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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Famous Crimes The World Forgot Vol II: More Vintage True Crimes Rescued From Obscurity (True Crime M ##HOT##


Famous Crimes The World Forgot Vol II: More Vintage True Crimes Rescued From Obscurity (True Crime M

the mental state of the perpetrator is not defined in the rome statute as a key component of the crime of genocide. however, in its definition of the concepts of intent and deliberate (articles 7(1) and 7(2), respectively), the statute describes the mental state of the perpetrator as the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such. [89]

the findings that the crimes of apartheid and persecution are being committed do not deny the reality of israeli occupation or erase israels obligations under the law of occupation, any more than would a finding that other crimes against humanity or war crimes have been carried out. as such, israeli authorities should cease building settlements and dismantle existing ones and otherwise provide palestinians in the west bank and gaza with full respect of their human rights, using as a benchmark the rights that it grants israeli citizens, as well as the protections that international humanitarian law grants them.

the proceedings were challenging on several fronts. a lower court in israel held that the fact that palestinians had not been granted israeli citizenship would not serve as a basis for the icc to exercise jurisdiction over a palestinian entity, since there was no treaty or agreement that enabled the icc to refer to such a situation. [75] in may 2019, israel and the u.s. moved to dismiss the case in the icc after they failed to persuade the court judges to defer their ruling on the case to the u. state department, which was considering whether to waive the statute of limitations. [76]

powerful countries in the 20th century cynically used the atomic bomb to shield their criminally minded adventures. many of these states had close relationships with the soviet union. they all had significant relations with the zionist colonisers. in the united states, the establishment of israel was driven and funded by a massive campaign that included relentless propaganda. the un and others listened to the propaganda and did little to stop it. furthermore, the u.s. government and people helped to establish the military that would enforce israel’s illegal settler-colonialism. the u. too had close relations with the colonisers. israel is an apartheid state. it is right that the u.n. concludes that the settlements are illegal. the settlements must cease now. if israel will not voluntarily end them and the u. cease its military support, then the u. should begin the process of determining the implementation of the legal and humanitarian obligations of all the parties.
particularly loathsome is that president bush, who has said he doesnt regret a thing (28), attempted to place blame on others for his policies, even though he was responsible for them directly or indirectly (29). in his memoir, bush wrote, among those who were involved in the war, i am proud that we continued to be steadfast in our support for our friend [nobel peace prize laureate] mr. el baradei when others were calling for him to be prosecuted. (30). in fact, no one, not even president bush, has been held criminally liable for authorizing torture or torturing prisoners, for the detention without charge or trial of prisoners, or even for aiding and abetting in the torture of prisoners. the illegal and immoral us torture program grew out of his administration. this continues to this day, and even was seen in body slams of captured iraqi military officials. although he says he is now opposed to torture, the bush administration was specifically authorized by congress to conduct such practices. the command to torture is in the armed forces and in the cia, and the lawyers of those individuals and organizations implemented the programs and approved their use. there were only three legal, openly recognized exceptions to the practice of torture. other legal restrictions and regulations, such as the geneva conventions, us statute (31-34), international law and the us constitution, were routinely ignored or circumvented in practice. the bush administration began to demand internal compliance review with the office of the legal adviser (ola), who is currently arguing before the supreme court that the bush administration can continue to torture.the ola issued opinions that existing treaties did not prohibit the specific practices (35-37). thus, president bush and the ola under his authority violated the us constitution and the us legal system. the bush administration and its agents also committed war crimes, crimes against humanity and crimes against the us constitution itself. the un and the us own geneva conventions were supposedly the basis for making war legal and were therefore the basis on which all persons were supposed to be treated humanely. in the context of war, the geneva conventions were deliberately vague and ambiguous, and only in the past few years have governments routinely defined each of the 95 articles of the conventions precisely. it is no wonder the un and the bush administration were afraid of the geneva conventions, as some of the practices that violate these very specific rules of war are precisely the activities that the bush administration and the ola wished to legalize. any particular illegal activity that was already in violation of the rule of law was not regarded as immoral by the bush administration, even if the criminality was repeatedly exposed by independent media. it is clear that the bush administration wanted to rewrite us and international law and had a public justification for it. one reason that his administration was able to justify its actions is that the administration and the us military developed an elaborate set of lies about the nature of the war against iraq, which in turn provided a justification for the violations of fundamental human rights. these lies have since been exposed. president bush fabricated evidence to justify war (38-41), and sent at least one paramilitary killer to assassinate a targeted individual inside the us borders. he ordered the cia to find out the identities and whereabouts of people involved in the war. he directly lied to the people in the most powerful nation in the world.