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The family of life as it is. some good and some bad; and I have always obeyed the voice of the evil and good that speaks to us, which is that of the. Gnon Creator of this universe who is perfectQ:

Play! Framework 1.2.5: No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and configuration does not allow creation of non-transactional one here

Hello Stackoverflow people,
I’m starting the process of migrating my Play application from Play Framework 1.1.2 to 1.2.5, and getting issues in the app with Hibernate.
Currently, the application uses Hibernate to manage session and entities. In 1.1.2 I had no issues, but since the migrations don’t compile (since I have to use JDBC for now), I get to 1.2.5, and I’m getting exceptions such as:

No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and configuration does not allow creation of non-transactional one here.
No Hibernate Session bound to thread, and configuration does not allow creation of non-transactional one here.

I can fix some of the exceptions by using an older Hibernate version (3.0.2), but I’m using 3.3.1 now. I’m pretty sure I haven’t found anything related to that in the docs, so I’m asking you now.
My app is based on their sample app, so I can share my configuration, if you need:
class Actor(val id: Long, val name: String, val birthday: String) {
def this(id: Long) = this(id, “”, “”)

object GlobalSettings extends GlobalSettings {
val sessionFactory = createSessionFactory

object SessionFactory {
val mappingCache = new MappingCache

def createSessionFactory = {
val cfg = Configuration.getConfiguration
cfg.setProperty(“hibernate.connection.pool_size”, “10”)
val cfg2 = Configuration.getConfiguration()

cfg2.setProperty(“hibernate.current_session_context_class”, “thread”)


I hope you will find the answer:
string[] str1 = test.Split(‘ ‘);
string finalResult = string.Join(” “,str1);

This code split all string in first dimension and combine them in one result.

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