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“GT Legends is a driving game with great longevity.”

GT Legends: Retro Racing Remastered Review

When it comes to reviving retro classics, the main issue that gamers need to be aware of is the just how great the majority of those titles were in their original release. For many reasons, remaking old, classic titles is a common and accepted fact, and is commonplace with titles such as Super Mario 3D Land and Super Mario Galaxy, and more recently, N64 classics such as Ape Escape and Mario Kart 64.

GT Legends (2011) is the latest game to have a Kickstarter launched in order to resurrect a title that seemingly would only ever receive a tenuous market presence (by today’s standards), but has managed to reach the top of most wishlists due to it’s nostalgic appeal. GT Legends is a racing game, with a focus on the retro Driving series, and comes to us from the same developers of Mario Kart 64.

It’s always a real treat to get to play a game that we know so well, on a new console generation. We recently jumped over to the PS4 to play GT Legends on PS3, which wasn’t too difficult to manage since both PS3 and PS4 are backwards compatible devices. The PS3 devkit didn’t even offer an option to play the game in 1080p, and it turned out to be hard to find much memory after getting past the title screen. However, the PS3 PS2 Disc loading method allows you to enjoy the game’s retro charm without having to worry about incompatibility issues.

It might have been released in 2011, but GT Legends manages to look more modern, with a greater level of technical detail thanks to its animated retro look. It’s hard to believe that the game has barely changed since it’s release, and that’s impressive. As far as the game’s technical features go, there’s a plethora of options and features available, from the way you choose your car class, to how many laps you’re permitted to complete in a race.

It’s a little odd to be playing a game that you’ve been playing since before you can remember, but GT Legends does have that instant feel of comfort that we’re all used to in so many titles. Some of the things that I was looking forward to reviewing in GT Legends, such as the


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Welcome to Night City. A city where no lights shine, where the neon lights and brightly painted shop windows dance a hypnotic rhythm, but none of them can drive away the grim feeling of menace that spreads through this mysterious metropolis. Step into the shoes of a young, nocturnal deviant. Develop your abilities and find a path to escape this city of endless night.


An all new story and setting for the game, now narrated in English.

Thirteen new character endings, unique to Night City.

The ability to shape virtually anything – everything from the beginning to the end of the game.

Explore and discover more than 120 unique locations, all voiced by professional voice artists.

A composer who worked with the director for the original game has created more than a dozen original soundtracks.

Numerous technological upgrades and improvements to ensure the highest level of visual and gameplay quality.

A pixel art hand drawn art style that is in line with the art style of the original game.

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In a city like Night City, the only way to get to the top of the social ladder is to kill people. To get an edge on the rest, one must nurture a ruthless and hateful lifestyle – drug addiction, psychosis, and unspeakable acts.

You are quite observant and your choice of career of walking the line between solider and vigilante is what ultimately leads you to the correct answers and away from the fate of your friend.

Early on in the game you’re met with high level characters that are made out to look like children but you slowly realize their true nature and their desperate nature to get to the top.

The humor is almost always dry and clever but still comes off as very heartless. The characters seem real but no one seems to be very happy in this place.

The story, although comedic, is engaging and I’d like to find out more about the world but the answer to some questions left me wondering as I went on. The A.I. isn’t the best and they aren’t even human, leading to many awkward moments during dialog.

Even though it may seem like you’re always


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Railroad Management, City Development simulation game


Welcome to the world of the A-Train series!A-Train 8 provides the ultimate simulation experience of building railways and city. A game where you can control a live city through rail development and construction.In the base game mode there are 10 built in premade maps each with different structure, railway features, number of train and different distance which makes each map different from the others, each player who plays the game can design their own maps by using the construction tool.Railroad management & City Development simulation game, A-Train 8 keeps the strong mechanics of the A-Train series and put the whole map in 3D for the first time. A game to both control a living 3D city, and enjoy watching the landscape you helped create.

