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Name Hero by Chance
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– Complete VIP Package
– 1 BUFF Skill slots
– VIP Membership,
– Reset Training,
– Card Balls (50)
– Freestyle Tickets(250)
– You are not able to refund the DLC once you have purchased it.
– You are not able to change your DLC purchase once you have purchased it.
– If you don’t receive the DLC please contact us via email (
Freestyle2 – Welcome Special Package is available for Japan and Asia.
– Global version may be different with the Japanese version.
– DLC content may be differ among different platforms.
– Freestyle2 – Welcome Special Package may be delayed to be available due to certain issues.
Please also support other players who are not able to play Freestyle2.
About Freestyle2:
Freestyle2 is an arcade style activity game developed by GAME Co., Ltd. for playing all kinds of music, dancing, and other fun.
Freestyle2 features unique system that a player can use as a base to create a dance.
The key of the gameplay is to add and create dances that can respond to other players’ moves.
Players can also create their own dance by selecting an item and other bonus actions.
Dance players can also search for music and play with other players.
Modified dances can be saved and distributed to other players.
Freestyle2 also features a solo gameplay mode that uses a M.O.M (Motion Opearator Movement) system for a player to control their motion and turns on the effects.
Players can select the motions of their body parts including movement of head, arms, and legs, the speed of motion, the direction, and the sound.
Players can use a variety of set actions, such as, Jump, Dance, Shuffle, Wind, Mood, Buff, and Sequence to take the full-featured gameplay experience in Freestyle2.
-New Jump Attack: Players can perform jump attacks to perform moves more frequently by quickly switching the directions of their body parts.
-M.O.M System: The M.O.M system can modify the motions of the player’s body. When using a series of motions, it is possible to interact with various objects such as magic, obstacles, and objects in the arena.
-Additional Selections: Players can control various settings using a variety


Features Key:

  • Fast switching between 2+ worlds
  • Hundreds of robots + platforms to destroy
  • Fire/sand level – destroy blocks you fall into
  • Engaging gameplay


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You are the initial space-faring explorer, the pioneering scientist and the lucky inheritor of the mysterious device that allows you to explore the galaxy. The time is now to take the initiative. The planet of Arcon is a peaceful, abundant world, but its large population of intelligent life forms is extremely territorial, with many different native groups who have arranged themselves into militarized nations. Your goal is to help the planets of the Seyant-Sellur system unite into one global society.
– 4X space exploration with a new system and improved gameplay
– A whole new interface that is intuitive, clean and user-friendly
– An improved animation system based on the new system
– Powerful artificial intelligence
– A new control scheme with support for both mouse and game pad
– 3 different game modes, plus campaign and sandbox
– A complete tutorial that guides you through the game step by step
– An incredible soundtrack
– A wide variety of planetary objects, including orbiting moons
– 3 different ships with their own individual traits and abilities
– 6 systems with 9 planets each
– 3 different AI types
– A wealth of information and statistics that allows you to understand the new game mechanics
– A persistent story line
– A dynamic AI that allows you to influence the history of the world
– The new ship system is completely animated – for the first time in a 4X game
– Rich 3D graphics
– A wide range of weapons with differing stats
– Colorful sci-fi themed graphics
– Advanced flight mechanics
– Stunning 3D animated space visuals
– First 4X game with an interface optimized for both mouse and game pad
System Requirements:
– 32 bit or 64 bit operating system
– 1 GB of RAM or higher
– 3 GB of hard disk space
– DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with Shader Model 3.0 compatible graphics driver
– Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit)
– Macintosh OSX 10.6.8 or higher

System Requirements:
– 32 bit or 64 bit operating system
– 1 GB of RAM or higher
– 3 GB of hard disk space
– DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with Shader Model 3.0 compatible graphics driver
– Windows Vista SP1 (32-bit)
– Macintosh OSX 10.6.8 or higher

System Requirements:
– 32 bit or 64 bit operating system
– 1 GB of RAM or higher
– 3 GB


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Your goal is to help Ernoy in the choice he has to make.
You can show him all the evidence and he may accept to start the story of GEHENA.
You can buy things to help him on his way and you’ll get lots of hints throughout your journey.
You will also discover some artifacts and hidden secrets along the path.
Check out “Your Story So Far” page to find out more about your main character.
You will explore an house and an abandoned building along your journey in the game.
There’s an town in the game that you will visit and explore. A tavern and a shop are available to give your help.
Discover and explore your surroundings carefully. It’s important.
Up to you to choose the right path!
Make your choice. Save the world and the story in “GEHENA”!If you want more information, click here:GEHENA/GEHENA.COM/GEHENA.COM/GEHENAOne of the head coaches of a Catholic school, Johnson is the current head coach of the SMU Mustangs football team, and he will be in town for NCAA football’s Big 12 and Texas A&M Invitational in the next couple weeks.

