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Like the full version of The House of Da Vinci 3 game, you can enjoy the art book on one screen. But there are also two exclusive things to explore:
Only the pages shown in the art book can be flipped to explore the page.
Picking up the book and turning it becomes a 3D experience, as if you were viewing the world through the book pages.
The art book is free to purchase and just a couple of dollars to download. And to celebrate the launch, the art book will be released also on iOS and Android!

For The House of Da Vinci fans:
If you’ve played the full version of the game you’ve seen the art book in action. For those who haven’t played The House of Da Vinci: The Art Book is a great alternative! Learn about the historical periods, read about the artist’s personality and explore the art.

For those who don’t know the game:
The idea of the game is to paint Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. All the art scene in the game is inspired by the wall paintings, portraits and original drawings from a huge collection.

You can explore the art book in portrait and landscape mode, and turn on 3D support to view the art in a way it was meant to be viewed in Leonardo’s time: from the wall.

Discover the Da Vinci’s timeline, learn about the artist’s personality, enjoy his quotes, and read about the places he visited, his artworks and the paintings of his lifetime.

* You can change settings in your device’s Android settings or go to the Google Play Store, in your device’s search bar type “Settings” and then “Apps”.

Discover the following dates of Leonardo’s life:

Home > The House of Da Vinci: The Art Book:

• The Italian Renaissance – 1500-1600

• The Tuscans (medieval period) – 1100-1400

• The Italian High Renaissance – 1600

• The Mannerism

• References to the Free Mannerist Court of Milan

…and much more!

• Many more paintings and artwork, both authentic and fiction, by the most influential artist in historyQ:

A* for pixel dungeon with static-only variables and constraints

I am trying to solve a pixel


Features Key:

  • Realistic immersive experience, great variety of extremely difficult challenges – you can play for the fun of it!
  • Easy to learn rules, mechanics make the game play easy, while introducing complexity novices can handle.
  • Top-notch graphics, original soundtrack and fine art design.
  • Replay value, an enormous replay table of second times everyone can beat.
  • Multiplayer battles, up to four players at the same time.

Dungeons of Edera Game Key Terms:

  • Game is only possible in the browser.
  • The game can only be played with a game key.
  • No physical goods are included, the game can only be played online.

Dungeons of Edera Game Manual:

  • Dungeon Dungeon del 2012 by Inalea Games. Inalea Games ekstræk.


LandRocker [32|64bit] [Updated]

In the epic story of “A Wizard’s Tale”, you, the evil wizard, was defeated by heroes of the Kingdom. After escaping your prison cell, you discover that your castle is under attack by the heroes of the Kingdom!

You must now infiltrate the castle, confront the heroes and reclaim your home!

The Champions of the Kingdom have set up a system of anti-evil measures to make sure you do not return to your former ways.

You need to use every ability at your disposal to survive and avoid traps set by the heroes.

Fill your elements with special qualities such as fire, ice, void, and lightning, and use them to your advantage in battle!

Full of suspense and humor, “A Wizard’s Tale” is a great game for those looking for something different and challenging!

The “A Wizard’s Tale” features:

– High-paced Action-Puzzle Game
– Personal Storyline
– Full voice acting
– Full character animation
– Photo Mode
– Achievements
– Game Center support


-The Escapist: “Overall ‘A Wizard’s Tale’ is a solid game, but it doesn’t quite take the plunge for greatness.”
-The Knight of Gaming: “Hard to find a game that has you in control of a villain character as opposed to playing a hero. ‘A Wizard’s Tale’ [is] a game that makes you feel like an idiot for being evil, but also a game where you feel like a goddamn bad ass for being the hero.”
-Nintendo World Report: “The gameplay is not as smooth as it could have been, mainly due to the control issues, but that won’t stop anyone from purchasing it.”
-Cosplay of the Day: “The castle is nicely designed with many different rooms and levels that are not too repetitive, and the gameplay will appeal to fans of all types of video games.”
-Play me Right: “Its art style is reminiscent of classic platformers and action adventure games, and it has the same difficulty curve that other games of this genre have. In a way, this is just the cross section of all those games, and it does a good job of making the game itself the latest from a genre that has often been left to get left behind


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FEATURES:A large game that brings a sense of adventure and fun to gamers.Play with a mysterious object that will draw you into a game over the past.

