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Published: July 21, 2022 (4 weeks ago)



From the makers of Mega Drive Classics like Mega Drive, Mega Drive 2, Metal Slug, Defender of the Crown and many more, Terra Tanks: Defenders of the Earth is a retro-styled action-packed shoot ’em up with survival of the fittest gameplay. Lead your team of mighty Terra Tanks in robot-on-robot shoot’em up for arcade glory!






This is video about “Decryptor: Operation Cross Fire”

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The special forces unit known as “The 12th Elite Brigade” is forced to cooperate with a mysterious AI and his team. Using strange armor and weapons, the team sets out to prevent a terrorist attack that would threaten the world economy.

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Welcome to the United States Nukes Week series, the show that exposes the darkest part of our secretive military might and analyzes it for what it really is.
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Features Key:

  • Shift or tap the door to move the door
    to another block
  • Detect the difference between block and the height of the floor
    Using depth
  • Use the up key to move up the block in the same direction as the door or use the right, left, and down key to move the block in any direction


Idle Earth Free [Mac/Win]

So you’re a little brother and you want to explore the solar system with your friends Sami and Codi?
Well, you’re going to have to learn new things, cause today is your first day to go on space adventure with your little brother.
All you have to do is guide them through the solar system and collect planets of each domain. Your little brother will be delighted with these adventures and the friends you’ll make during the journey.
Nothing will be easy, but if you want to complete your first space trip, you’ll have to be brave, curious and most of all, have some fun.
In the game, both onboard and during the exploration, you’ll be faced with the adventure and the exploration of the solar system. Your friends Sami and Codi can ask for help from you in order to solve their problems.
Luckily, the planets will be a help in these cases, and you will have to use the important items you find to solve the puzzles.
When you’re at the end of a planetary exploration, you can choose between three different endings, which are highlighted by an image and a sentence which you’ll have to read before you know what the reward will be.
Your little brother will be delighted with the game, you’ll have fun playing it and even more so, you’ll have the chance of making new friends!
Play the game to meet your new friends, the solar system is waiting for you.
Not only will you discover the solar system, but you’ll learn interesting facts about space and its history, as well as you’ll enjoy the story through Sami’s and Codi’s storytelling.
In “Curiosaurs Club. A space trip”, every step will be a new adventure and you’ll be able to make new friends along the way.
You’ll be able to play three different endings. And they’ll be very different, from the beginning you’ll be in the solar system, from the middle you’ll be underwater and at the end of the space.
There’s going to be lots of interesting animals, like a dino, a squid and a cat also an alien.
Everything will be a little bit different, but the most important thing will be to be curious and have fun!
So if you like video games, if you like watching your friends and family, if you like exploration and meeting new friends, if you like getting lost, if you like space and if you like Sami and Codi, then you’ll love Cur


Idle Earth [Win/Mac]

The very definition of this word is “that which is real or true; as opposed to that which is imaginary or fictitious.”

Welcome to the world of Virtual-O. Where magic is real and there is nothing impossible, where technology runs wild and nothing can stop it. Now you are trapped in the world of Virtual-O, where time is broken, space is distorted and reality doesn’t exist. And we’ve created an island of unmitigated paradise – a world that is known as Oasis.

I have heard that there is a world beyond my reach. That it does not exist. But that doesn’t stop my dreams. I find a way to reach that secret place.

Being human is difficult. And I have seen the deaths of many mortals. This secret world has my very own soul in its clutches. I have experienced a sin that can only be explained by the mind of god itself.

One day, I met the people of Oasis. I learned that the world beyond is real, and they want to come to it. But that’s the problem, they don’t know how to get there. They came to me for help.

They wanted to make a journey to this mystery world of Virtual-O. So I did what I did best: I created a simulation. And if this experiment fails, my enemies will take my soul and I will be forced to deal with the secrets of Virtual-O all by myself.

But I must find a way to bring my mortal friends there!

Developer’s thoughts:

I’ve known for a long time that I wanted to make a game about a fantasy world I had created. The early prototype was fun, but it wasn’t very detailed. I want to expand on that idea and turn it into a game that makes players want to visit this mysterious place and search for all its secrets.

I’ve also realized that I love writing and making stories. That is how I got into game development, and that is how I continue to be inspired. So I’m really happy to be able to release a game that’s still a prototype and all about telling a story.

Do you know where you are?

Explore the new Oasis!

Our goal is to create a world where magic is real and there is no such thing as time or space. You will need to go into that fantasy world and discover the secrets of Virtual-O. In our first part, you will need


What’s new in Idle Earth: