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A futuristic 3D space-shooter set in a lonely space station. Blast the galaxy, free the captured heroes, steal the alien technology, make a fortune and become a legend!
Wavey is a fast-paced, 4th generation space-shooter. Float around the station collecting cargo, avoiding enemies, donning awesome powerups and defending your ship from overwhelming alien ships.
How far can you fly? Let’s find out!
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Futuristic space shooter where all the bullets fly, and the only thing left to do is to collect them!

A spaceship shooting gallery full of skill and gravity-defying obstacles.

Powerups to help you on your way to becoming a space legend!

A full steel 3D soundtrack!

Collect Cargo along your journey, use it to unlock new weapon types, ship sizes and more!

Challenge yourself in the 3 different multi-player modes

The story

“You wake up to a message – You’ve been betrayed, you’re going to die. And you’re not alone. There are dark forces at work. The mission that brought you here is over. Your crew is dead.”

The game begins with the death of your crew – your only friend – on a mysterious space mission. You wake up to a message, and all of your ship’s systems cease to function. You embark on a journey to discover what happened to your crew, and why you are alone. On your path, you meet aliens, and collect their cargo. The more cargo you collect, the more powerups you unlock, to help you on your way.

Shipping note

• This product can be played via LAN, but cannot be uploaded to online leaderboards, achievements, or used to race other people online.

• If you have more than one PC or phone, you can transfer your game between them via Steam.1. Field of the Invention
The present invention relates to an electromagnetic clutch mounted to a drive source and configured to electrically transmit a rotational force of the drive source to a driven member.
2. Description of the Related Art
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Features Key:

  • Different models of spacecrafts: 19 different spacecrafts, each with at least three games modes
  • Different perspectives: the game can be played with a 3d cockpit but also with half-cockpit
  • Real lights and effects on each spacecraft – thanks to Proximate, as you can see on the image
  • Original soundtrack
  • Extra game modes – Partae, DXA, and RANGE-PLAZA
  • Options to choose between several powerups
  • Double-pilot support if you wish a PC-based version with 2 players
  • This game was created using some of best Free3D 3d models and voxels. All models in this game could be infinitely further modelled if the user wished.

    Technical features

    • written in Visual Studio and C++
    • x64
    • built with Proximate engine 3.0 (
    • made with C4D/C4L Helpers
    • the game was developed in less than 2 weeks
    • 11000 models that can be further modelled
    • 11000 models that can be further modelled
    • The Stars HI voxel engine 2.2 – voxels (.vxs)

    How to play

    • Play fullscreen at 1280×720 Resolution. There is additional support for fullscreen at 1024×600.
    • Left Click inside cockpit to start the play mode, right click to pause or select another model
    • Space key to pause the game
    • S and A to select something inside cockpit or its data
    • R and F to select the right and left controls according to the game type
    • Z to bring another front-view perspective
    • M: toggle switches between fullscreen and half-cockpit
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      Imperium Galactica II Crack + Free

      • 100 unique cave levels
      • Randomly generated unique caves between each play-through
      • 100+ alien enemies and boss enemies to destroy
      • 100+ laser doors
      • Numerous different weapons
      • Energy Shield Power-up
      • 5 different key cards to unlock various parts of the caves
      • Power-up to change the appearance of your spacecraft
      • Map which will help to navigate through the caves
      • Moving Platforms which will help you to navigate through the caves
      • Upgrade your spacecraft as you progress through the caves
      What is On this Game:
      Key features of this Game:
      User-friendly, easy to use controls
      Multiple difficulty settings for single player and cooperative play (up to 4 players)
      Randomised levels for each cave system so levels become randomly generated
      Completely randomised every time you play – no two levels will ever be the same
      A variety of enemies to destroy – Alien Lifeforms, Sentry Robots, Beam weapons, etc
      A variety of weapons to collect and use in battle
      A variety of power-ups which will upgrade your spacecraft and boost your skills
      Energy Shield Power-ups which will increase your health and shield strength
      A variety of planet, star and asteroid systems
      A variety of stars which you can visit
      3-5 minutes.
      H-66 A.2 1
      3-5 minutes.
      K-8 N2 2
      3-5 minutes.
      Uranus 4
      3-5 minutes.
      Dinner Planets
      Name Planet Transit Time Distance from Sun
      H-66 TR-7 1
      H-66 A2 5-5
      K-8 N2 4
      Uranus 9
      Alpha Centauri A
      446, 972 light years
      N-14 1
      Alpha Centauri B
      392, 971 light years
      Alpha Centauri 3
      616, 0 light years
      Red Dwarf G1
      4994 light years
      Alpha Centauri G2
      4742 light years
      Beta Centauri 1
      8389 light years
      Ophiuchus 1
      17,850 light years
      22,000 light years
      GX-9 8
      20,000 light years
      1401 1
      25,000 light years
      GX-9 9
      25,000 light years
      1538 1
      25,000 light years


