by garvgent
Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Firmware Reset Samsung Scx 3400


Firmware Reset Samsung Scx 3400

I have a Samsung CLP415N which has been a fab printer and initially it worked absolutely fine with cloud… However about a month ago it deregistered and now i just get all sorts of random error codes on the printers web page and Google says is offline…. This is also the case on a friends Samsung laser printer….

Starting to get very annoyed with them. The odd thing though is that it did initially work so i think that Google has changed something that has upset some cloud printers….

I will be watching closely for a firmware update….

Identify accurate version, serial and crum of Samsung SCX-3400 printer.
How to get Samsung SCX-3400 printer info: Click Here
Before you continue with the reprogramming of the firmware, please make sure that the device is installed on your computer.
It is very important that under no circumstances should you remove the chip from the cartridge while reprogramming the firmware. After you have succesfully reprogrammed the printer, remove the chip from the cartridge and store it somewhere safely (the chip a key). In all cartridges which you are going to use in the printer, the chip has to be either removed or sealed. If you have accidently inserted a new cartridge without removing the chip, the device will be blocked. In order to unblock it, you can use the stored chip as a key which help you to unblock the printer.
And make sure that any other devices (except mouse and keyboard), which are connected to your computer via USB or LPT ports are disconnected. Its preferable that the computer is connected to the UPS (uninterruptible power source) device, because if during the reprogramming process the electricity source has any interruptions, then the reprogramming will be carried out with an error, which makes the device unable to work.
This firmware will be installed directly to your printer. Before opening firmare link make sure that printer is turned on and connected to your computer and printer drivers are installed correctly.
Be aware that with the reprogramming of the firmware the manufacturers warranty goes lost!!

Sometimes, a low ink cartridge might be the cause of the reset. Low ink cartridges are a common problem on the SCX-3400 printer. They don’t display a light or error code, though. In such cases, there are two ways to solve the problem: you can print a test page, and set the print resolution on the print page. You can then print the test page again, and either try again to use the settings, or better print the test page at a high print resolution. Resetting the printer will reset any cartridge that is using a portion of the ink, so you might lose a single print attempt to clear the ink but not risk wasting all ink.
Find My Mobile has a custom security feature that allows concerned users to override their phones and force a factory reset online even if their phone is lost or stolen and not in their possession. Users can also backup their important and sensitive data to the Samsung Cloud remotely before the factory reset even starts. The only requirement to successfully back up your data via a remote connection is to ensure that your smartphone is on and connected to wireless internet. To remote-factory reset your lost phone, follow a few quick steps:
To remotely-reset your phone, you need to install and activate the Find My Mobile app on your Android device. A list of actions you can perform if your lost phone has been found can be viewed by tapping the Controls button in the app. To find out the details of your phone, tap the Find My Phone button.
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