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A Pixel Story features colorful graphics with a chiptune soundtrack by the team who made Trillion: God of Destruction, Nega-Scape, Musoko, and Nyanyo.
Download the game for FREE, and discover the other playable characters:
* Money Pot, the hero of a super-hacker story mode* Yamabuki, a little green monster who will pop out of your money pot to eat your gold* Anna, the heroine of a strategy game story mode in which you control a battlemech and battle enemies with your friends* Tech Saiko, a little grey robot who serves as the carrier of the Atlas* Sledder, a white furry robot who will give you a special weapon* Zukidra, a green adorable girl robot who serves as one of your two AI characters* Fuego, the green fire robot* Angular, the purple robot with a giant visor* Santa, the gray robot who is the father of Pupu* Egg-shaped purple robot who searches for the right place to sell his last egg* Warbot, the red armored robot

Key Features:
New game mode – Story mode
Enjoy the entire story in single-player without any help from a friend
New character – Money Pot
Fight with your friends in single-player!
New game mode – Multiplayer
Not your typical multiplayer game. In A Pixel Story each player controls one of 20 characters.
Download the game for FREE at:


About This Content
This DLC Pack includes:
New content:
*New Story Mode character: Yamabuki
*New Game Mode: Multiplayer
1. Create
2. Triumph
3. Challenges (Generation 1)
4. Chambers
5. Destination (Generation 1)
6. Disturbance
7. In The Valleys
8. Nightwalk
9. Robots Attack
10. Seashell Shore
11. Temples
12. Challenges (Generation 2)
13. Destination (Generation 2)
14. Float
15. Liquid Cavern
16. Naturally (Bonus Track)
17. Spitlava
18. Challenges (Generation 3)
19. Destination (Generation 3)


Features Key:

  • A network shooter multiplayer game
  • Meet new people
  • Challenge the others players to play
  • Reprint time in golden age of video games

  • Mad Crown Community

    • Match and play
    • Video
      • League on Steel Rain
      • dynamic tournament
      • online multiplayer arena
    • talk to other players
    • rate and comment the others players

    Joseph Lozada



    Looking for fun and good games? Mad Crown Community is it. A new and improved and community like social network shooter game with a deeper strategy.
    Mad Crown Game is a friends based game, with one


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    This game was really originally designed for high school, because of that the energy levels were super lowered, so it was really hard to play this game on higher difficulty levels.
    If you have any question about this game, please send an email to me, using my email address here:

    Like this:


    Author: Abhishek

    Interesting facts about me:
    I was found to be Gifted with writing, so it is natural I would create stories.
    Also I am a really big fan of movies and songs from ’90s.
    (90s movies and songs play the most important role in this blog, so it might differ from yours)
    Themes of this blog:
    Horror movie, love story, horror movie, action, horror comedy, animation, comedy, action-adventure, action, drama,…
    View all posts by AbhishekStepping over, the crouching cat fell from his perch. Scrambling down the steps of the stone shed, Oc scrambled over the barbed wire fence. Onto the lawn. No dog barked, or called to him. He rose onto his toes to pounce at any ducklings. And yelped, when one scurried past him, his grip loosening on his prey, and he fell onto his tail.

    From his hiding place behind the sloping shed wall, the boy laughed. It was the first time he had seen a cat chase and win.

    “Can I help?” the boy called to the cat, who had slipped into the yard of the large, old colonial. The cat leaped through the air and over a rocking chair, as if pulled by a long string.

    No answer.

    So the boy followed the path around the house, on the inside of the barbed wire fence that enclosed the manor. At the door, Oc stopped and stared up at the boy.

    “Help me!” the cat said.

    “What?” the boy asked.

    “He’s trying to get in,” the cat said.


    “The Man.”


    “I saw the Man.”

    “Okay, what’s he doing?”


