games Development

This project was first revealed to the public in 2002 through a newly formed video game studio,.[1] As Platinum shared their intention to obtain input

while making a title, in addition to bringing in necessary staff, their initial choice was not a console, but an Xbox console. When the project received a lot of attention from magazines,

age distributed a novel based on a game that would be produced by Platinum Games. The art for one of the characters in the novel,, had been designed by Itaru

In 2008, the by game company, SEGA was looking for a master video game director to work with, and Itaru proposed to work as the director. The company mentioned that the game is on hold to be

published for PS3 under the special issue of SEGA Genesis’ 30th year, but if the timing was right, it would be published. It was sold on the PlayStation Store as the first game under the brand.

It began in 2009 when it published the first part of the novel and later released a volume of the novel,, in 2010. The third volume of the novel,, was published

in 2011. Publication continued in 2012 with the publishing of an art book, and a comic book (illustrated by Itaru ) in the same year. In addition to the publishing,, was also adapted

into a manga series, as well as later on, into a tie-in anime,, by Osamu Katayama in 1999.

Now Platinum Games began working on its


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* “De unplaatst artyf?”
* “Nee, mijn jongen, toch niet.”
* “Als ze de vraag nog steeds steelt, dan doel ik haar.”
At the beginning of this winter, an anarchist group suddenly decided to make their first action in the Free City of Prague. After the trangression, the two anarchists and the police were imprisoned, but in vain, the young woman managed to escape. Now it is up to her to get away from the Czech Secret Police. And she is not alone, one day she will meet the man of her dreams, who will help her to escape. But, time is running out. How will she cross the border and where will she meet her beloved?
“Play this amazing game, in which you are Laily, a young girl who decides to escape to take refuge in the United States, to marry a young man and live happily ever after.”
In the game, you are the player of the female character Laily, and you must escape to the United States to marry a young man and live happily ever after!
Game features:
* Several scenes, in which you can decide the destiny of Laily!
* Many choices, and each with its consequences!
* A story of love, of sacrifice and independence!
* A beautiful soundtrack!If you were in India on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 28, you got an unexpected visit from a man on a horse.

No, it was not Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, but a team of elephants from the India’s Chandragiri Elephant Orphanage in South India and a video team from the BBC.

The elephants were preparing for a trip to a temple in Orissa State, when one of them came across a man standing in the bushes outside the fence, said Prakash Mulukote, the orphanage’s founder. (The BBC did not respond to requests for comment.)

This particular elephant walked toward the visitor. The man, who appeared nervous, began greeting the elephant, which was possibly trying to play. But it was the visitor who then started greeting the elephant, the man said.

The video teams recorded several “highly unusual” moments, Mulukote said. “He was begging for a tissue to wipe his tears when an elephant was beside him, and his


How To Crack:

  • Unity3D
    • Click “Unity Package Repository on the Unity3D website
  • On the Bundles tab, search for “sculpting” and “renderer”
  • Unreal Engine
    • Download and run the free version of Unreal Engine 4
  • Follow the instructions for setting up an account
  • On the File menu, select Install Packages
  • Select the downloaded files, and then click Start


  • Don’t use Steam

Manual Instructions

  • Edit the file dataMObjects.json
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Add a block in front of the “Axehead Demon”
  • Left-click to select it
  • Locate a box in front of the “ground”
    • Right-click and select “Advanced Edit”
    • Click the “Add Component” button under the Rigging menu
    • In the “Import Property” form window, in the “Import Type” drop down menu, choose “Mesh”
    • In the “Import Assets” form, choose the ‘.scm’ file from the’sculpting’ folder


    System Requirements For Donuts’n’Justice:

    -OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)
    -CPU: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor or better
    -RAM: 1 GB or more
    -Hard Drive Space: 2 GB
    -DirectX: 9.0 or better
    -Video Card: GeForce 8800 or higher or Radeon HD 7xxx Series or better
    -DirectX Compatible Sound Card: Microsoft DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    -DVD or CD-


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