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The Christian Brothers’ School, Macau

The Christian Brothers’ School Macau () also known as “Betty” () is an international school in Macau and was the first school established by the Christian Brothers in Macau.


The Sisters of the Holy Cross in Portugal, led by Mother Mary Teresa de Jesus and brothers John Christopher Winant and Joseph Leonard Winant, began the first school in Macau on February 4, 1879. It was operated by the Archdiocese of Lisbon, and was later governed by the Brothers of the Christian Schools (Societas Christianorum Scolasticorum, henceforth “Christian Brothers”). The school initially served boys from preschool to the end of high school.

Early history
After the fall of the Portuguese Empire, Macau’s Catholic School became affiliated with the Georgetown University Law Center of Washington, D.C. and its founder, the late Father John Joseph O’Hara, a professor at the university, established a teacher-training program (that later became a diploma program) at the school. O’Hara also established the “English Department” at the school which, in 1884, led to the founding of the Macau English School.

In the early years, graduates were sent to study in the United States. Until 1930, a sister of the Christian Brothers, the first sister who led the school, taught English. In 1938, the school began a revision of its curriculum and in 1939, began offering a four-year diploma program.

In 1940, the original school building was destroyed by fire. In 1971, construction began on a new campus and in 1974 the new campus was completed. In 1993, the campus was named “Betty” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the school.

Notable alumni
Kumao Rananau (1944–1982) a Filipino politician and writer
Marcelino Adan Candelaria (1921–1943

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