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Published: November 23, 2022 (6 days ago)

Frank Sinatra, Nothing But The Best Full |BEST| Album Zip

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Frank Sinatra, Nothing But The Best Full Album Zip

the two songs from the capitol period you may recognize are a pair from the 1953 album songs for young lovers. the first, nothing but the best, debuted that year, and was produced by nelson riddle. the second song, the way you look tonight, was also produced by riddle and was released as a single later that year.

as if all that weren’t enough to make this album legendary, sinatra’s relationship with capitol records also proved to be fruitful for elvis presley as well. it was during the early 1950s that sinatra made his leap from the small time cabaret circuit to the big time, while elvis was still on the microphone at sun records. presley was a regular visitor to sinatra’s home, and the two became friends, often dining together and exchanging talents. elvis would occasionally perform a few songs for sinatra’s daughter nancy, and would often record a few songs for the (then) newly-formed rca victor in the 1950s.

elvis’s career was all but over by the time this album came out, though, and he was never again working with sinatra. the two would continue to keep in touch, however. the mother of elvis’s daughter lisa marie took sinatra’s daughter nancy on a trip to europe in the early ’60s, and elvis happened to be in germany at the time. they were able to meet up, and in a rare moment of privacy elvis asked sinatra to be godfather to his daughter lisa marie, who was born in 1960. sinatra accepted, and subsequently added his name to the birth certificate of both lisa marie and elvis’s other child, jesse garon, who was born in 1961.

1952s Gershwin and Buddy are evident on 100 Greatest Jazz Albums 2010, but go back even further to see what a huge influence Colemans album of the same year had on the future of jazz. Its instantly apparent that Colemans style isnt really much like any other, but he wasnt alone and what makes this such an essential album is that it is his and yet he holds its own with 19th and 20th century greats. Its also the launch pad for a virtually immeasurable amount of important music, not least in its impassioned attack on racism which has now become basic to the bands ethos of a century later. (PG)
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band were and remain one of blues music most exciting bands of the last century, leading light of Chicago-cool and beyond. There is plenty of other proof of this in the multitude of bootleg releases and compilation albums around, but this Time-Shifted mixtape was their own final anthem, a record of timelessly innovative and empowering music from a master who could still cut the penultimate charge at the end of his career and play a part in the liberation of the next generation. It will always be a record to cherish, for its example and for the example it set. (KS)
With Elvis putting rock on the map, rock music was soon to take over from the previous century of jazz, but in the late 50s a pivotal new voice emerged: Django Reinhardt. Not that he was the first of his kind: the gypsy had already been doing electric gypsy music since the 1920s and he was to join with a band who shared his gypsy ethnicity and approach to making music. They called themselves the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, and it was first of a series of epochal albums, with each subsequent one more electrifying, blistering and bracing than the last. These are the albums recorded in the last half of the 1950s, and while they were big in Europe, there is still much to learn from them here. The sound is a melting pot of influences, as other guitarists simply felt intimidated to follow this extraordinary artist: whoever it was, they needed to be brave enough to have their turn at the baton, now playing harmonically and melodically in unison octaves, now playing raucously in the ultra-charged gypsy fashion, now adding a new brushstroke as a soloist, whatever the style.