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This product is a digital product and is designed to be compatible with Train Simulator. The package includes instructions on how to access the product via the in-game web store (TS Marketplace).
Item price: the product will be made available for purchase in the Train Simulator in-game web store, the Steam Workshop or direct from XLGAMES (Steam and Store).
Download includes.pdf and.txt manuals. The.pdf manual contains some minor content including information for the campaign and track files.
System requirements: Windows (all versions), DirectX (all versions). You will also need a copy of Train Simulator.
Xbox One version is not yet complete.
Please read the included manual before purchasing as it contains some minor content.
This product will not run without the correct game files.
Always purchase Train Simulator products from the Steam store or from the XLGAMES website.
As a Steam product a Steam Wallet will be created and your Steam Wallet will be charged. You can activate the product in-game or in the Steam store. If you prefer, you can save your game to avoid starting a new one.
And don’t forget: you must already own a copy of Train Simulator to use the Train Simulator add-ons.
Special notes
1. Certain models may not be compatible with all game versions, and models, especially those with moving parts, may require specific features in the game.
2. All game files will be placed in the game location: drive_C (Steam) / install_dir (Steam) / game_data (Steam).
3. The game files included allow the product to run in both Steam and non-Steam versions of Train Simulator.
4. The product was designed for use on PC, therefore, certain aspects of the product (such as the save game function) may not function properly when run on Xbox One.
Special notes for Xbox One (Xbox 360 as well):
This product was designed for use on PC, therefore, certain aspects of the product (such as the save game function) may not function properly when run on Xbox One.
There is no official way to transfer save files from the PC version to the Xbox One version.
This product can only be installed or run in the English language.
No region support.
Do you have any questions or would you like support from us? Feel free to email us at:

The Thompson Corridor Coaches Pack 01 for Train


Dyflexion Features Key:

  • Inspiration – With the sea of infinite puzzles to solve and thousands of people to get inspired, you will never get bored.
  • Achievements – Achieve your 100% and feel proud! The game features facebook achievements and leader boards. Share your achievements with your friends on facebook!
  • Easy and intuitive – It’s like training your brain to solve puzzles with your friends. The puzzles are easy to learn and there are lots of hints. Learn at your own pace!
  • Unpredictable – The sea of puzzles is unpredictable. It all depends on your state of mind and your friend’s answers.

Puzzle With Your Friends Instructions:

Note 1:

  • To play the game, you will need 2 devices with different IP addresses. First device’s IP address needs to be set as 5 (Preferably the IP address of the game)
  • Second device will receive the puzzle from the first device and replay it
  • Second device’s user account must have facebook login; so that both users can log in and play with Facebook.

Note 2:

  • The game is currently not geo-restricted. To play from other countries, please change country name in the settings page
  • On the device, ‘’ key is used to lock the device. The key can be changed

How to Play

Get a puzzle and tap to start.


  • Input puzzles to one of your friends on Facebook
  • Solve a puzzle by having fun with your friends
  • Share the game with your friends on facebook
  • Achievements


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Voltage is the place to find the greatest hackers around. Whether they’re crafting the next big virus, working for the FBI, or hacking the wrong side of the law, they all need to get their hands on the latest hacking systems. You can go head-to-head with these pro-hackers as you try to outsmart them. You start at the bottom and work your way up.


Hacking systems evolve as you do. Use your currency to buy into the latest systems in development, or set up your own private labs to deploy new and improved systems of your own. As you progress, you’ll be able to develop your hacking skills and become a master at modifying new hacks and viruses. Whether you’re a beginner, tech pro, or high-security hacker, Voltage is the place for you.


Defend your systems and hack your opponents at the same time. We’ve made it all about quick, accessible play. You can hack at a million miles an hour, watching your opponents jump from system to system as you hack them from the shadows. Or, you can have some fun while you hack by exploring the peripheral systems and environments in the game.


Every hackable system in Voltage is unique. They’re all connected and linked by a network. Some, like the private hacking labs you can set up, are accessible to everyone. But most of them are protected and accessible only to players who are linked to the network. You can use the peripherals in the game to make your own hacking labs or build a lab in an abandoned facility or ship.


You can improve all systems in Voltage by infesting them with viruses and worms. Use your virus to lay a devastating path through an enemy’s systems before they can retaliate. They have to operate within the given parameters of the world of Voltage so it’s important to start using the right kind of virus against the right targets. They’ve even got some new viruses and breeds of worms that let you target vulnerabilities in your opponent’s systems.

