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Published: November 23, 2022 (3 days ago)



Eurotrucksimulator2131trainer aims at allowing the user to be able to drive several Euro Truck Simulator trucks in a long time period. It is not a focused game, it simply allows you to do some’simulation time’ in Euro Truck Simulator 2, driving trucks in the long time period you can get from the save files of this game. It is a non-commercial game, not intended to be rich or up to date. This game simply allow you to enjoy Euro Truck Simulator in a simulative way.

 eurotrucksimulator2131trainer -xdrvr :0 -ns :1839 eurotrucksimulator2131trainer -xdrvr :0 -ns :1840 -client :1839 

Parameter Name

Parameter Name Description Required
xdrvr Source IP Address of XDR File Server. yes
ns Source IP Address of XMLRPC Server. yes
client XMLRPC Server IP Address. yes
objdump Source IP Address of Object Dump Server. yes
ld Source IP Address of linker server. yes
opts Source IP Address of Uploader. no

Parameters specific to the eurotrucksimulator2131trainer Command Line

The following is a list of parameters specific to the eurotrucksimulator2131trainer command line utility. To execute this utility, you must specify at least one of the required parameters.

The Eurotrucksimulator2131trainer can be used to simulate the operation of an Automatic De-Militarized Zone (ADMZ) gantry t-rail hoist. This is a train with a heavy trolley where small amounts of items are lifted onto the top trolley using hoist. Small objects have a good chance of rolling into the hoist arms and being caught. Larger object are hoisted by a team of 2. The team with the highest number of successful lifts is the team with the best score. If a team scores 100% the score is 10,000, otherwise the score is counted in the percentage of successful lifts.

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