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Published: November 21, 2022 (7 days ago)

[FULL] Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium V14.3.1 Torrent ~REPACK~



[FULL] Ipswitch WhatsUp Gold Premium V14.3.1 Torrent

Manage Network Devices: WhatsUp Gold helps you monitor all of your network devices, including firewalls, routers, WAN, and local addresses. You can easily determine the state of each device, such as dropped, forwarding, filtered, etc. Additionally, the reporting features in WhatsUp Gold allow you to drill down into the data youre seeing, which is also helpful when looking for the cause of performance issues.

Foremost, WhatsUp Gold can be used on-premise or in the cloud, in either a soft or hard form. It provides powerful application insight and comes with integrated management, reporting, and alerting features. WhatsUp Gold works in multiple languages, and you can even purchase additional languages through additional licenses.

If youre looking for a comprehensive network management solution, the WhatsUp Gold premium license is definitely a strong contender against competitors like SolarWinds NPM. WhatsUp Gold comes with a suite of performance and availability features that arent found in many of its rivals. WhatsUp Gold features native integration with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, as well as real-time alerts and statistical analysis of traffic, applications, and servers, which would be difficult to achieve with NPM. The WhatsUp Gold premium license includes additional features, like the ability to see your mobile devices in your network, scheduled jobs, and reporting.

The WhatsUp Gold dashboard allows for real-time monitoring of devices and applications, and a redesigned interface, which gives you the ability to see whats happening on your entire network in one view. WhatsUp Gold features real-time event notifications, powerful query and reporting features, and new alerts and ways to perform proactive monitoring. WhatsUp Gold comes with built-in integration with Microsoft Azure and AWS, and also works with third-party services and applications, such as LDAP, Active Directory, POP, Webmail, FTP, email, SQL and more.

One of the primary methods of network security is monitoring. How a network behaves can give you a general overview of the types of attacks it faces. WhatsUp Gold enables you to perform basic health checks on your network. For example, you can check for high CPU utilization, run a quick network scan, detect latency, and determine if your devices are still online. You can even view a list of connected hosts and their detected IP addresses.
WhatsUp Golds powerful layer 2/3 discovery results in a detailed interactive map of your entire networked infrastructure. Monitor and map everything from the edge to the cloud including devices, wireless controllers, servers, virtual machines, applications, traffic flows and configurations across Windows, LAMP and Java environments.
Client resources like CPU, memory, and disk space can be monitored in real time in WhatsUp Gold, along with the health of your network. Theres also an uptime function, which provides statistics for your server or computer. WhatsUp Gold monitors users and applications like users login status, users CPU and memory usage and applications CPU and memory usage. Support for SSH is also offered. See our WhatsUp Gold vs. Fiddler report .
Health Reports: WhatUp Gold comes with the following health reports: CPU (including both user and system stats), memory (both user and system), Disk Space, Database Tables, Applications (user and system), Network, Processes (either by application or by name), Users (including access times and file sizes), and Mibs (IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP, TCP Options, ICMP, ICMP Options, TCP-SYN, TCP-ACK, TCP-CWR, TCP-FIN, TCP-SYN-ACK, TCP-RST, TCP-FIN-ACK). Bottom line, WhatsUp Gold offers everything that Fiddler does, plus a whole lot more. Its worth noting that WhatsUp Gold can monitor the browser traffic including cookies, and it can monitor users access times and file sizes.