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Name House Builder: First Job
Publisher nanwini
Format File
Rating 4.55 / 5 ( 1230 votes )
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9.03m is a short and evocative narrative adventure game in the style of …

9.03m is a short and evocative narrative adventure game in the style of games like Silent Hill 2 and Metroid. The city is abandoned, but it hides a secret.
9.03m is a quiet exploration game. You are in a maze of old houses with only one way out. There will be no a quest or a goal. 9.03m wants you to explore the city and listen to its music.
9.03m will be released for PC, Mac and Linux through

9.03m has a unique and atmospheric puzzle platformer level design. It is intended as a complement to the game’s horror and mystery elements. The player will have to find a way out of this “maze”. 9.03m is about exploring.

9.03m will be available on all major PC platforms.

9.03m has been in production for over a year. I’d like to think that the pressure of production has made me a better developer.
The game’s original concept comes from the Jargon creator, Patricia Juanita.

9.03m is a stylish horror game with a mature and harrowing story. It is carefully written and illustrated, with a storyboard on every page.

It’s scary, isn’t it?

We expect 9.03m to sell “about” 50 copies.

9.03m is not a horror game. It has nothing to do with horror. It’s a horror game. It’s more about the concept of horror than actual scares.

9.03m wants to be the first game to bring the image of Sarah Connor to the games world.

What happens at the end?
9.03m is a short horror game. The end is a quiet one.

It is composed of “nine” levels: the player is supposed to be able to take all of them.

What does “nine” mean? It means there will be 9 story-arcs, 9 different types of level, and 9 different endings.

What happens if you are unable to complete all the levels? You’ll have to restart the game.

9.03m has been programmed with


Additional Information

Name House Builder: First Job
Publisher nanwini
Format File
Rating 4.55 / 5 ( 1230 votes )
Update (5 days ago)


House Builder: First Job Features Key:

  • Feature 1. Skrillex like metronome app
  • Feature 2. Love metronome Concept, RnB feel and also for all types (songs)
  • Feature 3. Feature you like, we are sure we added it!


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Put simply – the player moves the plane up, down, left and right, with the rightmost key and each key in a different direction; the plane runs through a 3D plane on the surface of the planet, it flies below the screen, you can look at the underoath, see the formation of rocks, and in order to do this, the player must activate the flight key.


– The level of difficulty is set by the player, according to their level of skills – some of the levels are very difficult;
– In case of being stuck or encountering some other technical problems, the player can contact the support team through the game’s chat interface;
– The player can change the colour scheme of the plane;
– There are more than 60 levels;
– The application informs the player about the number of stars collected (only in the levels with difficulty corresponding to the level of skill);
– The player is informed about the remaining flight time in each level;
– The graphics are bright, vivid and interesting;
– There are leaderboards to see how you rank among your friends.Video: A New Tool for Ablation: Laparoscopic Thermal Balloon Insufflation of the Portomesenteric Veins.
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Unravel the mystery behind the ancient trap that threatens your past, present and future. Go on a quest to return home with your beloved. In the process you will have to break through traps, make deals, find allies, unravel riddles, solve enigmas, battle monsters, fight for your life, use your wits and plead your case. The game will have you trapped in a time-warping mystery that will force you to use all of your greatest skill and wits. From setting things up to breaking everything down, keep your mind on what you’re doing at all times. Experience a story you’ve never seen before in a world that looks as real as your own. Use your imagination to put your own spin on this unique story. It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on!
We have made the game easier for casual players by providing a normal and easy mode to play the game.
Our developer team is proud to present their second game from the “New Yankee” series.
“New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus” is a story based adventure that will take you on a time-travelling journey to return home with your loved one.
As you play the game you will be dealing with scenarios that are very similar to what happened in the history. Use your logic to solve the puzzles, and use your skills to avoid traps and monsters. For all the hard work, you will get rewards! You will meet new friends and foes, unravel riddles, and earn rewards by playing the game.
Big Thank you to the fans of New Yankee and New Yankee 2. We are always honored when people say that our games are entertaining and unique! If you haven’t played it, take your time and see for yourself.

New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus Game Screenshots:

How to download/play New Yankee 8: Journey of Odysseus Game

Note: our game requires internet connection to play. You may download the game according to your internet speed.

