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Published: August 4, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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The viewing of this educational program is monitored by the University Libraries. 3. Metadata. The metadata tables in the files are set up in. Start a Download. El Mariachi 720p, Desperado 720p, Once Upon A Time In Mexico 720p. the same charge to its Universal Products Commission ($2.18/hr of sales) rather than the typical UPC commission ($0.66/hr of sales). While I agree with that and would have preferred no UPCs at all if it is to be used as a generalized method, it does make sense to shift the burden to the brand in this situation. A Brand is a Unique Selling Proposition. Apple is Not.

The real argument here is not about reducing the cost of retailing for the brand versus some individual manufacturer. How much is the value of a product to a consumer in the grand scheme of things? Most product manufacturers understand that, but it doesn’t always translate to the consumer. Apple has a brand. That is why they’ve been able to achieve such dominance in the tablet market and can dictate pricing strategies for others. The flip side of that is that Apple has the ability to leverage it’s brand to gain bargaining power with suppliers and thereby reduce the cost of building the product. Ultimately this is where the pricing argument will go because we have to value the brand and say whether or not a change in strategy is worth losing that advantage to offset the reduced cost.

Apple’s decision is a bit eccentric. A flip side benefit will be that other manufacturers will struggle with how to handle this method. There may be a shift to all manufacturers offering “Apple” pricing for Apple products. That is a pretty disappointing aspect but the ultimate goal of the manufacturer is to protect the brand as best as possible.

A real question is whether or not other manufacturers will be inclined to do this. It’s basically such a big shift in thinking on pricing that it’s hard to say if there will be a traction. For the past 8-10 years the traditional retail level has been around $300 which is much less than the cost of manufacturing the product. Some companies will charge what the market will bear and others will charge more.

Apple has shown it’s willing to charge a premium compared to traditional retail but never at any point have they exceeded the $500 level. I think Apple will find that a relatively tough road to travel as the once true elite of the new breed and suppliers will struggle to adjust to a new reality.