    Heart Of Siam X64

    This indie puzzle game mixes matching with point-and-click exploration. Constantly on the move, it is up to you to choose the best route through the forest in order to arrive safely at the exit.Drawing is fluid, which helps to boost the sense of freedom as you explore.
    Unusually, the controls aren’t really explained in the tutorial and this somewhat hurts the experience. While there’s a help feature, it’s very small and barely mentions the controls. They are not explained in the story either.
    On the plus side, even without help you get the hang of the controls quickly and it’s easy to understand the movement and actions of the characters.
    The game’s core mechanic is to build paths from node to node by removing or connecting blocks. These can be connected to a room via a coloured path.
    It’s really a matter of managing which nodes are important and which are just there to make the room look bigger or more’realistic’.
    Some rooms contain treasures that are worth 10 points or more. Treasure chests are a good sign that it’s a good place to explore. The mechanics also change if the destination is part of a continuous path.
    The game contains lots of secret areas. Finding these will give access to powerful areas, which make a big difference to your score.
    While the game isn’t so easy to grasp in its first few hours, it will start to make more sense. You’ll also encounter random rooms that have to be explored in a certain order.
    At the same time, the exploration aspect becomes much more important.
    The map might be a visual advantage, but on some levels it is also your only advantage.
    It’s much better to explore the level in a different way than to simply follow the path to the exit.
    Graphics Some elements look very unfinished, such as the character models. There are also issues with flickering and text glitches.
    Fortunately, the game uses lots of particle effects. When you collect items or activate interactive objects, the space surrounding Champion will go crazy.
    This makes the world feel more alive.
    Music The game’s soundtrack isn’t very catchy, but it is suitable for atmospheric settings and adds to the experience.
    Sound Some effects, such as the footsteps of animals, or the sound of chests being opened, are extremely muffled and difficult to hear.
    Everything sounds quite low-quality, with lots of minor frequency fluctuations.
    Voice Acting There is no voice acting. That’s a real shame.
    Unfortunately, some sound


    What’s new in Heart Of Siam:

    Allied Nations was the codename for the Allies’ unconditional surrender in World War II.

    The term was used in the following four situations:
    1918, signed by the Allies on 8 December, ending the “Treaty of Brest-Litovsk” (which made Russian territory subject to the control of the Entente).
    1945, on 8 August, a German surrender to the Allied forces at Lüneburg Heath: German weaponry was surrendered to the Allies in the terms of the surrender, but Germany’s unconditional surrender to the Allies at the Marshal Conference was not realised until the morning of 2 September 1945, when it was signed in Reims, France in the same building where the Treaty of Versailles had been signed three and a half years earlier.
    1948, unconditional surrender and territorial changes proposed by Soviet General Secretary Nikolay Bulganin: the terms of the Marshall Plan were laid out in the Protocols of the Soviet Union on 13 November 1947.
    1962, unconditional surrender to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, ref. to EDSAC (Julian Cope, Hemlock, p.279).

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    Category:Treaties of the Italian Social Republic
    Category:Treaties of the Netherlands
    Category:Treaties of the Kingdom of Hungary (1920–1946)
    Category:Treaties of the Kingdom of Iraq
    Category:Treaties of Luxembourg
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    – Available in English and French.
    – High quality 2D animation during the matches.
    – During the draft, the user can choose freely the characteristics of his players (round, height, weight, pass, etc…) to then personalize their physique.
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    – In the simulate mode, the user can call his games or else set up to his liking.
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    – The user can manage his recruitments (free agents, loans, purchases, trades, scouting…)
    – The user can manage his finances (transfer fees, wages, salaried…)
    – The user can manage his staff (including coaches and technical assistants).
    – The user can manage his recruitment criteria and the game.
    – The user can change his tactics.
    – The user can manage his game.
    – The user can manage his game from the plan phase to the penalty.
    – The user can choose between classic basketball and 3 on 3 Basketball.
    – The user can change the “camera” view from the “play” view to the 3D view.
    – The user can choose to see the game in full screen, part of the screen or just a viewer.
    – Numerous play mode options
    – Two different universe modes (Story Mode and Solo Mode)
    – Various game modes including Career mode, Community mode, Team management mode, Create and manage teams mode, Draft modes, Training modes, Injury mode, Finances mode, Points mode and Match mode.
    – The user can switch on/off the editors of the players and the managers (all players and coaches).
    – The user can play in 3 camera views (first person, third person and camera of the AI)
    – Various statistics and counters
    – 36 different leagues available (US, European and the rest of the world).
    – Free patches which are currently available: 2017-18 All Star, 2017-18 Regular Season and April 2017 All Star Playoffs Patch.
    – You are free to use any image to create your players and teams in the game.
    – You are free to use any music and sound effects at your convenience.

    Game Story

    You’ve never played the game from Pause to Victory and succeed in the top? Now you’ve got the opportunity to be the ultimate basketball manager!
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    Payment Instruction

    You will receive an email containing your license key from [email protected]

    • Install the game with the key provided.
    • To start the installation process, please install game from the disk provided.
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    System Requirements:

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8
    Processor: 2.8 GHz CPU
    4 GB RAM
    Graphics card: DirectX 9.0c compatible with at least 512 MB RAM
    Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
    Sound card: DirectSound version 5.0 or later
    Internet connection
    Internet Explorer 9.0
    Free disk space to save and install the game
    It is important to mention that the servers of support Windows 7 and Windows 8. Hence, you