“Louisville, to me, is a tremendous opportunity for our program,” Johnson told WDRB earlier this week. “… (There’s) a major commitment to academics. When I first got here, we had 18 O-linemen on scholarship, and now it’s up to like 50. They’ve just built a great athletic program. They’re a great academic institution.”

And at Louisville, Johnson said the sky is the limit.

“We’re at a program in a little town in Indiana,” said the native of Louisville, Ky. “… It’s a program where they’ve made their name in academics. They’ve been No. 1 on Playboy Magazine’s top party schools list for the last seven years, so it’s an honor to represent and be a part of that, and I’m excited about that.”

Johnson has coached at SMU for eight years, serving as the Mustangs’ offensive line coach in 2011 and 2012, head coach the past two years. Over his time as offensive line coach, Johnson said he’s been able to


What’s new:

Pink S.E.N.T.E.R. uniform quite different from Saki of the the S.E.N.T.E.R. Headquarters.[14] OneEChanbara 2 – Exclusive Saki Costume: A seductive cosplay Saki Girl with a lacy white see-through style uniform that is highly questionable for the office. OneEChanbara 3 – Exclusive Saki costume: A seductive cosplay Saki Girl with a lacy white see-through style uniform, but it’s a bit thin.[15] OneEChanbara 4 – Amazing cosplay Saki with her cross dress from OneEChanbara 4 – Amazing cosplay Saki with her cross dress and her lingerie from OneEChanbara 4.[16]There’s a minor problem:
I’m losing my job and the major problem:
The candidate who won the job really doesn’t like me.
What do you do?

Do you:

a) Aggressively pursue the job?
b) Hit it off with the prospective new hire?
c) Pursue a less aggressive approach?
d) Avoid the new hire entirely?

I’m not talking about what is in my best interest.
It’s just that a) is natural and b) doesn’t really work most of the time.
It’s pretty obvious that c) will work much better, if at all.

The question really is – how do I know if c) is the right approach?
I simply feel bad about a) and don’t like b) for many reasons – being preferred is not one of them.

I appreciate how a) will help me keep the job – if I get that job.
In this same vein I think we should add a fifth choice,

e) Remain tactfully disengaged and be the nice girl you always were.

From all that I have seen, e) has no opportunity to succeed.

And that’s why I asked.

Obviously, e) is the right answer.


Human nature. By nature, we seek the easier path.
When faced with a decision, we generally side with the path that is easiest, not best.

We can’t always think out of the box.
We think by analogy.

E.g., “I’m not like most people” is a mental comfort,
even if that’s largely


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As the largest islands of the North Sea, Baltrum, Borkum and Norderney cover 16,000 acres of the North Sea, so are perfect places for those looking for a quiet holiday away from the usual tourist attractions.
These five islands, the last of which is just 30 kilometres from the mainland, have many advantages. Borkum in Germany and Langeoog in the Netherlands are the northernmost points of mainland Europe and are therefore well away from the unpredictable North Atlantic.
Furthermore, both islands are famous for their great quantity of seabirds; Borkum is especially famous for the thousands of Northern Gannets, which come to the surface to feed.
They have been protected as Nature Conservation Reserves, and Langeoog has been given UNESCO World Heritage Site status.
All of these islands have an airport, and these airports are the perfect place to fly.


This is a freeware game for Entertainment purpose. You don’t need to purchase it.



Allows the game to access certain hardware features. You can chose to turn this off in the options menu. For more information about this, please refer to our EULA.

Are you on iOS 10?

Note 1: iOS 10 has introduced support for modern OpenGL and a new driver architecture that may change the behavior of the older drivers. If you have issues with the “older” drivers, please try the “New OpenGL” driver in the driver list on the bottom of the launcher.

Note 2: If you have an older OpenGL driver, we recommend you try the “New OpenGL” driver before you contact us.

Automatic updates disabled.

Restore Default Settings:

Delete contents of /Library/Caches/ModNation

Delete contents of ~/Library/Caches/ModNation

Disconnect from Game Center

Restart the Game


Default Sound Level:

Sound volume slider bar

Default Background Sound:

Background music of a desired sound level

Sound Volume:

Very Low




Very High

Custom Field Of View:

Field of View slider bar

Custom Sector Zoom

Enable sectors zoom in first person mode

Auto-Zoom controls

Free Autorotation:

Auto rotate camera to enabled position

Auto-Scroll (Teleportation):

Enable / disable


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