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Handyman Corporation is an international development studio based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We specialize in hardcore, puzzle platformers with a focus on puzzle solving and clever game design. We are creating a brand new comedy game that has no linear story lines and is friendly for all ages.

The Handyman Corporation is a family owned business. We have a very laid back environment in which everyone has freedom to contribute in any way they wish. We are close knit, and all aspects of game development are discussed first.Q:

Is there any difference between.NET and Java’s implementation of the Set interface?

I have a Set in one app and I need to convert it to a Set in another app. Java’s Set is the only collection class that I’ve come across so far that lets you change the type of contained objects.
In.NET I just created a new set with exactly the same contents. Nothing big, just a few bigintegers and some Doubles.
Is there any difference? Did I create a new set just for that conversion?
I’ve already verified that my objects are the same and there was no loss of information. In fact, my Set has even more items.


No, it should be absolutely fine.

The present invention relates generally to data processing systems and, more specifically, to processing a lost slow command queuing.
Data processing systems often have data storage that is shared by more than one application. For example, in a network storage system, multiple applications are each permitted to store their data to the shared storage, and read data from the shared storage. In another example, the data storage may be a local storage drive of a computer system, where many applications share access to the shared local storage drive. In another example, the data storage may be a database, where many applications share access to the shared database.
Within the shared data storage, data is typically arranged into data blocks. The file system includes mechanisms to maintain consistency between the shared data storage, and the many applications that read and/or write to the shared data storage. For example, when an application writes to the shared data storage, it saves the data to a log, which records the data block address and the data contained in the data block. If the application loses power or crashes, the log is required to maintain the data consistency of the shared data storage. Further,


Farm Frenzy 3 Features Key:

  • Online multiplayer.

Become the best Rebel ready to face the Chaos warriors! Conquer territory and grow its strength through dozens of unique missions in three core modes.

  • Fighting for territory requires strategy and intelligence. Spend minutes to choose your move carefully, our simulation system is at your service.

Fight the Chaos on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. The forces of Chaos arrive on the New Earth, you must march right into the middle of the Firestorm of War.

  • Take control of an Imperial warcaster and defend the defense forces.

Choose your weapon and face the Chaos warriors.

  • Take part in a number of spectacular battles depending on your playstyle: Assault on the Imperator Magnus.

Play in single-player campaign with four different endings.

  • Take part in the Glory and Destiny of the New Earth.

Play co-operatively with two other players. The only thing that can save you and your friends is a well-fortified alliance.

  • Manage your mercenaries on the battlefield.

Defend the Imperial Navy and wipe out the Chariot forces.

  • Win the first battle and you can take on the Empire in a match-four type of game.

Conquer bases across the New Earth.

  • Take control of a Kroot warcaster for successive battlefield attacks.

Twilight Dawn and Armageddon.

  • Accomplish your mission either on the ground or in the air.

Other game modes include Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and more.

  • Earn cash to unlock many items in the

Six unique maps.

  • In three modes play on a territory map.


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run with the wind
– fly
tetris-like blocks
– collect animals
– train your ship
– each world has its own set of rules and challenges.
Learn them from the beginning. Get a head start.


– Completionist challenge
– Save game challenge
– Difficulty challenge
– International leaderboard challenge
– Puzzle challenges
– Marathon challenges
– Game challenges
– A bit of the carrot dangled in front of your nose every once in a while


– Relateable music for the moment you pull off a victory
– Earn credits for custom music
– Amazingly great soundtrack that will reward you for completing the game and creating awesome custom music
– Actual recordings of the things you do

graphical features
– Your ship tells you your current health (green, yellow, orange, red).
– Your ship tells you the name of the current area. (The Desert, the Jungle, the Iceland, etc…)
– Your ship tells you where you are in the area.
– Dashed lines for wind.
– Top bar for controls.
– Tracks numbers and percentages for your stats.
– A girl that’s as cute as they come
– A girl who is also very wise (and very often cat-like)
– A Girl that is also known as Gravity Girl


Web Applications Framework

I am looking to create a web application(Javascript/Jquery) in which I need to have certain functionality.
The application would have, among other things, a login/user management, a subscription management and data view. It would be somewhat similar to a twitter application where you have a timeline that shows your twitter feed. You also have logins to manage your subscriptions(like say that you can subscribe to people’s twitter feed).
Here are some of the features in order:
– The timeline view is similar to a dashboard.
– Most of the views will be dynamically loaded, but a user can click on a link to load a specific view for him/her.
– The view/viewer will contain a UITableView.
I am in need of a javascript framework that can provide a good api for this, in the sense that it will enable me to create the views on demand instead of hard coding them. How can I do this?


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Game “Game Dok” Gameplay:

Battle of the Guilds is a 4 player real-time strategy game. Each player controls a guild of up to 4 custom units, called Knights, on a beautifully designed medieval battlefield. Join as many guilds as you want in this massive multiplayer online RTS.Players will be able to choose and customize their own Knight units and use them to build and defend their own castles.In Battle of the Guilds you will build your own deck of custom heroes, each with his own attributes, abilities, and unique skills.During the game players will compete with each other by using their custom Knights in challenge matches, or they will use them to protect their own castle, or they will have them attack enemy strongholds.Game Play Rules:5 Player Maximum Game Size. Each player controls 4 Knights on the battlefield. Each player has their own castle, where they can build structures like walls and towers.Attack an enemy stronghold by landing siege weapons on it.Build towers to raise the attacking strength of your soldiers.Battle against enemies in challenge matches, or in free-for-all wars.Build Strategy Cards to win battles against your opponent.Build yourself with new knights in the shop.Knights: Fight against your own knights and win the battles with them.

