by silmar
Published: November 21, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


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I have been very impressed with the structure of your program. If it was not for the fact that I knew at the beginning of the course that it was very similar to my current courses (which I already knew very well) I would have skipped this course and gone for the Action Training and Fun Player. I had to think hard for a while to figure out which one I needed to attend. When I decided on this course, I had never done this course before, so it was extremely challenging for me. It has to be, if you are not a completely seasoned angler, it would be a lot of work. Personally, I like to take challenges head on, so I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, however, I managed to get through it and I have a lot to thank you for.

From the tutorial, the two new items with which I have been faced: Gut Killing Flames. This is when your attacker takes 2 damage and you start the turn with no food. They are also pointed out as a “potential trap”. There is no further explanation what one is to take exception to this. I cant imagine that a simple statement saying this is a trap, and a brief explanation of what the player expects to take further exception to this, e.g. if they took 3 damage after playing the card, would not be sufficient.

What is less clear is that if you are attacked, you do not give your attacker access to the top deck, so the attacking player gives them access to the first 2 cards in the top deck, rather than 3 as per usual.

The second example is confusing, at first glance this does not look like a trap. It seems an obvious game for error, as no longer does a card have to be played in order to trigger the trap. It also seems that the game could continue in an endless loop if a player always plays the card at the end of his turn. Maybe I am reading too much into the statement that this is a trap, or perhaps its just one of those things that simply doesnt match what the author intended. Not sure how the game could work if that is the case, but I had this worry for a while.

The tutorial only covers some of the basic rules, and gives very specific instances and examples of how to play out certain scenarios. It is then left up to the players to work out the basic rules by themselves, but does not attempt to teach how to work out any rules not covered. You can read in the introductory overview of the rules “to be decided.”
Hi, good evening. We are a new player here and havent been playing long. We had a question about the card The Hungry Termite, which only has a cost of 2 and it has one rat tramp card within it or the beginning position. I think it has a potential to be a super tern as you are able to get any food from your supply which it would be an actual tern but because it costs 2 that would make it a worthless card. Any thoughts?
Hey! Im still fairly new to playing this game as well. I have no idea what I could/couldnt ask you guys, but as the title says: How to get rid of the Supplies, the Daily use cards. I got them after completing a day and am only half way through the seasons which could be the main reason why I would like to get rid of them. In all honesty, Id like to do that to get rid of the end of season cards. If i could ask you a question too. Im not really sure how much I should let my players know. Like I said, Im new to this game as well. Since I will eventually get the extension to it, will that be an added resource in terms of my players knowing the basic rules?
Hey! Once again, this one is a question about the core rules. Like you, I started playing and now its the summer (and the season will soon be over) with a few new players. In high summer, you could see the sunrise and sunset after a day. However, in the winter, it would be dark (I tried daylight savings time so I know that goes into effect). So, I was wondering if we can do dawnsence or duskies when it was completely dark or when it was completely light (and I know seasons don’t work like they do in the real world). The latter would be better for a player who can even play very well, but we can also try to make it a bit more easier to play. Any thoughts?