by vinhary
Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


HD Online Player (harry Potter And The Half Blood Prin)

if the video above isnt enough for you, you can also get a free copy of harry potter and the half blood prince for the nintendo ds and take a tour of the leavesden studios in this video. its a must see for any harry potter fan and a great tool to get you ready for the release of harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2 in july 2011.

the new harry potter game for nintendo ds, harry potter and the half blood prince, is finally here. in addition to the new storyline, the game also includes two new playable characters: draco malfoy and hagrid.

the game is broken down into chapters. each chapter deals with a particular event from the film and once the chapter is completed you have the opportunity to play through it a second time to unlock more of the game. while the game allows for two players to play simultaneously i found myself having to skip sections of the game as it would freeze because of the wii remote holding down a button. the game also has a good amount of dialogue and even though there are a lot of cut scenes that don’t involve harry potter it does have some good moments. unfortunately the game also has a few annoying sound effects which are quite annoying and just added to the overall feeling that the game was made more for older audiences.

another issue is the real life harry potter figure; while the game allows for the player to play as a character other than harry potter, i found it hard to believe that there was no harry potter figure to play as in the game – not to mention that the other characters talk as if they are addressing the real life figure, which is quite disconcerting.

the only place that harry potter and the half blood prince really shows its magical potential is in the minigames, and even then it wasnt really all that impressive. the minigames mostly consist of you finding things on your way to hogwarts; some are easy, some are hard, and some are just plain weird. the weirdest of all is the spell combat minigame. this minigame takes place in the hogwarts castle, with harry and voldemort having fought in the castle in the past.
the games only redeeming feature is the visuals. while the characters themselves arent all that visually impressive hogwarts itself is a faithful representation of the school as portrayed in the films. it’s massive and contains lots to explore and see; credit has to be given to the developers for including the footprint guide which leads the player to the appropriate destination to progress the story – without this guide the player would most likely end up lost every few minutes. all of the locations are fairly detailed with multiple students mulling about offering mundane and often quite silly advice.
as if the themes of loneliness and lust werent enough, one of the most glaring issues with harry potter and the half-blood prince is the lack of a good ending. the final battle is ultimately anticlimactic and harrys first real date with ginny (and subsequently the final chapter in the film) is an utterly forgettable and uninspiring affair. one of the few occasions when harry has a truly upbeat, buoyant, and genuinely happy ending has been largely ruined. it doesnt help that the entire film is plagued with numerous plot holes and the ending is delivered too late and too abruptly.