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Published: November 23, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


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Gemini notified law enforcement of both breaches shortly after discovering them. Key Food Stores first announced the breach on March 2, and later released an updated statement on July 16 reporting that even its EMV transactions had been compromised. While the public statement claimed that we believe only the card number and expiration date would have been found by the malware (but not the cardholder name or internal verification code), Gemini has observed additional data exposed in the dark web that includes the iCVV, which can be substituted for a CVV in magstripe data to clone a card. This cloned card can place fraudulent transactions depending on the banks verification process, as referenced above. The malware, therefore, must have harvested magstripe-equivalent payment card data from EMV-enabled POS terminals. A similar strain likely also infected Mega Package Store. Proper iCVV verification from banks should thwart this technique.

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Gemini data indicates that this technique is already in use among the cybercriminal underground. On January 16, 2020, Gemini identified a massive breach of Key Food Stores Co-Operative Inc., a supermarket chain cooperative with affiliates largely (but not exclusively) in the northeastern United States. Many of the supermarkets in this cooperative use point-of-sale (POS) terminals that support EMV transactions with distinct network security systems. The payment cards stolen during this breach were offered for sale in the dark web. Shortly after discovering this breach, several financial institutions confirmed that the cards compromised in this breach were all processed as EMV and did not rely on the magstripe as a fallback. Analysts had speculated that payment card data on the EMV chip was compromised and repurposed for cloned magstripe cards, and Cyber R&D Labs recent revelations provide further clarity into the likely attack vector.

At 29 systems, Gemini is the smallest of the dominant superclusters. Four billion years ago, it appeared as a small blue-white star within the spiral-shaped Gemini-Ophiuchus. However, a nearby gamma-ray burst caused the entire region to become extremely faint as it appears today. Gemini has had its reputation for being peaceful and stable for decades, but around the last ten years, this has changed.
Your days of skirting the law are over, darling. I dont know who you are or why youre after me, but this whole game, I can make it stop. Gemini learns, stops, and always adapts. Gemini will not die.
Every system is unique in its own way. With a few exceptions, the vast majority of known exoplanets are characterized by tight orbital periods, high equilibrium temperatures, and eccentric orbits, thus implying a poorly understood planetary history. I – – have analyzed the composite signals from the main sequence stars of the various K5-M6 stars discovered with the Gemini Planet Imager (GPI) in the Southern Hemisphere and compared their properties to stars observed in the Northern Hemisphere and known K5-M5 planets. I have revisited stellar and planetary properties of known K5-M6 planets to explore their differences.
The good news is that the stars seen in Gemini are all part of the same cluster of stars called the Arches, which is part of the larger complex called the Trifid Nebula. There are many other star systems in the area, but these six are the ones most commonly observed.
Only a few hundred spots have been observed at Gemini, the northernmost of which is the island of Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. As was pointed out by the US Geological Survey, there are four large volcanoes on Hawaii.