by yarmfabr
Published: November 23, 2022 (6 days ago)


Final Fantasy VII PC Original (Unmodified)

this is where it gets interesting. while on a quest to get a companion, an angel named “alice” appears and offers you a quest to hunt down a low level character named franklin. theres a small twist to this quest. you can only bring four party members with you, but you can divide and conquer. that means there are six paths you can take to complete the quest. each has its own route, but ultimately, youre looking to complete seven quests. you dont actually have to do all seven. six however is recommended because it gets you your second companion and lets you level up party members.

the party starts off at level 1. that means your heroic leader is a simple sword user. each quest has several chapters, which can be completed in any order, although the order each quest is done in plays a big role in how many experience points you get. if you only do three quests, youll only gain three experience points per quest completed. if you do all seven quests, youll get as much as you like.

so, since you can choose which quests to do, you can also only do a few quest chains at a time. for example, when you approach a moogle, you can only do a quest chain related to moogle breeds. you cant kill the dragon moogles, for example, or see the latter dragon in action.

of course, if youre a single player, or a game only for yourself, youll probably not be playing ffxiv for anything but the quests. theres a reason why ffvii was never used as the main campaign in final fantasy games since in typical final fantasy fashion, the quests were the thing. when the storyline progressed in final fantasy xiii, it managed to forget the main quests.

there is nothing wrong with remaking a game from the past, provided that it is done correctly and without cheapening the original like the doom remake did. doom (the original) is another bad example of this, but that didnt stop it becoming a game that is enjoyed by many. this version of ffvii is interesting because it introduces many things new to the game, like the character’s weird cosmetic options that might not have found their way into the original game. (the huge breasts on little sister are kinda cool, imho.) i am not only posting this, but i am also recording it! »
be aware that the game has voice acting and cut scenes so some may find it overwhelming and/or frustrating. people who played this (and now get the game for free) may be shocked at the cutscenes. of course, it may have just been my memory in which i experienced a lot of cutscenes (and are a lot simpler) as i recalled with little voice acting. still, i found the opening and scene you’re dropped into to be a little bit too long, especially since a lot of areas end up feeling the same. there’s not enough of a use of the new textures in the opening to really make you think there’s a new place. i think the burden of direction comes down to less of a story impetus and more just the desire to show off the spiffy new graphics. i think with a mix of script and good direction the series could make it to the modern generation.
in all honesty, that section of the odyssey wasn’t quite terrible. it was just pretty much a middle-of-the-road experience, you know what i mean? it felt like a little bit of the early ps1, a little bit of the early xbox, a little bit of the current games. it had a dull story, it was repetitive, and the production values were still hitting the floor of the house while my parents were still living in it.