      Imperium Galactica II Activation Key

      No. of variant colours: 1-5(1-5 variant available)

      No. of different miniatures: 1

      Skill Level: 2-3(4-5 skill level possible)

      Players: 2-5(1-5 variant possible)

      Age: 14+ (Ages 14 & up)

      Length: 30-45 minutes(It is optional how long a game lasts)

      Rounds: 6-8

      Difficulty: 3-4

      1st Round:Prep Phase (5-10 Minutes)2nd Round:Danger Phase (5-10 Minutes)3rd Round:Conquest Phase (5-10 Minutes)4th Round:Finale Phase (5-10 Minutes)In 1st Round- Each player will be assigned a Company. Each Company will have a Corporation Sponsor. This will be your Initial Resources.2nd Round- Players work to meet their Resource Requirements for the game and spend their actions as needed to defend against strikes from the Therion Marauders.3rd Round- Players work to extract as many Resources from the Asteroid as possible, but not so much that the Asteroid is no longer profitable.4th Round- After the Asteroid is nearly depleted, a final round will be played to see who can remove more Resources from the Asteroid than any of the other players.5th Round- The game is finished and whoever has the most wealth on his/her player board wins!The variant colour choices are mainly for those looking to play in 1-4 player games.If you are looking to play more than 5-8 players the component colour choices of this game may be confusing. I have chosen to make this game, although there are two additional colours for the miniatures, so that you can distinguish them easily from each other. My preference is that players distinguish between the different companies and also between the different Game Aid miniatures.However, if you like the look of the green/blue/yellow miniatures, I am not going to stop you!The skill level of the game will depend on the number of players you have. If you only have 2-5 players the most skill you will have is “3” since the game will last for 30-45 minutes. If you have more than 6 players, and it lasts longer than that, you might get more skill. We can vary the difficulty if we want to.4-5th round-1- All players should work to meet


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      Download Imperium Galactica II For PC Latest

      The Shortz & Kerl was an electrified short line railroad that began freight services in the early part of the Twentieth Century, linking Port Shortz with the Kerl Iron Works.
      The railroad expanded and prospered over several decades as numerous industries established themselves around the port and the iron works. Like many other traction lines in North America, the railroad closed in the late 1960s. This is the layout that was used to create the game.
      The railroad equipment and rolling stock in the model are displayed in a realistic world with accurate loading and unloading operations and locomotive crews.
      Producer/Designer/Author: philskene

      Both games are compatible with Steamworks. Steamworks is a game distribution platform and services platform by Valve Corporation.Q:

      Parsing XML from a Blob

      I am currently trying to figure out how to access some XML which is a large file on a server. When I run the code below I get an error:
      Type mismatch in expression and variable of type : byte.

      I am trying to get all of the XML nodes which contains the word “value” and nothing else.


      When i run the code below (which is pasted below):
      Dim fs as object
      Dim rdr as object
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      Dim node As XmlNode
      Dim node1 As XmlNode
      Dim node2 As XmlNode
      Dim node3 As XmlNode

      rdr = xmlreader.ReadSubtree()

      For Each node In rdr
      node1 = node.ChildNodes.Item(2)
      node2 = node1.ChildNodes.Item(3)
      node3 = node2.ChildNodes.Item(1)
      strXML = node3.InnerText

      I also tried this to no avail:
      Dim xmlreader As New XmlNodeReader(fs)
      Dim node As XmlNode
      Dim node1


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      System Requirements:

      OS: Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista
      Microsoft® Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, Windows® Vista Processor: Intel® Pentium® III, AMD® K6, AMD® Athlon™
      Intel® Pentium® III, AMD® K6, AMD® Athlon™ Memory: 256MB RAM
      256MB RAM Hard Drive: 20GB (free space)
      20GB (free space) CD-ROM Drive: Not required
      Not required Video Card: 64


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