1. You need to download the game
Start the downloaded installation file then follow the installation steps,
2. Put the downloaded game to your pen drive, and insert it into your computer to start the installation and play game.

The sequel of New Yankee 2, this time takes you to ancient Greece. Here, John and Mary face the challenges of the 12 labors of Hercules. Can you return home to your beloved?
For all the


What’s new:

Unforgotten Stars

The aging ship never wants to quit. It makes her appeal to the shipyard out in the Yellow Martians’ space infrequent. In her last year, she hears the whispers of her contemporaries about cosmetic repairs before breaking down, and it’s next to impossible to get in-system to see any but the more egregious of the problems, because the shipyard’s clients have little time to hang about the planetary surface.

Instead the ship’s engineers and technicians focus on giving her a few more years, mostly because the other projects due for refit have priority. Who’s going to buy the ones that are just going to break down six months after being cannibalized for parts?

Unfortunately, the ship’s last days are filled with a ripple down the corridors as her last orders are called in. Medical personnel no longer volunteer to be sent along. Instead, the CMO’s office takes her crew.

To Corellia, whose medical personnel is the best of the best and whose request rate for service is high even by her standards, the calendar says that this is the worst day of the year. Traditionally, she knows, when the company retirement parties go out, she’s soon to be gone. And she and her fellow supplicants see no reason why the opportunity is going to pass them by. Once, it must have been obvious for a well-preserved species like theirs. But the frowning faces around her looked more anxious and distracted than usual.

The last legs for the aged vessel seem to have begun as an attempt to keep their offices and operatives open until their scanners detected a problem she couldn’t ignore. But when Admiral Ackbar’s plans to send a full cruiser’s worth of fighters out with the command ship in support of the Forward Command, Headquarters ordered the evacuation. Ackbar’s frantic efforts were reined in as a contingency when – with every moment that passed – more and more probes sent out in search of the mysterious ship seemed to be stonewalled by a powerful force. The Citizen’s Council was no better, screaming about possible rebellion and chaos within the fleet ranks. Ackbar’s on-the-spot investigation as to the source of the problems was inconclusive.

There were rumors that the probes were being interfered with by one or more factions out there, but who and why or how they did it seemed to have gone unanswered for a while now.

Having been given a week and a day to deal with the command ship,


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-The core of mahjong is present.
-Story: each level has a story.
-Adventure: explore a fantasy world filled with monsters and puzzles.
-Multiplayer: play against a friend in a local network.
-Online: play against other players or the AI.
-Local Net: you can play with a friend!
-Trick Levels: “What am I looking at?”.
-Pet in the World: literally
-Symbols: for the Story and for the trick levels
-Multiple board sizes: the game supports up to 16×16 and 9×17.
-Original soundtrack for all the levels.
-Sound: all the levels have sound effects.
-15 story boards and 17 levels for the Adventure mode.

Maven dependency groupId and artifactId are different

I have a simple Maven project where I need to build the war file for tomcat server.
The project contains a dependencies to 2 other Maven projects:

Apache Spark – (org.apache.spark:spark-core_2.12:2.4.4)
Apache Spark Hadoop – (org.apache.spark:spark-hive_2.12:2.4.4)

Apache Spark (2.4.4) and Spark Hadoop (2.4.4) have different groupId and artifactId
This results in a Maven compile error on this library


The build error looks like:

In file:/C:/Users/USER_NAME/Desktop/sample_project/target/classes/META-INF/spring/applicationContext-DatabaseJpa.xml:2:
Error: /C:/Users/USER_NAME/Desktop/sample_project/target/classes/META-INF/spring/applicationContext-DatabaseJpa.xml:2:
The element type “dependencies” must be terminated by the matching end-tag


How To Crack:

  • On Windows: Go to your Steam folder and click on “The Concourse.exe”.
  • On Mac: Open the Steam installer and choose your Library folder “” instead.
  • On Linux: Open the Steam installer and choose your ~/.steam folder instead
  • On Playstation 3: Go to your PlayStation console and download The Concourse from the Play Store

System Requirements:

See for full details.
Hardware Requirements
The following minimum configuration is required to run this repository:
X86 Intel compatible CPU
4 GB or more of RAM
10 MB or more of free space
If you want to compile Open Source Software, install the following optional packages:
Graphical interface Optional
See System Requirements
Using build-open-bios with the Grub2 Bootloader
Grub2 can be built to