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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Fantasy Grounds – Quests Of Doom 4: Cave Of Iron (5E) [torrent Full //FREE\]



Fantasy Grounds – Quests Of Doom 4: Cave Of Iron (5E) [torrent Full]

when exploring subterranean passageways, the pcs might encounter all manner of dangers. a hidden lava flow might scorch a nearby corridor, but it could be contained by the walls and other rocky formations.

the brutal knights are a motley collection of adventurers and misfits drawn to the call of the castle oblivion due to its reputation for being so gruesome that it’s practically a tourist attraction. even though the castle offers a place of safety and stable employment, each time someone has entered the castle they have ended up dead, usually having been transformed into a monster or similiar. sometime in the past, a group of three adventurers made their way into the castle, only to be killed by an unknown force. now, whenever a new adventurer enters, the same fate awaits them.

this organization is sponsoring the event since they are desperate to find a way to tap into the powerful forces they believe they are guarding the river with. they are willing to pay you to help them reach the river. the organization is looking for a druid to aid in a quest to bring back an ancient creature they believe is at large. the creature can be captured only with the aid of members of the organization.

the city of blacks is the capital city of the pelorians, an order of pantheist mystics who share the god of one with all other gods of destruction in order to create a harmony between the forces of chaos and order. known as the lords of the plague, the order of the phoenix, or the order of the white rose, their methods are mostly unknown, and it’s even more unknown what they plan to do with the temple of dusk.

thriving subterranean civilizations are all about harvesting underground resources, whether metals, mineral deposits, or even dimensional shortcuts. the players have found some of these resources, but they need to make their way back to civilization. this means negotiating their way through anything from an expansive (and perilous) metroplex to a single building, either to locate the needed resources or to call in someone with a magic detector. these outposts might be military outposts or functional villages, but they still represent the need for travel, and they might be dangerous, because the party probably didn’t realize they were being followed. a party that has killed off the entire population of an underground outpost is a party that has just put itself in a bad position.
somewhere along this sequence, the pcs find a safe place. depending on the amount of time they’ve spent traveling, this might be a bunker deep in the forest or a submarine off the coast, but it is their temporary sanctuary. this sanctuary is their base, and it affords them everything they need to get their questing adventures started. this is the point at which that usually-shallow-plot mechanics story gains traction.
food and other survival concerns can take up a lot of characters’ time and attention, and even if they’re not the main thrust of the campaign, they’re bound to have an impact on the plot. a character might find themselves in a particularly vulnerable spot, or a world might be in the throes of a long-running famine. a player-characters survival may have a sudden, unpleasant consequence. death may not be the worst of it. the world may have gone mad. the pcs might find themselves with an undead corpse, an unsavory companion, or an ill-conceived magical item. these are all indicators of trouble, and they indicate problems that the pcs need to address, and the longer a character is alive, the more likely it is that trouble will find him or her. this kind of story is about the consequences of living.