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Welcome to the Galaxy of Drones, a dangerous galaxy full of asteroids and hostile creatures.
Koodilab, a small indie team from the Netherlands, is working on a science fiction RPG set in this galaxy. The focus is on fun and depth, rather than on stats and numbers.
Galaxy of Drones is a game where you can truly test your ability, both strategic as well as tactical.
Players choose their own character out of 5 different pre-made characters. The player is given all the tools they need for the mission at hand, which can vary from colonizing a planet to fighting back an aggressive drone invasion!
Key Features
– Randomly generated planets, which keep the game fresh and unpredictable.
– A great variety of different drones, all at your disposal.
– Each drone is unique and has its own behavior.
– An extensive tech tree and abilities tree to give you as much freedom as possible in combat.
– An epic boss fight with a menacing adversary!
– There’s nothing quite like a level of strategy and depth in an old-school pixel game.
– Rely on your wits and the systems at your disposal to survive in this world of drones and asteroids.
– A story written by one of the characters!
To find out more about our developers, you can also follow Koodilab on Twitter @koodilabdevs and check out their Youtube channel, where they’ve made some video tutorials explaining everything from combat to the galaxy map!

A brand new space exploration game with simple graphics and unique gameplay.
You can fly a spaceship and explore a randomly-generated universe.
Pick your favorite character and place your first colony on an unexplored planet.
Every planet you land on has a huge amount of resources and mysteries to discover.
Make sure you don’t run out of fuel for your spaceship and make it to your destination!
Game features:
– Freeform exploration of an infinite universe with dynamic star systems.
– A random universe with unique planets to discover and become an empire in.
– Factions, alliances, and daily challenges to compete for.
– Asteroids, space mines, and space bugs.
– Take control of a spaceship and explore the stars.
– Multiple characters to choose from, each with their own story and abilities.
– A tech tree, that allows you to discover new technologies to improve your empire.
– UI with hidden stats and information that gives a hint


Gel-Tank Features Key:

  • Brand new look for the engine
  • Various improvements
  • A new way of doing memory management


Gel-Tank [April-2022]

In Battleborn’s colorful world, adventures are the rule – not the exception. With more freedom than ever, customize your look, equip your heroes with their new weapons and abilities, and then drop into epic brawls across unique planets.

Key Features:

An Epic Action Game:

Using the power of both keyboard and mouse, battle a cast of heroes ranging from superheroes to alien invaders. Blast your way through hordes of enemies, smash through obstacles and adventure through a massive world.

Overdive into the Action with Heroes:

Play as your favorite heroes like never before. Take on powerful enemies as Soldier 76, run, jump, slide, and perform stunts – even fly – using a new character system that lets you experiment with heroes you can think of and customize your character to your playstyle.

Multiple Ways to Play:

Battleborn is a free-roaming action game that offers both keyboard and mouse and controller players the best experience. Jump into action with keyboard/mouse and access all of the map and abilities. Or enjoy the controller for an intense experience.

Fight in a Massive World:

Jump into the action across nine distinct planets. Explore the vast open world and fight through massive enemies. Battle through the cities to build up your hero’s arsenal and level-up to defeat a boss on a variety of open-world missions.

Hundreds of Weapons:

Equip over a hundred weapons in your arsenal – from classic sci-fi weapons to weapons inspired by video game franchises.

Gear Up:

Equip and upgrade weapons as your character levels and experience points are earned. Equip your gear at the back of your mech to unleash devastating attacks or on your hands to deflect enemy fire.


Each planet has several modes of investigation for you to conquer. Search through the shadows, uncover secrets or become the thirteenth man to take down a boss.

Mix Up the Game:

Play as your favorite character from Overwatch, a casting of over 25 heroes, including Soldier 76, Junkrat, Widowmaker, Tracer, Zenyatta and more.

Download the full, detailed list of PC specifications and run Battleborn with 60FPS on Ultra settings.

The Battleborn Pre-Alpha has been updated to v1.3. In addition to an assortment of bug fixes and tweaks, we’ve been working on a long-overdue performance overhaul.


