by latshar
Published: November 22, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya WORK Full Movie 720p 173


Kaun Hai Jo Sapno Mein Aaya Full Movie 720p 173

7. samaj mein sajna karawat aayee, baklun mein sab chalta hai (poornima,, 1966) : now i want to include my all-time favorite shammi kapoor song, samaj mein sajna karawat aayee ! its such a fascinating romantic story, set in the sixties and its written by the wonderful shashi himself.

1. main na bhoolunga (roti kapada aur makaan, 1974) : mesmerisingly moving lyrics. again lata and mukesh, one of the rare instances where the singers are the composers! the other composers are g r d burman (from the movie guru, i have included guru songs) and radhe (from the movie aandhi). dev benarasi, a prolific lyricist who does not really deserve the recognition he gets, has written these lyrics. a song i have included because of the quality of the lyrics ( and also because i have been listening to it since a very long time), the best lines are mein doob na diyaas ki mile main na bhoolunga, kitni ladka kaha tha, kitni ladka na ho tumhari kitnayi and chi mere bhar gaye, jo bhi ek barv se kuch bhi nahin bana. a beautifully told, incredibly honest and humane story which is still (or should i say was) real. so often lyrics of this nature are very unimaginative and contrived and painfully banal, which is what makes songs like these so special. rip.- visheshsagar

5. yeh jo muhabbat karne ka dil hai (karma, ) : for some inexplicable reason im not very fond of this song. i am actually a big fan of kashish (not the duet but the single version) and the same song from mere brother ki dulhan but thats it. i guess its just some remnants of the 80s left in me. i do however like this one for some terrificly photographed mehfil and the song itself is nice, but i havent been able to find any of this songs on the net. dunno why.

2. anka garaj ek ghar chal: i loved this song so much that i included it in the mixtape. its so beautifully rendered and beautifully composed in such a way that a phool like me couldnt help but fall in love with it. this song also appears in kahan kahan se but not this one.
3. mere yaaron ki hai mujhe charan kahan sab kya ho sakta (arzoo, 1965) : wanted to give this song the 3rd spot. best jhanki song in an otherwise wooden movie. roti, malai ala phool, phoolona ke naach kiya jo nawari karne waale and all the other singh! one gets inspired by this song, especially this part : andhoon mein tujhe aap kise.cute end to an otherwise very uninspiring movie with a song that’s really different (to all other average songs of the movie).
n. nazar bacha kar chale gaye ho (manmohan, ) : thirteen directors, one shot, many variations, one of the best, must be manmohan, the silver jubilee of the iconic 60s director, namrata , and one of the best sangeet films of the year 1962. the music is very opulent, thirteenth number of amar shah studio (who rarely had more than 12 number of songs) and some of its jazz going unheard in recent times. only sajjad husain apart from manoj kumar are the ones who stand out in this mera chodo number. its one of the strongest songs of the year 1962, great composers, great singing, great acting, its just tremendous. and if you would think that dada burman only contributed 15% to the song, and let the others carry the scene, youd be wrong. k. asif for his concept, sajjad husain for his music and the poetry for his sublime words, the four bharat milap brothers, inderjeet for his arranging and laxmikant pyarelal for rendering the song so perfectly.