This game is only available in Japanese.Railroad management and City Development simulation game, A-Train 8 keeps the strong mechanics of the A-Train series and put the whole map in 3D for the first time. A game to both control a living 3D city, and enjoy watching the landscape you helped create.This game is only available in Japanese.A-Train in 3D as only the PC can handle A-Train 8 renders the whole town in 3D for a more beautiful and realistic experience.However this switch for 3D does not change that it takes only your mouse to control rail construction and camera freely.Streamlined control that can only be found on computer, which can be enhanced by using high definition monitor and high spec machines.Featuring 10 premade Map, but also a free map construction tool for unlimited creationA-train 8 feature 10 maps each with their own specific challenge. You are also free to design you own map using the construction tool which gives you full control over all city features, but also the terrain geography itself.Over 200 trainsFeaturing real trains from Japan Rails and other private companies, the game gives you full control to create trains up to 7 wagons,but also control wether they work as local trains or express trains. Create your own city train network using to the best all those trains at your disposal.Railroad ManagementBy creating rails and station, you can create new flow of people and contribute to the development of the city.Siding, Single Cross, Double Cross allow you to create you railroad freely. Of course Subway and Elevated railways can be built too.Build your ideal train network and see it contribute to the town and its surroundings.*DirectX9.


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From a distance the gigantic city resembled the gates of a fort, impenetrable and impermeable.

From there she knew that in the suburbs of this city, the children were expelled to their deaths and not allowed into decent homes. In reality, from this situation emerged a city full of luxury homes, huge and luxurious gardens, spacious pavements and spacious parks; so she couldn’t imagine how a city could be so luxurious in areas separated from one another by concrete walls.

This was a pity, because we had placed her right next to one of the walls.

Her snores were soft and delicate, like the sound of petals falling to the ground.

“Sorry I’ve been away so long” said a quiet voice.

After a moment, she was just woken up from her long sleep.

“You! What the hell do you do here? They never let us outside, but we share a room together, what’s up with that?”

“I’m studying.”

“So they give exams here too! But then, if you’re studying and sleep and…”

Then she stopped as if she wanted to say a lot.

“So then, if they normally do exams during the day and sleep, then when are you taking the exams?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, I didn’t want to say anything bad about it, but where you studying?”


“You study here?!”

The tone of the voice changed, “Then why haven’t you been doing exams too?”

“They only allow us outside when it’s time for the school to let us out!”

The conversations gone, Coo was sitting on her bed with her eyes wide open, thinking what she would do.

“Well then, why are you still here?”

“I don’t know… I wanted to look around here, but I’m not allowed.”

It would have been good to be a bird and fly around the city.

“Well then, shall we go shopping…?”

“Shopping? Where


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“An XCom inspired turn-based strategy game. However, it was never really intended to be the next XCom. Instead it is a game about the future of the Galactic Civilizations series. It is interesting to see how the design team at Firaxis tackles the challenge they have been given to create a game on their own. On the one hand, they are trying to build upon the strengths of the Civilization game franchise. On the other hand they have to design a game that will stand the test of time, that is fit for the future.”
About the Game:
Disassembled is the first strategy game in the Housemarque series. A fast paced turn based strategy game with unique and free moving units. Now the challenge is to rebuild what has been torn down. Create an empire that will stand the test of time.
The battle system of Disassembled was inspired by the turn based strategy games XCom and 8-bit era games. The units have a set of actions that allows them to move, move in turn, fight and use special abilities. When the player takes his turn the game will take over and the units will move automatically.
Culture and Happiness:
The game has a realistic simulation of the Universe and influences the fate of the game world. The galaxy is simulated in a proper way.
This Page Is Currently Under Construction.
Mission Types:
Important: We have not yet determined the minimum and maximum number of missions that will be in the game. Disassembled will feature:
– Several missions types
– Several game modes, including campaign and skirmish
– Local Multiplayer
– Online Multiplayer
– Play with over 100 customizable units (outfits)
– Friendly ships: will fight for you.
– Move in real time, similar to Geometry Wars and Jet Set Radio Future.
– Friendly ships: will fight for you.
– Local Multiplayer
– Online Multiplayer
– Play with over 100 customizable units (outfits)
– Story-Driven Campaign and Skirmish mode
– Campaign: 20+ missions of freedom & galactic war
– Skirmish: 5 Maps with up to 4 players online at the same time
– Friendly ships: will fight for you.
– Local Multiplayer
– Online Multiplayer
– Play with over 100 customizable units (outfits)
– Story-Driven Campaign and Skirmish mode
– Campaign: 20+ missions of freedom & galactic war
– Skirmish: 5 Maps


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  • When finished, click on OK and AutoClose the command prompt.

System Requirements For Epic Helicopter:

Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.x or Mac OS X
4G+ HDD Space
PAL or NTSC NTSC compatible video card and monitor
AGA (optional)
Yarou is a dazzling puzzle-based boardgame that requires you to assemble components by rotating and moving them on a board. Think Tetris, but on a board.
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