Shard of Light-

Your Custom Lab

The shard of light is your gateway to the hacking systems in Voltage. Your shard of


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This was a multi-faceted project that focused on multiplayer economy in the context of a singleplayer experience. We iterated on the singleplayer experience, tools, performance and network play. Some features, such as publishing, will be implemented on an ongoing basis, but we thought it would be a good idea to document what we did here. A lot of time and effort went into developing and testing this feature, as it was the first real gameplay, visual, and networking code we wrote. Using the Unity engine, we built a procedural generation system, entity handling, animations, networking code, GUI, and basic visualization. The process took a long time, and is documented in this document.
After we had a playable demo, we had two choices: continue the project or pivot into a different direction. As we were the majority of the team, it seemed reasonable to pivot. This approach seemed logical, as we had been working on the concept for a very long time, and we had built the whole thing on our own dime. We were not happy with the direction that the game was going in, and we wanted to make something new. We split from the project and started a brand new project: Jupiter Moons. As Jupiter Moons also started to become a bigger project, we realized that we were making the decision to pivot at a pretty late stage. We had already built the “prototype” of the game. We already knew what we wanted. This is another advantage of switching to a different project when making a pivot.
As the team grew, we noticed we were working on two different types of development styles. Some people were content with the “prototype” approach, where you would create the whole game in a single, massive project. Others would work on the “prototype” in parallel to the new project. As we needed the new project to make a move, we could not move forward without merging these ideas. The most time-efficient way to do this was to work in two different virtual machines (running under VirtualBox). We would write and build all the new code on our project machine, then export it to the VM for testing.
That might sound complicated, but there are some advantages. It doesn’t matter if your project machine doesn’t have access to external network resources or if it’s slower than your main PC, because we are still working on one machine. This also makes it easy to test things out on your own machine. This approach also made it easy to share files and work together with other people. Another advantage


What’s new:

Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a 1982 Canadian documentary film directed by Swedish director Jan Troell. It premiered at the 1982 Venice Film Festival and screened at the 1983 Cannes Film Festival. American actress Marilyn Monroe plays Greta Claussen, with Luc Merenda playing her lover, Stanislaw Krolicki.

Part science fiction, part social critique, part existentialism, part ghost story, the film follows life aboard a space vessel of a biological spaceship, the Milkmaid, returning from an expedition to the sixth planet circling the star Barnard’s Star, where a planet was found which featured life forms in the form of female and male aliens with six limbs in the proportions of a man’s legs, arms, body, and a highly developed brain.

When the Milkmaid returns to Earth, only one alien has survived as stowaway on one of the ship’s two shuttles. The stowaway arrives on Earth with a devastated attitude, and emerges from a screaming alien agony when trying to reveal its traumatic memories. The spaceship arrives at a secret lab which is the only port on a planet where the crew disembark, and the two alien visitors are taken there.

One of the assistants is an old friend of the stowaway. The test involves electroshock and the stowaway reveals his alien past by displaying instances of alien violence with which humans have struggled, and mental illness is diagnosed. In the presence of the doctor, the stowaway reveals his memories of having been a child on a planet which the Milkmaid came upon while orbiting Barnard’s Star. He has been living in a happy family for 20,000 years, with all the necessities of life available there, and his mother and father are together for the first time. He does not need to work but instead enjoys playing with the stable alien crew members. When the scientists were to have blown up the planet to start anew, there were an unexpectedly large number of births among the aliens, and the stowaway aged six months before the Milkmaid could act upon the fact. He grew up a prisoner, and resists the scientists.

The other team member reveals how he himself was born on the planet from which the Milkmaid crew members had come, how their spaceship exploded into the cosmos, and how the memory of his past is being consciously suppressed from him. Time has passed, and he is now studying for an honorary doctorate. His family and those in his neighbourhood own and are


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Purgatory is a unique combination of classic top down RPG gameplay combined with the kind of horror that makes players step back and sigh “WOW”. It has been designed to feature a strategic movement system that will always provide a unique experience in a game that is at the same time dungeon crawler and an RPG.
With a focus on Pacing and Dynamics you will get to decide the whole story.
– The quest: will you defend your friends?
– The characters: will you fight them?
– The danger: is it better to flee?
With ancient beings, castles, dungeons, ghosts and lots of darkness you will have to discover the secrets and the mysteries of the unknown country.
– Classic Fighting and Defensive System
– Pleasing turn-based RPG System
– Simple, seamless and fast combat system
– Fully Keyboard and Gamepad supported (Joystick support is available)
– Craft and equip a character from 7 different skill sets
– Unlock and Upgrade Fighting and Defense Techniques
– Hundreds of Enemies and Bosses to face
– Hundreds of varied environmental objects
– Days and Nights are immersing periodical events
– Use of the Gamepad and Mousepad for easy use1. Field of the Invention
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For example, JP-A


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System Requirements For Dyflexion:

Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.66 GHz (2.8 GHz recommended)
4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
DirectX 9.0c
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M graphics card
1024 × 768 resolution
Internet connection