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Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


Getsuga Tenshou Mod Gta San

Another Getsuga Tensh user besides Ichigo is Rukia. Rukia had been given a “special” Getsuga Tensh just before she entered the Royal Realm. Upon entering the realm, Rukia transformed into her Aizen form, which enhanced her Getsuga Tensh. Her Getsuga Tensh first looks like a Getsuga Tensh, but upon entering her Aizen form, it looks like Ebisu’s Getsuga Tensh. Rukia uses this form whenever she is in danger, or whenever she is to strike her opponent.

Because of the massive amount of spiritual energy he tapped into, Ichigo only used his Getsuga Tensh with the potential to overwhelm his target(s). When he had the potential to knock an opponent into a different dimension, he used the technique, which essentially allowed him to create a large, arc-shaped wave, which could be scaled with his Shinigami power. Although he later entered Mugetsu, Ichigo used the technique as his original defense.

Unfortunately, the Getsuga Tensh leaves Ichigo’s body with a bloodstained blade, and while its full effects can be felt momentarily, it is a moving target, which requires a high level of concentration. Because it happens quickly after use, the strength of the Getsuga Tensh has no real post-damage effects. However, the reiatsu created by the Getsuga Tensh can be used to create projectile attacks such as the Getsuga Tenshou Mod Gta San, which can be used to change the path of these attacks at will.

The Getsuga Tenshou is a very hard technique to control, as it requires the use of vast amounts of reiatsu, but it can be done so effectively that its results can rival those of Getsuga Tensh. It can be used with the Getsuga Tenshou Mod Gta San, and if used correctly, the latter will constantly follow the target as you move, which can cause all sorts of trouble. If you are still uncertain, the Getsuga Tenshou Mod Gta San is a handy technique to have, as it is a very effective means of ensuring your attacks hit. Its projectile can also be used as a way of keeping your opponent’s combo going on even if he ends it, as it instantly gets rid of the depleted Getsuga Tenshou‘s reiatsu in its place. [6]

While in Kidō Mode, Ichigo’s ki, in particular his zanpakuto, is greatly increased, allowing him to perform powerful attacks with ease. For example, the Getsuga Tensho Kido technique Getsuga Tensei can be performed in Kidō Mode to greatly increase the damage. The Getsuga Tensho Kido technique, while having a fairly short range, can also be enhanced with the Getsuga Bongo technique which can shoot a huge blast of reiatsu, like a bomb, that has an increased range.
Ichigo remembered all of his Hihigashi’s experience regarding his awakening. This is because, while Hihigashi was in the Bankai form, his Zangetsu received his power, becoming an extremely powerful and skilled Zangetsu. The Getsuga Tensh originally did not exist but when the hollows (Tooru and Zangetsu) were training alongside Ichigo, they called the technique “getsuga” which is an abridged form of “getsuga tensh”. The Hollows then gave it to Ichigo to awaken. It is similar to Nozomi’s own Getsuga Tensho, in that it creates a wave of spiritual pressure and then releases it to bash enemies.
Ichigo, immediately after waking up, tried to use the existing Zangetsu in his Shikai to fight Hiyori, at which point the Getsuga Tensh came out of nowhere and transformed his Shikai into a Zangetsu. Ichigo attempted to fight, but the Getsuga Tensh caused so much damage and damage that he was forced to drop the Zangetsu. As an afterthought, Ichigo tried to activate his Zanpakutos Bankai to fight Hiyori, but his Zanpakutos ierore had been cut off by Hiyori and he was unable to perform a Getsuga Tensh from it. The Getsuga Tensh was the only test from the Zangetsu that Ichigo encountered during his time in the Shinigami ranks and, since he was not able to use it, he decided that he wanted more information about this techniques. After he came back and fought Hiyori’s bodyguards, Ichigo managed to use the Zangetsu in his Shikai to attack Hiyori. Since he was almost out of energy he decided to use a Tsubame and prepared to do his Getsuga Tensh. The Getsuga Tensh was cut short as Tsubame was blown away by Hiyori and Hiyori’s Bankai form appeared in front of Ichigo. Tsubame then attacked and sunk into Hiyori’s body, releasing the Getsuga Tensh that was inside. Meanwhile, the Getsuga Tensh that Ichigo had prepared prior to the attack was released as well. Once the Getsuga Tensh collided with Hiyori, it blew Hiyori away (The Getsuga Tensh became so intense that it even blew Hiyori away as if a hurricane had struck). The Getsuga Tensh then appeared as a wave that blew away Ichigo’s Zangetsu. Ichigo decided to activate his Zanpakutos Bankai, but his own Zanpakutos ierore was suddenly crushed by Hiyori and his Bankai was cut off from it.