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Samsung Galaxy S6: Price expected to be same as S5

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will probably come out in 2016 and be just as expensive as the Galaxy S5, Samsung executive told The Wall Street Journal.

Samsung is putting all their eggs in the next-generation Galaxy 6 eggs, but no matter how big their Egg is, it will probably be hatched by June or July of 2016.

According to the company executive, the company plans to set aside 10-12 billion won (about 9.8 million) to design and build the next Galaxy smartphones.

If the Galaxy S6 doesn’t generate the same amount of profit as the last S5, that could be bad for the financial health of the company. I’m not sure if I’m glad or sad for Samsung.

[Via The Wall Street Journal]Luckin Coffee, which claims to be a successful online coffee shop chain, has ordered its 100,000th coffee machine. The company’s blockchain-powered coffee delivery service is now available in the United States and China.

The firm also revealed some of the details of its new coffee machine, which boasts 28 varieties of espresso drinks. The devices are custom-built and installed at restaurants and shops.

The new coffee machines will be available at the Luckin store in Los Angeles, which will roll out to other markets across the country in the coming weeks.

Luckin states that its coffee machines are custom-built at its headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and can be commissioned for a price.

The company’s machine handles cash payments, invoices, suppliers, customers and even investors. And as a result, customers can enjoy ‘liquidity’ for their coffee purchases. The liquid asset

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