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Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


Download Jackie Chan Stuntmaster Iso Full

in jackie chan stuntmaster: the movie, players can choose from a variety of moves, including the half-pipe and the step ladder. the game features a good storyline, but the game is more about the gameplay and using his skills to kick out all the bad guys. the game contains all the characters from jackie chan’s movie franchise.

the game is currently rated rp, it means that the rating is still pending and waiting for final approval. in the cast list, we have jackie chan, paul dobson, kirby morrow, richard side. if you speak one of the language from english, then this game is for you.

you have reached the best platform to download the jackie chan: stuntmaster on your pc. it is the most entertaining fighting, platform, hack and slash/beat em up category game with various unique quests to complete. this computer game became a global it after its release on mar 28, 2000 date.

as we can see in the trailer above, jackie chan stuntmaster has all the qualities to become a classic game. if you like jackie chan or have the game, let me know in the comments below if you have other games starring jackie chan that you enjoy or played. thanks for watching!

jackie chan stuntmaster is a computer game for the pc and other platforms, released in 2000, this game is similar to many other stunt games and does not have a very interesting plot. it is a video game that has been given a rating of 6.0/10 from the 1,000 user.

the computer game consists of a variety of scenes based on jackie chan’s movies, most of which are not very interesting, but the graphics and graphics are very colorful and according to the user reviews is a good game, but it would have been better if the game was more interesting.

jackie chan is a well-known hong kong actor, director and producer. he has won numerous awards and is considered one of the best action stars in the world. jackie chan has written, produced, and starred in over 50 films, and he has performed many stunts and actions for the movies. he has also directed more than 30 movies. chan works with over 100 stunt coordinators from around the world.

the famous jackie chan stuntmaster game was released in 2000 and it is developed by the hong kong based game developer. he is known for his fast kicks and fancy stunts, so it is no surprise that he is finally getting his own video game. jackie can bounce off walls, use ordinary objects as weapons, break things, and, of course, kick and punch the daylights out of any thug who stands in his way.

like his movies, the game does have some semblance of a plot. it seems that jackie’s grandfather has been kidnapped (while jackie was stuffing his face at a caf, no less). the action star must fight his way through a number of back alleys and abandoned factories to rescue him. to carry out his mission, jackie must collect red and gold dragon tokens and take on some pretty mean bosses.

short movie scenes feature a computer-generated chan with all the facial expressions fans have come to know and love as well as his own voice acting. jackie chan stuntmaster might not exactly be a rumble on the bronx, but it is the next best thing to seeing jackie on the silver screen.

the jackie chan stuntmaster game is the best platform for any jackie chan fans. this game has no moving parts or download and no need to install any emulator. this game is a simple game which makes it a fun game for any jackie chan fans.

the jackie chan game has developed professionally so that it can be played and downloaded on all types of computers, and this is done directly and easily without facing any complexity or the need to install an emulator. it is used directly, in the game it does not need high specifications, which makes it suitable for everyone and is available on the direct link mediafire and google drive.
not only will you be able to make jackie chan stuntmaster feel like you are actually in a real jackie chan movie, but you can also play like a true jackie chan fan and do all of the stunts and actions that he does in his movies.
the initial playstation version of jackie chan stuntmaster [slus-00684] rom features is a bit different from the us version. the pal version of the game has missing characters and some extra background music. this version is playable but not the same as the us version. the playstation version is a pal version while the playstation version is a us version. more than that, it is a special version, it will not work on any playstation version.
jackie chan stuntmaster [slus-00684] rom download is available to play for playstation. this game is the us english version at exclusively. download jackie chan stuntmaster [slus-00684] rom and use it with an emulator. play online psx game on desktop pc, mobile, and tablets in maximum quality. if you enjoy this free rom on emulator games then you will also like similar titles jackie chan adventures – legend of the dark hand and jackie chan stuntmaster.
the jackie chan game was developed by sega. the producer was a taiwanese company named activision, which went on to publish and release the jackie chan: stuntmaster game. the producer was the time was the early ’00s. before the release of the game, sega wanted the player to test the game and obtained approval, the publisher’s name was activision.