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* 13 different buildings including inn, tailor, glass shop, bakery and more
* 3 new professions: Barber, Gardener and Juggler
* All new scenarios with 4 new levels of difficulties
* 20 new towns and villages
* More than 100 new citizens
* More than 20 new talents and professions
* New currencies
* New building materials and construction tools
* 3 new music tracks (by Seb Ramey) and some special music effects
* More than 15 new items, effects and ambient details (e.g. fire, explosions, forest, wind)
* More than 100 new public works
* Increased inventory capacity (with 5 slots)
* More than 30 new effects and animations
* You can customize your character in more than 20 details
* Epic and interesting storyline
About the game Download the Beta Version:
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For information about SMB:

About the Game The Guild II Renaissance:
The Guild II Renaissance is a turn-based fantasy game, set in a medieval fantasy world, where each player is free to choose whether he wants to follow the path of the noble or the stonemason, merchant or juggler. In the game the players have to build a city, gain fame and power, get married, hire new workers, become a head of a family, influence the political destiny of the world, discover the secrets of the past, fight with giants, run a tavern or simply have fun.
In short: To be a lord or a mere craftsman, merchant or juggler, The Guild II Renaissance offers in its extensive combination of building, trading, managing and fighting: all the choices of a real historical world.

From 2 new special scenarios, you can now dive into the world of The Guild II Renaissance. It’s an epic world with 3 new challenges and a rich story.
The Beta Version contains a lot more:
10 new settlements
2 new professions
8 new citizens
14 new talents
6 new tasks
5 new buildings
7 new items
15 new ambient details
3 new music tracks
2 new voices
7 new effects
+ much more!
For information and future access to the Beta version:

About the game
As a magician, you will play a huge role in the growth of the


Features Key:

  • 8 unlocked episodes.
  • Beautiful Graphics.
  • Replay Game feature.
  • The Great Detective: An Interactive TV episode

    Kiss TV presents The Great Detective: An Interactive TV Episode,
    where two tales of mystery and horror collide – and you can
    be the detective!

    There’s a crime and mystery in each episode of Great Detective
    that’s based on a true incident that took place in Russian
    and Austrian homelands.

    While you play, you can identify the suspect, search for clues and
    participate in Clues Game (with two modes – Pro and Flaw).
    You can follow a list of tasks, solve the puzzle, and compare your
    intelligence and capabilities with that of your friends.

    It’s up to you! Are you smarter than your friends?

    The Great Detective is the first game in a series of “An
    Interactive TV” episodes that can be played separately or
    concurrently with a television series. It uses original
    Illustrations from the An Interactive TV serie. In collaboration
    with the Platform Content Development studio Popogames.

    Kiss TV presents The Great Detective: A true mystery.

    Become a detective!

    What will you find out next?


    Interactive TV

    The new generation of video games will be based on novel
    formats. This means that you never play the same thing – and
    you can interact with the game itself. Here are the settings
    you need to use to play Interactive TV games:

    • Internet connection
    • Inserted PC card or active mobile data plan
    • Player for PSP, PS2,


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      The Kungfu Cowboy experience allows you to play through a replayable roguelike experience that is randomly generated for each player and enemy. That means every run is entirely different than any other!
      Every level consists of different ways to navigate from start to finish. Think of it like a traditional maze game: You can go left, right, up and down. You can shoot & dash, shoot & dash, shoot & dash or blast through the map in guns blazing.
      The possibilities are endless! Just make sure your gunfu is just as strong as your kungfu & you’ll be good to go!
      Kungfu Cowboy Features:
      PLAYERS 2 – 4: Online Co-op plays with up to 4 players locally or online
      2-player local co-op on one console
      2-player online co-op
      4-player online co-op
      PLAYERS 2-4: Inlocal co-op, the players are split in 2 teams of 2 to choose from
      4-player online co-op which splits the players into 2 teams of 2 to choose from
      PLAYERS 2 – 5: Online PvP battles are a nerve-racking free-for-all with players pitted against 5 other players
      10-player Online PvP battle mode are a full team match up, with 5v5 team (2 teams)
      PLAYERS 5 or less: Solo PvP battles are a head-to-head battle to the death where only the last player standing leaves the match
      5-player Online Solo PvP battle mode, are a full team match up, with 5v5 team (2 teams)
      **Note: Solo PvP battles are currently unavailable as we’ve had some difficulty hosting**
      PLAYERS 5 or less: In local co-op, the players are split in 2 teams of 5 to choose from
      5-player online co-op, in local co-op, the players are split in 2 teams of 5 to choose from
      Our goals is to develop high-quality, engaging experiences to help break-through the $40 BPS barrier.
      Kungfu Cowboy was made with love for all game communities and players who were once stuck with a paywall to play and made some memorable game experiences possible. We want to continue providing these experiences to players.
      For players with slower internet connections, we’ve worked out ways to handle these speed bottlenecks & game loads through these means:
      When choosing how much


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      Mod Features:Dynamic global traffic system now using VR (Virtual Reality) the game actually uses an adjustable virtual steering wheel that mimics the feel of the physical wheel and mimics the feel of moving around in real life to enhance the realism of the game playImproved rendering for the environment and vehicles much improved texture detailAdded realistic scenery, much improved mapping, and rural detailAdded several new manufacturing plants in Poland that work as full-service plants that combine the manufacture of passenger and freight trucks, complete manufacture of new trucks and for the first time vehicles can be manufactured by repair shops in order to decrease inefficiencies of multiple full service plants.Please note that the value of the vehicles is slightly lower when travelling long distances due to lower fuel efficiency and much higher cost to ship freight via truck.

