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When WikiLeaks was released with a massive amount of confidential US military documents, the then-active military adviser to Defense Secretary Robert Gates instructed employees to help Russian officials.

­In an exclusive interview with RT, former defense consultant to the Obama administration David Asher said the advice to aid a foreign state against WikiLeaks revealed a level of naivety that was embarrassing. “I guess any American citizen would find that embarrassing.”The US government was not the only one concerned with leaks from WikiLeaks. Hackers and activists around the world tried to prevent the leak of these documents, but WikiLeaks’ site was eventually able to get over 200,000 files. Some of the leaked information was classified and some was top-secret.The documents published by WikiLeaks included confidential military information, such as classified reports and combat information. They revealed the names of Iraqi diplomats and US soldiers, as well as the number of US soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.The then active military advisor to Defense Secretary Robert Gates instructed that the WikiLeaks release should be “contained and” to help Russia “contain any embarrassment to them.”WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said this adviser did not realize that many documents