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General binary options xbet offers binary options ic-11 practice of general insurance pdf downloadgolkes xbet premium binary trading reviews for just binary options works.. Place To Get Free Bitcoins Best Bit Coin Generator.On 14th September 2004, Rob was shot and killed as he went to see friends at his girlfriend’s house, in the West Midlands. The five-year-old accused of the murder was an incredibly deprived, vulnerable young boy, and his innocent life was taken by a stray bullet fired by a police officer. The officer involved – the one with the trigger finger, not the gun – was able to leave the scene of the shooting free of punishment. The police officer involved, despite a case load of 50 murders, was given a one-off fine of £100 for ‘careless discharge of his/her firearm’.

This incident took place in the summer of 2004, and it came to light shortly after Rob’s funeral. Two weeks on from the murder, the police officer’s superior officer decided that the officer should be charged with negligent manslaughter. In a perceptive article published the day after the trial began, Paul Cardwell, the Conservative MP for Birmingham Hall Green, expressed his concern about the fact that the other four officers involved in the incident were only charged with ‘using firearms contrary to firearms regulations’. He said of the police’s failure to properly investigate the matter, “This is a scandal which should not be allowed to go unchallenged.”

The fact that our armed police shoot children and fail to arrest them is a scandal that goes far deeper than one police officer not finding the time to investigate his own actions. It is about the effect the organisation known as the police has on the society it is supposed to serve and the lack of accountability inherent in the structures of power that create it. Since the murder, the Police Federation has routinely defended its members and turned a blind eye to the growing number of prosecutions for abuse of police firearms that have come before the courts and the number of officers who have been hit with criminal charges for killing or injuring members of the public. Although the police may be our first line of defence against crime, the policing of our streets means the more ‘authoritative’ we are to the public, the less accountable the police are to us.

But the most disastrous consequence of the police’s failure to properly investigate the officer’s actions is the fact that the five-

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