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Saturday, June 20, 2012

This is a serious matter…

Unfortunately, in most cases, nobody actually care. I really do not know why, but the ones who do care, only care after their country is invaded. For example, the Argentinian invasion of the Falklands.

The Falkland Islands are small British islands west of Argentina in the South Atlantic some 2,300 miles off the southern tip of South America. Until 1833, the islands were uninhabited and subject to be claimed by Great Britain, Spain and France. In that year, Napoleon conquered Spain, and Britain was left to claim the island. The issue over ownership remained unresolved until the Argentine invasion of the Islands in April 1982.

The invasion was carried out by the Argentine Navy, some 4,500 Argentines landed on the islands and took control of them. The British demanded that Argentina withdraw from the islands, but after Argentina refused, the British sent in the Royal Marines to retake them and to ensure that Argentina would not establish a military presence on the Islands. The Argentine government ordered their men to fight and to surrender with their hands up. A British task force was dispatched in two groups. The first group of the British force landed at South Mount Pleasant and scattered the enemy. The second group landed closer to Stanley and was intercepted by the enemy. Most of the Argentine forces surrendered in a park in Stanley, and those who refused were driven off by the British.

Meanwhile, the third group of the British task force landed at Pebble Island. Here the enemy was entrenched and to prevent surprise, the British military forces chose to not land but to go overland in their jeeps. On

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Minty the Werewolf Priest

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Brennan the Shinobi

Brennan has his own ninja clan. He’s also very handsome.

Krom the Vampire

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Horace the Elf

Horace is an elf, he is very clumsy and clumsy.

Aldus the Wizard

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Victor the Titan

Victor is a huge Barbarian with tiny hands.

Jodi the Inventor

Jodi is a talented inventor with an enormous penis.

Cyrus the Alien

Cyrus is a completely alien and he has a very sexy voice.

Sven the Hitler

Sven is an angry hyperactive little boy who can’t wait to take over the world.

Aria the Black Hole

Aria, the black hole, is a jealous virgin and she’s a lesbian.

Tova the Footballer

Tova is a footballer and he’s very tall.

Mike the Animator

Mike is an animator, he’s very well organized and has an amazing collection of porn.

The twelve characters have their own skill trees, that is, you have four different skill trees for each one