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Name LOGistICAL – Egypt
Publisher Administrator
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Rating 4.23 / 5 ( 144 votes )
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The roads are dark and the monsters are out, but good old-fashioned detective work can go a long way in Deadlands. Exploring the mean streets and sewers of this new world gives you all sorts of opportunities for adventuring. From fierce shoot-outs to grisly “suicides,” there’s a job for you in New Orleans. You just need the right equipment and a good lead to go where no man has gone before.
Deadlands Noir – Player’s Guide lets you explore a new world in a new era. Discover a the powerful, mysterious Peacemaker corporation, piece together the tangled history of the Louisiana Territories, and find out who the real dregs are in the dark underbelly of the Big Easy.
What’s New in Version 1.3
• Added new background for the Black Flag Gang.
• Major spoiler for Blood and Bourbon, a mystery adventure released along with this product.
• Added more limited edition art, stories, and character sketches for the cover.
• Various layout and formatting changes.
Will the module work for the Fantasy Grounds v3.0.1 patch?
Can I use this for Savage Worlds, too?
Yes! If you already have the Deluxe rules (which you get with the module), you can use it in any Savage Worlds campaign. If you use the Pinnacle rules, it works fine for those, as well.
How does the module compare to the original Deadlands Noir?
Deadlands Noir is a funny and charming Deadlands Story Mode campaign set in New Orleans during the Great Depression. The original modules were published under the Pinnacle store, and this game is published by RPG Now. The rules are the same, but the environment and setting have been changed for the game.
Racial and class progression playbooks
A rollicking, open-ended murder mystery
More than 60 new careers, starting in a gumshoe, and a variety of skill checks
Add-ons that are designed to enhance the experience of gaming in Deadlands
Begins with a vibrant, mystery-filled campaign set in New Orleans during the Great Depression.
Players take on the roles of detectives in a high-stakes story filled with intrigue and plenty of twists.
You control the game through playbooks that allow you to unlock different skill branches, such as Guns, Occult, Spycraft, and the like, at your own pace.
Discover the story behind the Pe


Name LOGistICAL – Egypt
Publisher Administrator
Format File
Rating 4.23 / 5 ( 144 votes )
Update (6 days ago)


Features Key:

  • 4 Player Split-Screen Multiplayer Gameplay
  • "So fresh, so clean" Mask Your Fear
  • A Nightmare for All in a Package

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP or newer
  • 2GHz CPU recommended
  • 1GB RAM
  • 20 GB of space


LOGistICAL – Egypt Free Download PC/Windows

The mystical world of Labyrinths of Atlantis.
The Labyrinth of Atlantis is a 2D puzzle game which you have to solve by yourself. This fantastic world is full of fantastic places. The mysterious labyrinth which nobody has ever seen in real life.
In order to move around in the labyrinth, you need to collect the right tips. You collect them at every corner of the labyrinth with a flashlight and a shotgun.
Collect the right tips and enter the labyrinth. The only thing which can help you to solve the puzzle is your intuition and patience. There are a lot of mysterious anomalies in the labyrinth that you should solve. More often than not, their appearance confuses the player.
We hope that you enjoy the game. We are giving you the opportunity to find out what you can really do. Thanks for playing and good luck!


**Tambayanan lang ang Abstract Truth sa mga paalalang mga kumagat sa libro** :)
Watch this video till the end to be given a little secret sori.
Click the link below to watch the video version of this story:

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What’s new:

by-Play – Results


[AKA Sakuna i Japan ch.0] Shinji Ikeuchi, Esker, FLUJO

? Final, 60 – 29 – 19 | 2 sets | 5-4-3-2-1 | Oda Tsukasa

For the 3rd straight time, Sakuna defeats a major favorite with 2 straight wins. Last Season was Hiroki’s first match against a 7 Dan, Oda was coming off 2 straight wins against Hamaguchi or Kuroe. The fight was over who could win without a private lesson. Oda surmounts Hiroki 65 – 35, a landslide win, but why did he need 2 seasons like that to win? Was it due to Shinji not knowing his route or his ability or Sakuna not having proper match-ups. He needed to have a better knowledge of the tournament rules and better match-ups.

[DotaAsia 2016, DIT 2016, 4 Seasons, 2 seasons] 2012 – 2013

Opening: Seki, FLUJO


Tsukasa wins his first all-match, tournament win against Sakuna, and only loss here. Thank you Tsukasa.




Akira is just finding his game. He tried many opening builds to find it, but this was the correct one for Sakuna.




Akira takes the first game of the match and the lead. Kirin is asleep. No one remembers Kirin in this match… Akira is the only one who can slow Ryu especially when asking for a lecture.


Akira: Sakuna, of fate



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“This game is an artistic experience featuring a black and white cast full of unsettling characters, hilarious animation and a tense, unnerving atmosphere.”
“Sylvio(?) is a beautiful, heart-wrenching game, serving as a stark reminder that the horror genre is not just limited to the gore and the jump scares.”
“I am not a fan of horror games so I was unsure as to how I felt about this game”
“When you put the words (artistic experience) and (black and white cast) together, you get Sylvio.”
“Sylvio is not only one of the most beautiful, softcore games I’ve ever played, but it’s one of the best horror games I’ve ever played.”
“The black and white art style really adds to the mystique of the game. It’s different, creepy and the atmosphere is uncanny.”
“I really enjoyed playing this on the lowest graphic settings on my CRT monitor.”
“Sylvio is genuinely a terrifying and unnerving experience that isn’t for everyone.”
“Sylvio, for me, is a ‘game’ – a new, unique type of horror game.”

YOU ARE TOLD.There is a town, and there is a lake.And there is a fishing hut on the lake.It is old, dirty and run down.It is made of wood, and has a porch where many citizens can sit.It has a door in the roof so people can pass through it when they are a bit too cold or too hot.People do not enter the door but it is used to store fishing equipment.A gaggle of old, smoke-stained men stand on the porch and wait for those men or women who fish.They are fishermen.They wait for the bite.The old ones talk.The new ones talk.People that do not live in the fishing hut.Some find the fishing hut uncomfortable.They find the smoke of the old-timers somewhat offensive.The old ones cast their fishing rods and reel in fish.The new ones wonder where the fish come from.Those who live on the lake and in the river, and the stream, like fish.They like to capture them and eat them.No fish are eaten here, and this is the reason why there are no fish in the lake, the river, the stream and the sea.Fish do not like water, and will not even touch it.Fish know that there is someone in the


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    Warrior Beneath Heaven
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    System Requirements For LOGistICAL – Egypt:

    OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
    Processor: Intel Core i5-2600 or AMD equivalent.
    Memory: 4GB RAM.
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD equivalent, 2GB VRAM.
    DirectX: Version 11.
    Storage: 12GB available space for installation.
    Sound Card: Audio device with a minimum of 3.0 channels.
    Internet connection: Broadband connection.
    Headset: Optional.