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Killing Floor is a first-person shooter based around a story about a group of bio-chemically mutated creatures unleashed upon the world during the Dark Ages. It’s a brutal, gore-soaked, high-octane battle where you are the last line of defense for mankind. Slaughter countless mutated creatures in creative new ways including zombie cannibalism and acid blood, as well as introducing new weapons and characters. Killing Floor’s downloadable content (DLC) is based around new game environments, missions, maps and characters; all available for free. Visit the “Content Packs” page for more info.The Urban Nightmare Character Pack includes four characters:
P.P.A.S. Damage Technician – PPSD
“An old bruiser with a bulldog’s temper”
You get the feeling he’s been around the block a few times, knocking around more than a few thugs in his day. At least a few of them survived, and they, or their kin, are in need of some fixing. PPSD’s got the hardware to do the job right, and he’s more than willing to help out Horzine out of pure necessity.
Dave ‘The Butcher’ Roberts
“A mouthy killer who’s just aching to get started”
Still working his way up the ladder in the London mob, Dave’s taken a job with his boss called The Tattooed Man, as an enforcer and muscle. It’s a tough job and tougher man, but it’s all in a day’s work. There’s plenty of dirty work to be done around these parts.
Dr. Jeffrey Tamm
“A man obsessed with his DAR”
The director of Horzine’s Domestic Assistant Robot (DAR) Program, Jeff is no stranger to Horzine’s twisted underbelly. He’s crafted the ultimate male cuddler – DAR, a robust, solid steel robot with a massive crushing fist, and a smile that could melt steel.
Samuel Avalon
“A cute bad boy with a big ego”
After a video of himself pinning an artfully-smudged baby appeared online, Samuel quickly gained a reputation as a celebrity, the main attraction at a club called “The Drunken Sushi Palace”. Of course, Samuel forgot to go to the emergency room afterwards, and has spent the last three years trying to maintain his six-pack in an increasingly unhealthy way. But he’s not so much health conscious as he is obsessed with looking


Features Key:

  • Play as AC/DC in a variety of legendary pinball machines
  • Create your own unique level or play a created pinball machine
  • Compete against players across the globe and win $100,000 for your favorite charity
  • Play as any of AC/DC’s characters
  • Dive into the world of rock & roll
  • Key Features
    – Play as any of AC/DC’s characters, including Malcolm, Angus, Bon Scott, Brian Johnson

    Pre-order CastleStorm and pay now. Receive the the game if you already own CastleStorm. Based on total pre-orders, we will receive pre-orders for Pinball Arcade only if we have received pre-orders for at least 10,000 units of CastleStorm and 20,000 units of AC/DC and released AC/DC Pinball Arcade versions 1-3.

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    The year was 1920. Phantom operations are soaring. As the automotive designer and engineer turned gangster, you’re ready to end the war between the rival gangs. Convince your competitors that their rivals are becoming more dangerous than they are. Go get the high score and become the gangster that the world has been waiting for. Phantom 3D is an adrenaline-fueled shooter where tricks are as deadly as bullets. Take to the streets and save the world from the brutal gangsters. Expect the unexpected while trying to run from bullets and bullets are coming from every direction. Download the free demo now!Oct. 1, 2018, 1:45 p.m.

    An 11-year-old boy from Baltimore has gotten a special type of cancer treatment that is, in effect, two of his organs — the lungs and the liver — on loan from donors.

    He’s the youngest recipient to ever receive this type of a kidney transplant, according to the hospital where he is being treated, the Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. The doctors there say it’s the first time the kidney-pancreas transplant has been done for a child under 12.

    The boy, who was diagnosed with an inoperable tumor earlier this year, is believed to be the youngest person in the U.S. to undergo this type of transplant. He received his new kidneys as part of a paired kidney transplant that includes the pancreas and the liver.

    The pancreas can be useful in cases where someone has diabetes, but the liver is the center of the body’s metabolism. Doctors say the boy’s new liver has been functioning normally for as long as a month, but don’t have more details yet about the transplant.

    Oct. 1, 2018, 12:55 p.m.