INFINIS Gaiden Original Soundtrack contains 16 Game Over Original Soundtrack as a bonus.Infinos Gaiden Original Soundtrack also includes audio tracks with high quality.

INFINIS Gaiden Original Soundtrack is available to purchase, but please consider all the limitations when buying.



Notes:1. This is not an official product of “MSX Emulator Project”.2. This product is exclusive to Asia only.3. From the official website, it’s recommended that you play this product in a non-sensitive environment.4. All the credits go to the author of this product.5. When the sound stops while the emulator is running, please close the emulator and re-open it.

→About this productWhat Is this product?

(*) The newest update of Infinos Gaiden :D.* This product is exclusive to Asia only.* In this product, there is no difference between Japanese and English version.* You can play the game in non-sensitive environment.* Recommended for Windows.

How to play this product?

You will find ‘Info in the title’ of the game.Please click on the title, and it will take you to the game.

If you want to know more information about the game, click on the word ‘File’.Please click on the word’more’.It will take you to a related file of this product.

Infinos Gaiden The Latest is a Game Over sound. It contains 16 Game Over Original Soundtrack.

“Infinos Gaiden The Latest” makes users feel a touch of freedom with exploring a gaming world, playing with a mysterious object that will draw you into a game over the past, in which you can customize the Game Over text, that contains several different Game Over texts.

Game Over Soundtrack “Infinos Gaiden The Latest” also has a hard mode to enjoy with all the Game Over Soundtrack.Game Over Soundtrack “Infinos Gaiden The Latest” will allow users to become a new character and improve their character’s abilities and overcome new challenges.

【Infinos Gaiden Original Soundtrack “Infinos Gaiden The Latest”】

A large game that brings a sense of adventure and fun to gamers.Play with a mysterious object that will


What’s new in LandRocker:


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    World for Two is an action-adventure game set in a beautifully hand-drawn landscape of Japan and the USA. The story revolves around a young boy who has made a video game in his room while he is on a 3 day school vacation.
    His video game, developed with his friends, contains a full musical score. The game features a new violin, a cello, and a trio made up of old and new synthesizers, and the user can switch between them to change the musical score.
    A character known as “Special Art” appears before the boy when he sleeps and tells the story of his past and the story of the whole world. You can go back and forth through the story, getting to know the characters.
    In this game, the user can switch the music to change between the flow of the game. Other music can also be played on a CD, or through a speaker.
    The story takes place in a fake world where you are a young boy who is on a 3 day school vacation with friends. One day while you are playing a video game in your room, you accidentally use a video game cheat and enter a world which should not exist.
    In this new world, Special Art appears before you in order to give you a message from “the real world”. The video game you were playing at the time appears as your world’s soundtrack.
    In this world of two dimensions, the characters are arranged in a top-down perspective. The characters talk to you from their mouths. While talking, the eyes of the characters are indicated with << <.
    This game is suitable for audiences of all ages.
    This is a young boy who has just returned home from a 3 day school vacation, and he is feeling nostalgic for things that make him happy.
    He has gathered together a few of his close friends to create a game with them. They are all people he has gone to school with and knows from the real world, and they all love games a lot.
    In this 3-day school vacation, he plays his video game, and he is having lots of fun while you can hear a new violin, a cello, and a trio made up of synthesizers.
    Special Art:
    Special Art is a character in this story that appears to the boy. He is the one who is given the message to the boy from "the real world", and the player can meet him after the boy enters the 2D world.


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