by ursojana
Published: November 20, 2022 (2 weeks ago)


{IOS236 Installer}

questo esattamente la versione 3.1 del cios installer cios installer con d2x
in particolare questo cios installer e’ fatto per supportare usb-loaders senza modmii
se avete un wiimote con problemi ne ha il cios
se avete un wiimote sopra 4.3 tutto ok pero se e’ su un wiimote sotto 4.3 non funziona su questa versione del cios.
no drivers per il wiimote forniti dal coder trarne i file dei driver wiimote, se non funziona va reinstallato il wiimote con il driver corretto (e’ una buona idee installarlo prima di giu cose)

when it is unzipped, it will create a folder called “xpstate”; this folder must be moved to the root of the sd card. do this by dragging and dropping it from the application to the root of the card, not the folders.

hacking the wii uses an “instruction sheet” that can be read online by the general public. many of these instructions are pretty complicated, however, the homebrew community already has a sort of guide “wikis” on this subject that show the hacks and their processes. here’s a few of them:

go to the homebrew channel, and click the patch load button. a terminal will popup. write down the following commands. take the nand backup that was created earlier and overwrite the nand files for the ios236.

nand write./nand/ios236/ios236.bin
nand write./nand/ios236/mm4d111464
nand write./nand/ios236/baseblock
nand write./nand/ios236/system2
nand write./nand/ios236/meta.xml
nand write./nand/ios236/bootmii
nand write./nand/ios236/masterconfig.ini
nand write./nand/ios236/bootmii

el instalador d2x cios installer slo muestra la versin v6 por incompatibilidad con la sd, el instalador necesita escribir en la tarjeta para mostrar e instalar la versin 8. con bootmii sucede lo mismo al no reconocer la sd no es posible su instalacin, ya que tambin necesita escribir en la sd. para realizar las instalaciones recomendamos usar una sd de 2gb, respalda la tatjeta y dale formato a bajo nivel (desmarcando la casilla de formato rpido) y prueba nuevamente.
congratulations, you now have the homebrew channel and bootmii installed. you have made your nand backup and are ready to move on the chapter 2. if you purchased a game to run these exploits, you may now sell it if you wish.chapter 2- hacking your wiiread this chapter 3 times, or more.format the sd-card!!! (not optional)yes, format the sd card, we mean it, backup everything to the pc and format it. delete everythingdownload modpack filesrequires a standard sd card, 1-2g scandisk is best. sdhc cards will not workhave 450 free blocks of nand spaceread the guide at least 3 times.remove all gc controllers, gc memory cards, usb devices.don’t lose power- very importantpassword = download the modpack for the region of your wii, or the region you wish your wii to be when your done. be sure to download to right one. usa- ——— euro- ———jap- ———kor- ———be sure to download the region you want your wii to be.extract your modpack to sd:download extract to sd:overwrite files if askedif you would like to update your wii ios- not needed for 4.3 wiisdownload ios extract to sd: overwrite files if askedif you would like to update the wii shop channel-download extract to sd: overwrite files if askedmore channels to be added