by spayam
Published: November 21, 2022 (1 week ago)

IK Multimedia Amplitube DX VST RTAS V1 3 Incl KeyGen-H2O Plug In Free Download [Extra Quality]


IK Multimedia Amplitube DX VST RTAS V1 3 Incl KeyGen-H2O Plug In Free Download

WMDU is a producer company, and not a company that tries to make money selling plugins. “Private” plugins for producers, often paid as an add-on to a monthly subscription, usually including image sounds, drum kits, etc. We have, however, created this (non-private) plugin which is generally free, and available to everyone.

It’s great news that you see this VST RTAS of mine here, because I’m able to give it to you, for free. I’ve been working on it for nearly two years, and I’m glad to finally be able to release it. I’ve also paid big money in order to license the amplitube music from the band, making it my own. Many bands don’t even get to use their own music in their own productions, and it is very unfair. So, I’m happy to bring it to you, for free, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to be able to show my work at the same time. I’m doing well in the industry, and it is wonderful to have such opportunities. And thank you for showing interest in my work.

Actually, the only plugins that I have been tempted to crack are; I can go to my brothers house and download stuff for free that I cant get out here. And also, if I just want to try something new, I can get it from a good company like IK or Waves or EMT and not all of the crap that comes with the crack company.

Ive always taken the morally correct position that I had all the plugins I wanted but I still made the decision to go with the more stable non-cracked version and I have to admit that Ive now started to use more crackable plugins in my production because Ive now found the plugins I can have for free. Personally, I have a huge library of VST plugins in all different styles (acid, chill, electro, deep, dub etc). I recently came across a BUG in the left sample rate converter on my MoMixer, which is included with IK Multimedia, so for me, its okay to crack the plugin. Its free and its what i want. Its sometimes true that people have put in a lot of hours developing the crack, its not just a plug in. Thats why I dont buy low quality stuff, if there is a plugin that I really want, I will invest the money into finding the better quality plugins.

Amplitube again is a paid plug in so ya it always has to be cracked. I hear “but I cant afford it” that doesnt mean you cant afford it its just not about that you have the money its about the ethics. Feel free to get creative with money. If you had to buy a cup of coffee a day for a week to see if it would change your life for the better you would change your life a year from now. I feel that everyone needs to feel that doing something that isnt allowed feels wrong and they have some sense of right and wrong. From the mental angle it just does. If I wasnt proud of being a parent I wouldnt have had a son. If I didnt know I was to be a father I never would have had a daughter. Don’t get me wrong I am not advocating breaking the law I am just saying that it isnt right to steal something from someone who created it. It may or may not have been its best to crack it. I dont know, but I am a firm believer in the fact that you need to know things arent right before you can justify doing something that isnt right just in case it is. If you cant afford something that isnt right then dont buy it.
Because most people will only ever use the full version of this product they’ll never mind paying for it. However, if you just want to use the free version then this is the plugin you want because not only do they include the original free version but they have released an extended version for just $34.99 that gives you a complete library of sounds to play with and really increases the capabilities of the product.