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The Caribbean Pirate Captain Experience: Complete a series of pirate missions in a nautical action game adventure.A Grim Fate: Complete a series of quests and challenges to achieve the Pirate Captain status.Pair Quests: Complete a series of new quests to complete the Pirate Captain status.
Pirate Captain Meets: Retrieve stolen booty and help save the day.Good Old Smugglers: Receive booty and complete quests to unlock new booty.Uncover Hidden Secrets: Find Pirate Ship Treasure.
There’s a new captain on board! Daring ruffians, take heed! The Caribbean Pirate Captain is a full-scale, mission-based action game featuring Captain Bonny’s new crew: Ember, Urik and Antonius! Play through 5 main missions (and multiple sub-missions) set across 3 different islands. Face your own unique combination of hazards as you delve into the depths of the Caribbean, searching for hidden loot, and rescuing those on the wrong side of the law. The fun never ends.There’s plenty of fresh loot for you to find and your brave crew to help you. Earn gold from mining, get bonuses from traps and hidden treasures, and even buy helpful upgrades from the black market. No hero is too far gone for the Captain’s mercy.With Captain Bonny’s new crew, your mission is to become Pirate Captain – by any means necessary! As the captain, you can choose your path and fate with your crew, using your actions and decision making to overcome obstacles in the quest to become Pirate Captain.Features:The Caribbean Pirates main quest is a series of 5 missions to unlock!- Go on missions and rescue people- Repair your ship- Explore the Caribbean islands and fight obstacles to rescue people- Fight sea monsters and earn rewards- Loot treasure- Save people and help others become pirate captains- Fight bosses- Interact with pirates for additional information
You’re in the Caribbean! You’re a pirate! You’re the Caribbean Pirate Captain!
The Caribbean Pirate Captain is a modern day, new generation, full-scale, action game featuring the legends of the Caribbean! Featuring epic loot hunts, and a series of challenging missions, you will become the most feared and infamous pirate in the Caribbean!Our first game: Pirates!The Caribbean – Pirate Captain is an award winning, classic, non-stop action game! ( Pirates!The Caribbean 2: Battle for Buccaneer Gold


What’s new:

    Challenge includes fifty of the most typical tracks from the nation’s most beloved music. Your staff was commanded to make their case, creating albums made from the artist’s albums that they each love.

    The theme is “the precious freedom we all aspire to.” There is no limit to the number or kind of songs that will be included. It’s about passion and devotion, finding your calling, and the epitome of hope for the future. It’s about love, joy and change. It’s about starting life anew and succeeding, knowing it’s possible and can be done. What better way to celebrate your favorite artists’ interpretations of the great American story?

    John William Cleveland

    There’s many times throughout my life when I’ve thought about dying. Mine is a story of rural life in the south. My father, grandfather and great-grandfather farmed cotton. I grew up watching the rhythmic and poetic action of these machines. There is such beauty to the way they turn and cut the fields, and then lay the germinated seed in rows. It is a brutal and powerful art, and one that I know well. It all began back around 1900. Agriculture was converted to commodity farming in the late 1920s.

    My great-grandfather was sold the machines that cut down the mature stands of cotton. The father–farmer sold his farm in 1941, and my mother and grandfather were left to fend for themselves. The job now was just to get the soybeans planted and the cotton picked and ginned.

    Because they had been part of farming for generations, my grandfather and father had some experience in a large farm operation, but for the most part it was a hands-on education. I missed it. As with all child–rearing, the message was that we’d love to farm together as late as possible. That’s the American Dream! My mother grafted wild mountain ash and served ice tea on a screened porch. We all lived a quiet life. The worst case was that they lost a large part of their crops when the subsidence caused the ground to swell just as my grandfather was sitting down to enjoy a bowl of stew. We of course would laugh and tell stories about it.

    I worked on a farm in Wisconsin. When I was nineteen years old, I moved to Chicago to attend the Illinois College of


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    * Enter a spooky world of mystery!
    * Become a true detective to reveal hidden objects and solve puzzles!
    * Enjoy a challenging Hidden-Object Adventure Game!
    * Get lost in scenic backgrounds!
    * Watch TV while playing!
    And much more!
    This Collector’s Edition contains:
    · The Core Game
    · Collector’s Carpet
    · Collector’s Poster
    · Character T-Shirt

    Dear Friends,

    We hope you’re excited for the release of our latest exciting Hidden-Object Adventure Game.

    We’d like to thank you for your valuable feedback. It’s been very helpful to us and we hope you can give us your feedback on the game and share it with your friends to give us their own thoughts and ideas to help us make it better.

    Our next release is a major update and release but we have a new gift for you.

    With our new update we have added an interesting new game mode called “Simplify” based on a Simmune classic game.

    Simplify is a game mode where you will have to clear the playing field as much as possible. You need to find different objects and match them to form their arrangement.

    If you can clear all tiles on your playing field, the level will be cleared and you will be presented with a new level.

    If you cannot clear the playing field, there will be one of the pieces missing and you will have to clear it to complete the level.

    When you can’t reach your target score for the level, the level will be cleared automatically and you will be presented with a new one.

    You will need to quickly consider the tiles that are missing and start matching them to clear the playing field!

    Simplify Mode is available on the Hidden-Object Puzzle Games section in the “Arcade” category. So, if you’ve been playing Hidden-Object Puzzle Games and have always enjoyed the challenge and want to play something different and more relaxing, give the new Game mode a try!

    If you find it too difficult at times to clear the playing field, you can set a target score before beginning your game by following the instructions on the screen.

    Thank you very much for your support and for being a part of our community. We hope to see you again. Have a good day.

    W.H. Brain Development Ltd. Privacy Policy

    Last updated: September 19, 2017



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