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Published: November 23, 2022 (3 days ago)

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Gagmole P3d.rar Hit

in the fourth year of the-saga, the long awaited gagmole p3d has arrived! the first in a series of worlds that will take you to a second planet, and then all the way to the top of the tallest tower in the universe!

5 dragons
3 bosses, no linear path to any of them, each with their own unique attacks!
-the lotus glider is the weakest but also the most fun to fly!
-curious goblin is a fun little easter egg that can be made a little easier if you spend a bit of energy!
-six saker? holy fucking shit they are scary!
-by taking a flight to the last leg, you get to find out about the rest of the map!
this map was a really fun one for me, it was a challenge to get to the bosses to get their abilities, while always having my lead on them. if i was playing with a buddy or with random people, it would have been a ton of fun, but i like to go into this game knowing every little thing about it, i do hate the idea that i might get duped by a stranger who knows all the bosses and their abilities. still this map is completely optional and anyone who doesn’t know all of this stuff is always going to have their time wasted by a bit of gold.

full bottom’s up layout
each side has two big visual changes, a good change to start with. i enjoy it how the entire level is one large dungeon, with all the little barriers that you need to get over and yet you are not lost. it is especially nice if you are playing with a buddy because you don’t need to be able to find each other. you know what dungeon you need to go to, just find the next path to it! the downside is that you don’t have a big up up of rails to chase it down, but it is still a lot of fun to throw yourself into the air and swim back down.
as for things like in the gagmole p3d, because this map doesn’t have a lot of these, there are a few visual and layout changes here and there, but nothing that huge. and lastly if you know all the bosses, the map is fairly blank on your screen, except for the bosses on the end, that are white, and so is their shield, so they are easy to see.

wtf is this!

colorblind friendly

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