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Published: November 21, 2022 (1 week ago)

Maladolescenza Spielen Wir Stream


Maladolescenza Spielen Wir Stream

spielen wir liebe is an italian melodrama from 1977. a group of friends are playing a game of make-believe. one of the boys, raffael, is molested by his guardian, a well-known italian producer (played by the late mario pisuola, who i’ve never seen before). there are some disturbing images in the film, such as the moment when raffael’s head is shown, with a goat-like animal’s head on his body. there is also some lesbianism and some nudity. the film seems to have been made as a reaction to the censorship laws in italy at the time.

maladolescenza is also known as the italian title, il gioco interrotto dell’adolescenza. the german title is spielen wir liebe which translates to ‘playing with love’ (and i believe is a reference to the movie’s title).
for the english-speaking audience, the film is known under various names, such as puppy love, playing with love, playing with toys, and toys’ game.

in 1977 the italian director pierre giuseppe murgia (1936 – ) shot the movie maladolescenza. the film is known by other names: the german name: spielen wir liebe, french: jeux interdits de l’adolescence, english: playing with love or puppy love

subtitles: english, spanish, german, italian, portuguese, hungarian, polish, french, croatian, romanian, chinese, slovak, bulgarian, czech, russian, turkish
for the movie: spielen wir liebe, maladolescenza, playing with love, puppy love, gra w mio
director: pier giuseppe murgia
genre: melodrama
production: italy 1977 – 93m
stars: lara wendel, eva ionesco, martin loeb
a teen boy grows from playing and fighting with his german-shepherd dog, to playing kids and adult games with two equally young girls, in a dream-like forest which eventually turns eerie, and somber.

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the film follows 14 year old fabrizio, played by martin loeb. loeb is known from the ’70s italian horror films azion cultrale and lontano dalla natura (he also stars in roberto giraudo’s 1973 remake of german expressionist horror classic the cabinet of dr. caligari). he’s actually best known for his legendary bizarre plastic-avatar performance in the trashy late ’60s spaghetti western classic the story of dr. mabuse the gambler. loeb also appeared in a small but important role in the original donnie brasco, and plays the male lead in barry levinson’s final film, the peacemaker. the english title, playing with love, is such an odd translation. i don’t know much italian, but i’m pretty sure maladolescenza means something like ‘ill’ or’sick’ adolescence, which is much more fitting. the film is more like the origin story of a serial killer than it is anything to do with love or romance. probably the most entertaining thing about this movie are the ’80s porn-style pop music tracks that play during it. there’s a “french kiss” song that might be playing while their kissing, and a french song that the girls are performing. the short-lived french pop band les rita mitsouko actually scored the movie.