Magic the Gathering Duel of the Planeswalkers is the official app for Magic the Gathering.
It allows you to manage your Magic profile information by entering your player name and password and it also displays all your decklists and game statistics.
Players can also use this app to play Magic Duels in realtime on up to 10 tablet devices, and can set the online multi-tablet compatibility rules and choose the game mode to play.
– all of the basic card statistics such as color, mana cost, power, toughness and type
– view all of your decks and manage them
– view your play history, including which deck you used and where you won
– create, manage and send challenges using cards from your collection
– the ability to play on up to 10 tablet devices
– turn off animations, choose game modes and multiplayer rules
– share decks to other players via WeChat, SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter
Duel of the Planeswalkers is the official Magic Duels app.

Cardfight: Naruto – Nendo OVAs (Adaptation) Based on the anime.


What’s new:

Enter now the Dangerous Games, a crusade to remove a
cavalry from the Throne. Tilt Five is an intricate top of a 5
Danger Scavenger AR – Tilt Five Edition, created by Richard Matsuno
and added to the gallery of on February 27th, 2014
and tagged with Danger Scavenger AR – Tilt Five Edition. Our
adjacency group has selected this Popular, as seen on the website into our temporary collection for highest rated games.

Danger Scavenger AR – Tilt Five

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Team Battle Royale: Kill or be killed in multiplayer survival mode.

Team Battle Royale – the most robust battle royale game.

Multiple maps, game modes and equipment available to customize your game.Tanveer Hussain, Hyderabad

Art Capital Of India – Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital city of the southern state of Andhra Pradesh is known for its multi culturalism, capital of arts and culture. The rich heritage of this city is reflected in the plethora of art and cultural institutions it has to offer.

With a legacy of 5000 years is older than many others smaller cities, the history of this city is very rich. The major attractions in the city center are Charminar, Hussain Quli Darwaza, Mecca Masjid, and Chowmahalla Palace. Charminar is a major monument of medieval art and craft. The inner city monuments reflect the culture of Moghul rulers. The ruler of Moghuls incorporated different styles of architecture to design this city. You can stroll through the streets of Fateh Shāh, Nāsirī Majlis, Qasim’s Garden to witness the grace and beauty of the architecture and ornamentation.

The architecture and religious art seen in this capital of art is categorically worth a visit. The Moghul emperors followed certain aesthetic principles to design the Humayun’s tomb, and it remains a great testimony to the skills of the Moghul architecture.

Once you visit the cultural heritage sites, you cannot resist planning to visit the art galleries in the capital of art Hyderabad.

Chanakya Arts, PNR Road, Hitech City, Hyderabad 500 050

This art gallery offers a collection of international and Indian art, and also has a fair representation of modern art


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This is a really good game that I played when I was a kid. It went under the name of Master Mind, or maybe Mind Master.

I haven’t been able to find it for a long time.

I remember every character was made out of a slide-tape and pieces of aluminium foil. And you had to drag them around the board (a bit like Tetris).

It had a great sense of humour and I think, in a way, it was like a precursor to SimCity (Kudos to you guys, etc.)

It was the reason why I was so interested in building games, even though my parents thought that I was a little bit mad!

But I think that it might have been a bit like this game:

Have you heard of this one:

Or maybe the thing about:

And there was another one about:

But, I’ve been told that these are just games, that I should not be getting upset about and that I should just forget about them. That just reminds me of what happened with my first ever PlayStation game.

It was called Laserlife – and it also contained children’s letters and numbers that you moved around with a pen.

But just as I was about to start playing, I got a call from my parents, and I had to take it.

They told me that the game had been stolen from the garage in one of their friends’ houses.

Some stupid kids broke in and took the game along with all of the other random crap that he had in his garage.

I still remember his and my dad’s faces.

It was the first time that I saw a grown-up cry.

As for the rest of the stuff, it seems like I have now forgotten it.

Perhaps one day I will have a real laserlife game, with letters and numbers that will move around.

If I get one of those, I will let you know!

If anyone knows anything about any of these games, please let me know.

I would very much appreciate if you would send me screenshots (Better yet, maybe even a


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    Neverwinter Nights: and IronKeep (WDMP)


  • Developer: Bioware
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System Requirements For Farm Frenzy 3:

PlayStation®4 PlayStation®3 (PlayStation®3) (Compatible with PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®3TV) Wii U Online Play, PlayStation®Vita with PlayStation®3 Wireless Headset Controller System Features Compatible with PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®3 System Requirements: PlayStation®3, PlayStation®Vita The Darkness II® is a PlayStation®3 system exclusive.
From the creators of the award-winning PlayStation® hit The Darkness®, comes The Darkness II, the sequel to the 2012 Game of the Year. Play as two of the most popular