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Published: September 8, 2022 (3 weeks ago)

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As the title of the question shows, I download a file from the internet and that file is saved on my desktop.

My question is, after that, when I move the file from my desktop to an external hard drive, is the file copying all the contents of the file on my desktop or just all the actual data of the file which does not include the directory information and the file’s name which is saved in metadata of a file?


It will only copy the actual file’s contents.
You will need to manually copy the folder and its contents.

// Copyright 2018 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

// +build!go1.11

package google

import (


// See comment on AppEngineTokenSource in appengine.go.

func init() {
if!context.CredentialsScoped {
panic(“ cannot use background context without creds”)

// AppEngineTokenSource uses Google Cloud AppEngine credentials to obtain an
// “application default” token, which can be used for the “default” SSL
// context, which doesn’t use session tickets.
// This token source is unreasonable. It exists only so that an otherwise
// unreachable end case can be reached: GCE executing JavaScript outside of
// AppEngine’s interconnected context.
// This token source is safe for parallel calls to the context.Credentials
// function.
func AppEngineTokenSource(ctx context.Context, scope…string) TokenSource {
return AppEngineTokenSourceWithContext(ctx, scope…)

// AppEngineTokenSourceWithContext uses Google Cloud AppEngine credentials to
// obtain an “application default” token, which can be used for the “default”
// SSL context, which doesn’t use session tickets. It can be used in
// parallel calls to the Context() function, and is safe to use from
// concurrently running goroutines.
// This token source is unreasonably buggy. See the comment on


Try these:
.read {
opacity: 0.5; /* make sure they can see text */
overflow: auto; /* fix the horizontal scrollbar when the window is narrow */


How to transfer data between 2 service usign RabbitMQ?

I want to pass data between 2 service usign RabbitMQ, Service A push a message to the exchange, Service B will be monitoring the exchange, and take the messages from it,
the following is the reference

I’ve been researching on how to build this kind of project, but it seems that RabbitMQ only supports publish/subscribe, so I’m not sure if I can pass data from service A to service B


Of course you can: you can publish and subscribe to the exchanges and queues of RabbitMQ.
Using a publisher-subscriber model you can publish any kind of data to the exchanges and they will make the data available to all the appropriate subscribers. The subscriptions are made in a way that any subscriber that is interested can subscribe to a queue or an exchange and get the data.
I’m having a look at this link of rabbitmq documentation that uses a kafka connector to your RabbitMQ server. It sounds like it’s what you need.
Here is another example based on the manual:
Let’s assume you want to save the books in your library into a database.
Your publisher will publish the book when you received it.
This is your publisher:
// Define publisher settings
$rabbitmq -> set_exchange_name(‘book_exchange’) -> set_queue_name(‘book_queue’)
-> set_declare_on_ok(true)
-> set_declare_ok(true)
-> set_delivery_mode(2) //TODO: This is your file transmission method, http or tcp maybe, see the Rabbit

But I want the string “Windows Xp Pro (sp3)”. I tried with following python line but it doesn’t work:
re.findall(r'(?:(?Pw+)Xp|S+ (s+?(?:sp3|s+))?s+w+Pro’)

Error: the substring ‘(?Pw+)Xp’ is not a valid regular expression

Any help would be appreciated!


This might work, using re.sub:
import re

teststr = “””
Windows Xp Pro (sp3)
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print(re.sub(r'(?Pw+)Xp|S+ (s+?(?:sp3|s+))?s+w+Pro’, r’1′, teststr))

Windows Xp Pro (sp3)