by pazyvla
Published: November 23, 2022 (6 days ago)

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HD Online Player (el Secreto De Sus Ojos 1080p)

The qualities of the teams and clubs depend directly on the quality of the player when he is on the field, and as the importance of these factors, we have to continue with another area of analysis: the areas where the brain has neural control, and they are now relevant, in the question of the player that is the most valuable in football, they are not related to strength, speed, technique, or even, as is the case of many people, their physical condition.

Some neuropsychologists believe that the elements that determine the quality of the player lie in the left side of the brain, specifically in the dorsolateral frontal cortex, left hemisphere and right hemisphere, where the cognitive functions of attention, memory, and planning are controlled.

with this in mind, we can understand that the inhibitory control would be equivalent to the inhibition that we would have to produce in the artificial synapse that we are generating, and that we would be able to generate only if we are able to generate a synapse that produces the same response that is produced by the inhibitory synapse that controls the player in the brain.

with that in mind, we are going to begin with a brief description of some of the techniques that have been developed for improving cognitive performance with the intention of improving the skills of sports players.

this is a technique that has been developed by professor ivan pavlovic, a psychiatrist who has worked for almost 20 years on the research and development of cognitive techniques. the result of this research, a series of studies carried out with young players, has enabled him to establish the following conclusions:

In football, players represent an interesting situation to the neuropsychologists, due to the enormous number of patterns of behavioral acts they have to learn. Besides, these activities involve the ability to read others’ movements, so that in the course of a play, you can understand the deception that is in the mind of another player. Both of these patterns of learning are based in the activity of the Dorsolateral Frontal Cortex, which is located in the frontal aspect of the brain, between the hemisphere and is a vulnerable area of the brain due to the presence of neuron fibers of the anterior and orbital cingulum, and is protected by a thick blood flow to prevent ischemic lesions in the brain. The results of the study showed that the activity of the high-complexity function of the Dorsolateral Frontal Cortex is correlated with the ability to lie, as in the case of tennis player Rafael Nadal. Most public players in their twenties trained for this function because they had to resort to deception in everyday life at the beginning of their careers, because it had never been trained. Finally, some players who start in their thirties and forties do not have the need to do any deception, so the activity of this function is already present.
It is also observed that the activity of this function is higher in the right hemisphere than in the left. However, the clinical data in the field of sport shows that many athletes have problems with their left hemisphere due to the effects of repetitive training. In the result of this repetitive training, is the functional deactivation of the Dorsolateral Frontal Cortex, so sportsmen are unable to correctly identify and understand the real intentions of others. This is observed in players who perform repetitive actions, as in the case of the striker Ronaldinho.