      Full update – Download from here: [Only members can download] If you are a new member, your download will be stored in the clouds and available as soon as your payment is completed. What is an activation code? The activation code is your key to the game and are only available after the purchase is completed.

      Installation files: You will need a USB drive or download manager to transfer the files from this web page.

      2. Mount the installation files on your computer.

      3. Copy all the files in the installation folder to your game folder on your computer, except for the “Loading Screen” folder which should be placed at your user folder.

      4. Play the game.

      Hover over the game on the Steam client and click on Properties.

      5. Go to the Local Files tab.

      6. Copy the Content file.

      7. Go to the Content tab.

      8. Paste the Content file into the Documents tab, then press Add.

      9. Go to the Local Files tab.

      10. Select your game.

      11. Select the Set Launch Options button.

      12. Paste the Launch Options file.

      13. Restart Steam and try to run the game.

      14. Play the game.

      15. When the game starts, it will ask you to create a username.

      16. Play the game.

      17. Choose the Play game as guest button.

      18. Enter your username or Create an account.

      19. Choose the Save username button.

      20. Choose the Save game.

      21. Play the game.

      22. Go to


      What’s new:

      A 2020 Dual Mode Electric Community Rail Electric Multiple Unit is similar to a conventional train in that it uses electric traction to get people from one place to another, but it also saves energy by sharing tracks with other trains and using regenerative braking to capture energy and save it for the day when more power is needed.

      AKA the world’s first purely electric VRE trains. All Honda Element MCW trains will be outfitted with the next generation of Dual Mode locomotives. The next generation SD40 Series-II CAFCO Locomotives will feature re-designed compressor, engine and regenerative braking systems based on Conventional locomotive design. This mod design is based on the SD40-E2 as you will see it at the Delta connection, “just before the “regenerative tunnel”.

      We will finish the first prototype prototype build with MCW crew members and use that in our event and/or memorial, and maintain that as our “film prop” that will be used in all live productions we do. The photo gallery will be where the story will be told of the trains great journey to, and arrival in, the Delta Point Complex. Even though we are bringing these trains to the Delta, the region of Alabama this particular train uses can also be considered a carbon free region of America. Because the Delta is Southern Tier New York owned, there are no operational concerns with the “home” tracks.

      Events featured at the DMEM’s will be rail stock museum where the MCW/DD3D and SD42/EE family of locomotives will display their unique styling and features. Hollywood filming with live actors which we will show in airbrush, watercolor, oil and all types of painting, and of course there will be the art gallery which will run concurrent with the live film and depict our rail stock. There will be a gas powered diesel run for added emphasis to the train experience for participants.

      In all the Montgomery County Library System is located we will partner with the art department who will provide copies of artwork done on our dual mode technology “D-Trains” by featured artists chosen by the museum directors. Our “next generation film making” will feature our own crew as well as a select group of nation wide creative talent.

      In terms of additional crew types and size we do not have a cap on the number of crew members we have and it is literally anybody that is needed.


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      Alphanumerical Dungeon is a turn-based RPG featuring a complex turn system and a big number of battles. The game follows the story of two heroes: Riley and Tommy.
      Release Date: 2018-08-15
      Size: 22 MB





      Future Plans



      Alphanumerical Dungeon was developed by a small indie team from South France (no zero). It was an old dream of ours to create a “full” RPG. All those guys started making a game where the party could be a lot smaller and the fight was a lot more complex.

      The idea of a battle in Alphanumerical Dungeon involves a lot more than just rolling a die, it’s really more about the system, and it’s bringing something new to the genre. We’ve developed the whole tool-chain to make battles more fun and exciting for players. It’s going to be a lot of work to get our tool-chain live, but we want to get it out there as fast as we can! This means taking a lot of time to get it out to you, the cool people.



      Is Dungeon Overseer worth buying?

      It’s free so you definitely have nothing to lose!

      Is there going to be a game update?

      Overseer is a big game, with lots of locations and story features. We’ll have to think about ways to add those…

      Can you give me more information about the story?

      Definitely! Well, a bit of a story, anyway. You play as two heroes (Riley and Tommy) trying to rebuild the world (or something along those lines).

      I prefer EPUB to PDF

      I prefer PDF to EPUB. We didn’t export the original to PDF because the rules are quite intricate. If you want a PDF, we can provide you with one, if you prefer EPUB, it’s all there!

      I want more information!

      Just contact me on facebook. We’ll be happy to get in touch.

      Can I donate?

      We’re very much like them, so just send us a note on facebook and we’ll get right back to you!The Greatest Showman is a curious piece of modern theatre. It


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      • Play the game
      • Run the game with Total Commander
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      • Double click on the "Actions" button at the bottom of the window and then choose "Browse…"
      • A window will be opened, select the "game" folder and then press the "OK" button


      System Requirements:

      Supported graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7970
      Intel HD 4400 or AMD Radeon HD 5670
      Processor: Intel Core i3-550 or AMD Phenom II X2 555
      Memory: 2 GB
      DirectX: 11
      Storage: 70 GB of available space
      Controller: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
      Network: Broadband Internet connection
      For more information on requirements, please visit
      Easy-to-use controls
      New map with ocean floor that dramatically changes game play


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