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 Where Do Teachers Store Their Materials? Where Do Teachers Store Their Materials?
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“ Welcome to Inventor 2016, the most powerful CAD software you’ll ever use. The new Inventor pro 2016, a brand-new 64-bit-compatible software, will give you all you want and then some.

“ Inventor can build better 3D solid models with a new feature called “Streamline”.

“ Inventor pro is the best of all worlds: It runs in a standalone window, but you can also run it side by side with your other programs and have full access to all your files.

“ As a license reminder, Inventor 2016 includes the enhanced 3D Viewer.

“ Inventor pro 2016 comes with an updated 3D Modeling Manager for a completely new level of productivity.

“ [New in 2016] Inventor now has a new Viewer especially made to display and edit 3D drawings. Viewer is based on the free 3D Viewer and is available as a regular download.


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How to make a reference to a variable instead of literal in javascript

I want to use a variable instead of the “hello” in the code below to get the result of output. How do I achieve this?
var name = “hello”;
var output = “hello”;


Use an IIFE to make it private, so it can only be referenced by the enclosing function:
(function() {
var name = “hello”;

JS Fiddle demo.
If you then wish to have access to it, just call the function:
function() {
var name = “hello”;

JS Fiddle demo.

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