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Published: July 20, 2022 (4 weeks ago)



You’ve finally worked up the courage to ask your crush out on a date!
But what if it turns out that they really like someone else, or are already with someone?
What if it turns out that you’re a total loser at first dates?
But how can you tell who likes you and who doesn’t without asking them straight out?
The answer is simple: You work your magic on yourself.
Help Fay Craft the Right New You, and it will magically transform in front of their eyes!
Take control of Fay’s body, and explore the three dimensions of their personality: they talk about it, they think about it, and they act about it!
To smooth over any potential roadblocks, their Magic is stacked with helpful tips throughout the game.
Don’t let witches learn magic before they’re ready for it. You’ll burn a few magical candles in the process, but it’ll save your friends’ lives!
Learn to channel your magic and use it to create and sell magical creations in the village market.
The magic you learn can also be used to help Fay take the ACOG exam and graduate.
Find yourself a date on the Halloween festivities!
– Craft a club to take to parties and date nights.
– Cook the perfect treat and lure your crush with some chocolate.
– Book your first date in the city and prepare yourself for the big opportunity!
– Bake at home and share with family and friends.
– Learn and use magic to create a unique Halloween-themed outfit.
And be sure to follow the daily routine on their schedule to get a step closer to your goal!
How to Play Witches x Warlocks:
Use the mouse to take control of Fay’s body. Left click is to talk to Fay.
Fade out to the 3D version of their appearance and select “Play Game”.
There are two navigation modes to handle:
– “Story” mode =
You can follow the story and the cast of characters from start to finish.
– “NPC” mode =
You can leave and come back to this mode anytime, even when playing the story.
However, NPCs will use their own schedule to attend dates, parties and sleep during the week.
You will be able to interact with all NPCs (even when they’re sleeping) regardless of which mode you’re playing.
Explore the 3 dimensions of the characters’ personality: Talk, Think, Act.
On the left side, watch the cutscene play out


Gladiabots – 4 400 Credits Features Key:

  • 1 to 5 Player
  • Best blasting platform game with high end graphic, retro style and intense gameplay.
  • Now added 5 more engraving gun barrels.
  • Multi player game modes and a new Cannon ball catching mini game mode.
  • Added high score function now you can keep playing whenever you want.
  • Change your setting.
  • 2D scenic base design with great graphic and emotional sounds.
  • Power up system for more ammo.
  • New different skill to master.
  • Cool new Boss enemy.
  • New underwater background to play.
  • Can now share your last scores with youtube.
  • Less java dependency.
  • Fully optimized for hardware acceleration on android.


Gladiabots – 4 400 Credits With Registration Code Free [Win/Mac]

-Swinging fast and furious
-Run and jump across a high mountain
-Two cute penguins make the journey together
-Life is tough at the top of the mountain

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Bread & Fred – Platforming Jump Rope Gameplay – Random Levels – Episode 4

Bread & Fred: Climb the Crest is a challenging platform in which you will have to cooperate with your partner to be able to jump and climb to the top of the mountain. These adorable penguins will go through a tedious and exasperating journey that requires precision with every jump, and each time you land you’ll be one step further from the target, but one step closer to mastering the extreme platforming.
Penguin Mechanics:
-Swing to reach distant platforms!
Attached to each other not only means that you fall together, you can also make good use of the rope and propel your partner beyond what any penguin could have ever jumped. Make sure you hold tight to the ground or you will both be thrown into the abyss.
-Hold on to walls as long as you can!
The penguin’s little hands aren’t very good, but you can hang on a wall with your partner for a few seconds. Be careful, penguins normally weight a lot, so you won’t last long, use it quickly in order to move between platforms.
Legends say that with these few skills, there are heroes who have managed to reach the top. Will you be capable?

Each fall will hurt and will be very difficult to overcome, but it is a learning process that you all will have to go through. Think carefully about each jump and master the penguin skills to reach the end of the path.
For the craziest, “Bread & Fred” includes a speedrun mode so you can compete and be crowned the best penguins


Gladiabots – 4 400 Credits Free Download Latest

I have uploaded a current dev-build.We’d love to know what you think.Please try it out and give us your feedback.

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Now we have all that build info, it’s time to talk about when we’ll go LIVE.

Currently, we’re aiming to get it on LIVE sometime in June 2018.We’re very far along and ready to go LIVE.We’re hoping for a QA testing cycle before going LIVE, and with any luck, we’ll be able to get it up and running as planned in time for Alpha in August.

If we encounter any sort of bugs or issues, we’ll let you know, and we’ll keep the build LIVE until we have it working 100%.

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