    A 14-year-old girl from Oklahoma is now free after spending her life in a coma and on life support. Doctors had initially been able to keep her alive, but later conceded that they weren’t sure that was going to be the case.

    Her parents say that though they would love to be able to enjoy another daughter, this time a healthy one, they’re going to concentrate on celebrating their older daughter’s continued progress.

    The girl, Faith Kellet, was put on life support after she was almost completely deprived of oxygen at birth. She spent the first four months of her life on the life


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    Developer: Tzebra GamesOfficial Site:
    All About Chris is a first person interactive puzzle adventure game in which you need to rescue Chris!Easily control him and puzzle your way through several unique challenges!Master the gameplay, find the items, and solve the puzzles.You have to go through the deepest, darkest dungeon in the most bizarre adventure that’s waiting for you!He’s trapped in this horrible dungeon and he’s screaming for help, so the only way to rescue him is to gather the right items and go through the levels one by one.BOSS FIGHT!- Defeat enemies, climb over obstacles, and collect rare items. A Nintendo-sized treasure is waiting for you!Chris is really hungry, you know? But you have to feed him somehow!- Eat the right items to fill Chris up.A tasty meal will restore him, but if you forget to eat it, you’re gonna starve!Face the challenges of this adventure game to rescue Chris!Features:
    ☆ A variety of unique items!
    ☆ An adorable main character!
    ☆ A challenging gameplay!
    ☆ Explore every level one by one!
    ☆ Feel free to save and restart!
    ☆ Earn gold and items in this adventure game!
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    ☆ A campaign mode, a classic, adventure mode, a New Year’s special and more!
    ☆ Retina support
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    Currently, many vehicles use a transfer case and a clutch pack to couple the transmission to the front and rear wheels to distribute drive torque. While this system is simple, it can still provide less than optimal performance.After three months of big names, big names, big names, Bryan Brown is still undefeated.

    The undefeated nine-bagger took down Mark Fitzgerald in a dual with the Dublin champions on Friday night in Dublin.

    The signs were there for Brown early in the contest, when he was


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      + 1 to 1 MOSAIC BLAST Box

      + Special Symphony Adventure sketchbook full of more exciting stuff!

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      Spartan Games is proud to be able to offer you StarFlint the Blackhole Prophecy in stores and online in all major territories! StarFlint is a third-person action adventure game set in an apocalyptic open world with fantastic characters, in a mystic, futuristic setting. StarFlint has been described as an epic-like adventure, with action, horror and sci-fi elements.
      Long-time classic shooter (with TPS mechanics) with new design.
      Complex roleplay with story driven missions and NPCs that have their own traits and individual quests.
      Newborn children are guided by the heart and mind via a portable relic known as the Dream Shifter.
      Use the special abilities of the Flame Shell, the rope, and the mighty Shifter’s wings.
      The game world is completely open: you can go anywhere,
      choose any order of tasks and solve the puzzles.
      You can also shoot the enemies with your sidearm at any moment, even while using Shifter.
      A great variety of firearms – from shotgun to sniper rifle, heavy machine gun and grenade launcher.
      You can combine them to create powerful combinations.
      A lot of different melee weapons – from wooden handle to raygun.
      A variety of melee and projectile weapons – which can be upgraded to be even more destructive.
      Many perks, abilities and skills.
      Use of a special gear that lets you transform into a creature with extra abilities.
      You can create your own weapons out of the items that you find.
      Also customization of your appearance – your character can be a ranger, a wizard, a thief, a soldier, a bounty hunter and many more.
      Playable with four difficulty levels – low, medium, high and super-high.
      Playable with the traditional or the classic mode of play.
      Online feature – on the official server you can meet other players and organize friendly games, you can trade items and find a partner for co-op play.
      The game is in English.



      18 tracks of all kinds: Electro, Jazz, symphonic, light and dark atmosphere.


      Orchestra: Les Musiciens de la Chapelle des Loges – Les Tambours de Jumièges
      Orchestra: Assur (François Vatine) – Tagore/Ne-jom Sala
      Orchestra: Etienne Javel – Tagore


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