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– Craft a wide range of items to aid your survival.
– Use a gear wheel to customize your loadout
– Use stealth and battle-hardiness to survive
– Each distinct world provides a variety of activities, challenges and collectibles to explore.
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– Each world has its own amazing soundtrack!
What’s New in Version 1.2.6
– Improved interface
– Added tutorial
Feel free to leave any feedback, suggestions or bug reports to us here:
Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for playing!
Have a great day!

Checking if two strings share prefix

Im currently using NSLocale to convert an email address and an account number and it returns the language
and the prefix of the account number with
string = [NSLocale currentLocale].objectForKey(NSLocaleLanguageCode)

I wanted to check if the prefix of the email address and the prefix of the account number were the same, but am getting a SIGABRT error.
The code is here:
if ([self.string isEqualToString:contact.AccountNumber]) {
[self callButton];

With the string defined as
NSString * string = [NSLocale currentLocale].objectForKey(NSLocaleLanguageCode)

Any ideas?


If you want to see if two strings have the same prefix, the best solution is to use a regular expression. It sounds like you’re doing a count of how many of your matches you want to find, so I’m not going to code your entire app here. However, we can get you started.
You can create a pattern that searches for a sequence of characters that you want to search for; then you can search for that pattern in both strings:
NSString *pattern = @”([A-Za-z]+)”;

NSString *string1 = @”This is a text string with digits.”;
NSString *string2 = @”thissa zachitwo”;

NSRange match1,


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    System Requirements For Maid Of Sker Soundtrack:

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