by rafdels
Published: November 19, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

Les Miserables 2012 Bluray Rip

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Les Miserables 2012 Bluray Rip

this week saw the release of a new trailer for the les miserables film adaptation, and in it we get to see the four leads speak to one another. their comments reveal a number of interesting things, including the fact that none of them were worried about the “curse” of playing the same character twice. the whole cast seems to be having a good time while shooting the film, and they’re all clearly having a blast while they’re out on the road promoting the film. anne hathaway’s character, fantine, is also seen at the start of the trailer, and here we get to see her interact with the ensemble, which is quite a different side to the character we know from the novel.

in the video below, anne hathaway, hugh jackman, amanda seyfried and eddie redmayne answer questions from the press about their roles in les miserables and the behind-the-scenes process of filming the movie. hugh jackman, who plays jean valjean, says that playing the role was a challenge, but he is very happy with how the production has turned out, and adds that he has no plans for a return to the role.

les miserables has been in the news a lot recently, mostly because the film’s leading lady, anne hathaway, and her co-star, hugh jackman, have been dating. in an interview with nme magazine, hathaway and jackman discuss their relationship, the casting process and how they each approached the role of fantine.

i wasnt interested in les miserables. i had no interest in the musical. and, while i have seen some movies based on musicals and i have seen the phantom of the opera musical, i had never seen a movie based on the famous victor hugos les miserables. i had no idea what to expect. i just went to the theater because i wanted to see the new harry potter film. and, i was going to see the new les miserables film because i wanted to hear the new harry potter theme. when i saw the new les miserables movie, i realized that it was a totally different experience. the movie was totally different from what i thought it was going to be. i liked the movie. i liked the theme song. i liked the costumes. i liked the acting. i liked the music. i liked the direction. i liked the story. i liked the singing. i liked the songs. i liked the actors. i liked the scenery.

in keeping with the legacy of the book, this is a musical that is utterly compelling and never takes its foot off the gas. everyone loves the score, and it’s one of the most exhilarating and stirring that audiences have ever had the good fortune to experience. there are couple of film versions of les miserables that were a bit more free-wheeling and lighthearted and we were hopeful that this would be a revival of that approach rather than the traditional one. unfortunately, les miserables devolves into an often sprawling, sometimes poorly conceived mess in the final act. the director tom hooper with a tight style, stays on target and creates a film that is far more focused and engaging than the material in the book.
les miserables’ cast is as good as any in cinema. its unforgettable characters are filled with real emotion and all but one of the actors gives an inspired performance. it’s a particularly good bet for actors to return to the stage for the third time after they succeed so well the first time.
les miserables is a dazzling, sweeping, and dramatic motion picture, which relies heavily on the audience’s emotional involvement and connects the audience to the historic story of the book. the theatrical experience encompasses singing and dancing, powerful sound and an unforgettable score. the original film was well-received by critics and audiences alike and went on to become one of the highest-grossing musicals of all time.
my thoughts: les miserables proves that nothing really ever goes the way you plan it. despite what we think we know about things going wrong, it always finds a way to go just as well and to make us believe. sure, there are many cliches in a film like this, but it pulls them off with such élan that you really don’t care. it’s the kind of film that you watch and find yourself swept away by the plot and the story, and completely forgetting that it is the story of the classic book.