by randdav
Published: November 21, 2022 (2 weeks ago)

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Mac And Devin Go To Highschool Ita Streaming

the girl starts to feel like she’s being used, so she breaks up with mac and tells him that he can have the other girl if he wants to, but that she’s not going to pay for it. so, mac is like, “thanks, but i’m not gonna do that.” and then he meets devin’s other girlfriend, ashley, who then is all “so, my friend devin is your friend. but i’m your friend too.”

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so the dudes at the massage parlor wanna bail, but devin insists that they stay. at this point, i’m no longer angry that this is happening, but more just intrigued that devin shepherd is sleeping with a black woman that he didn’t even sleep with. i just would’ve liked to have seen devin’s reaction when the chick is sitting on his bed telling him that her and her friend will be there the next day, hoping for a three-way!

rc (vo): wait, so this grand-fantastic, pimp player, perpetually popped collar named mac can’t get any ass for devin without paying for it i just don’t th..i’m confused. weren’t they just hanging around chicks for the past 40 minutes what happened were those girls contracted to be eye candy only so, yeah, sex with that chick, and since i’m too lazy to figure out how that black-box thing works, i’m just gonna cut to the part where wiz’s girl ashley texts him about how she knows that he’s at a massage parlor. did she know that

this plot is so convoluted and riddled with plot holes that it’s almost on par with the plot of the original high school musical, which was based on a hit song. the storyline revolves around two friends, mac and devin, who both attend high school in humboldt county. devin is the star basketball player, while mac is the weirdo. but when mac gets busted for skipping school, devin is forced to take the fall and leave the school.
mac ends up at an all-boys military school where he finds that he has a knack for handling the machine guns and that the girls are hot. but, you know, at least he didn’t have to pay for sex with them this time. when he returns to the girls of humboldt, he finds that they don’t care much for him, so he makes a pact with his friend-turned-girlfriend, devin. they will have sex with each other, and then mac will have sex with one of devin’s girls. that way, devin can brag to his friends about how he had sex with mac’s girl, while mac will be able to have sex with a girl who’s not upset with him, either.
todd (vo): i had to watch this one, but i couldn’t imagine how the movie was going to end up, so i decided not to bother, and then i watched the trailer and just had to know what was going to happen. the trailer shows mac and devin, who are sneaking into the school to try and get revenge on the guy that busted him.
the girl that mac is supposed to be sleeping with is, you know, actually kind of hot. but, you know, devin always talks to girls like they’re a bunch of girls that he’s never had to pay for sex with. mac probably doesn’t even think about any of them as real girls.