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You are a prisoner forced into exile by the evil Chinese Emperor. Just when you think your chance at freedom has come, a notorious villain, Dr. Norton, tries to shoot you in the head. A bolt of lightning then strikes Dr. Norton, and he is forced to flee to the country of African, far away from the notice of the emperor. Unfortunately for the emperor, you survived the attempt on your life. And you escaped from a prison with seven other prisoners, so now you are free to pursue your own destiny. Escape to the world of African!
Your new home now may or may not be safe. The government of Africa has informed you of an ancient tower that has existed in the African jungle for thousands of years. It was actually built by the mysterious TigerQiuQiu, an immortal who is believed to be an immortal being. You also know that the tower is said to hold the key to immortality. However, during your escape, Dr. Norton secretly transported you into the African jungle to keep you from being rescued. Now, you are left to survive in the African jungle until you can finally discover TigerQiuQiu and win your true freedom. Are you ready to take the risk of visiting the tower?
TigerQiuQiu 3SUN & MOON ENCHANTMENT I have followed a special journey for the third time! In this game, you can collect spell cards to summon a mystical force and overcome all challenges. You can also decide which young apprentice hero to cultivate first, making you more powerful, and also learn a new card each day! If you master the game, you will be able to unlock a new world and even reincarnate as a deity!
How to play:
1. Move cursor over the card that you want to play
2. Click to select card
3. Move cursor to a player’s base and click on the card to add it to your hand
4. Play a card from your hand by moving cursor over the base
The game has many main characters from different worlds and famous stories. As a result of connecting with the game characters, you can also collect more cards from the corresponding worlds and the perfect learning card of each character.


The game is available to play for FREE via Google Play.


MAZE: A VR Adventure Features Key:

  • Straight-Forward Game: It is possible to play the game. You can play against the computer, which gives the game away.

    You can play with this game as it is.

  • Easy to learn new moves: You can see a clearly written hint system to solve your moves. Good for people who never played one before. The game has a young beginner mode for this. Where you can see the immediate consequences of your moves.

    Game browser: You don’t have to remember game positions. You can browse the games and play one of your favorite games easily.

  • Trustful engine: The whole program was written using special game engine, which creates every game that is provided by
  • How to play?

    1. Go to the “What’s New” page: You can view the new games, news and updates from
    2. Click the “Play” button on a game you want to start: Start the game in the browser or in your own regular browser
    3. Enjoy the game!: If you played the computer, the game has come to an end.

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    INVASION! is a delightful and colorful VR short that puts you in the role of one of the two “alien” bunny friends of the small furry creature that hosts the short. You quickly learn this bunny has grand plans to take over the world, but don’t tell the other bunny about this…
    Meet the cast:
    Hugo – A careful and serious bunny who is always there for his friends and is obsessed with puzzles.
    Chuck – A smart and ambitious bunny who can never resist the urge to experiment and has a thing for magic.
    Experience the cuteness:
    INVASION! is a free VR experience and is a perfect demonstration of what a new breed of VR short can offer the film industry.
    Our priority with INVASION! has been to deliver a VR experience that makes the viewer feel as if they are the protagonist of the story.
    INVASION! is the world’s first narrative VR short featuring a first person perspective. We encourage players to look down and feel a sense of confidence in their bunnish alter ego.
    INVASION! is a free digital VR experience that you can see for free for a limited time and is available on Steam as well as the Oculus Home Store, Samsung Gear VR Store, Google Play, Playstation VR, Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality, Daydream View and Cardboard.
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    Deadline”Sacred” on Xbox: A spectral wraith in ancient tunnels investigates the missing keys to his eternal rest.
    The Headless Knight”Silent” on Xbox: After losing his head, the Royal Knight now prefers to inhabit the bodies of his victims, stealing their heads as well.
    Scribbles the Cat”Upright” on Xbox: The inhabitants of the Mad Kingdom are welcoming the Headless Knight, who is wandering to find his head. But what will the citizens of the Mad Kingdom do when they see the headless knights head walking into their midst?
    The Flying Van Horseman”Bird-skirted” on Xbox: After a drunken valet set him free, the Grand Horseman of Tally-Ho is on the prowl for his stolen horse, the Horse-In-Habit.
    The Snow Owl”Enchanted” on Xbox: Spurred to seek revenge, the Snow Owl is slinking around, searching for the cursed Snow Owl sword to hack his way to revenge.
    The Green Dragon”Annihilate” on Xbox: Zorro is training at The Green Dragon Academy. Zorro must work to graduate and become a man of the cloth.
    Burly Bob”Maids of Misrule” on Xbox: Burly Bob is joining the Maids of Misrule Club to stop the Knights of Good at all costs.
    Scribbles the Cat “Guardian Guardian” on Xbox: Scribbles the Cat hears the bellowing of the Knights of Good and the piercing cries of the sparrows as they protect the town from the Ravens of Evil.
    All of the classes will contain a few new quests, storyline and weapons, but are not the same as other classes. These are the most-played classes in Dungeon Lurk II, and the most varied classes available in this DLC. To unlock these classes, you must solve the time-bending puzzles, and that is what this DLC is all about!The possibilities are limitless, and we’ve got more DLC’s in the works!
    The conclusion of the classic video game series that influenced us in such an incredible way. The first part of the game already achieved great success in Germany, where it was nominated in the 2013 Game Award. Now it’s time for the second part of the amazing adventure, which will bring more incredible moments, more breathtaking graphics and more epic battles for your enjoyment.






    What’s new:

    Dimetrodei 2

    Dimetrodont 2

    Diplocaulus 2

    Dioprosaur 2

    Discomedusuchus 2

    Dissorophoides 2

    Diuedensaurus 2

    Diuromedionoceras 2

    Divarcephalus 2

    Donrussellia 2

    Droserurus 2

    Drusina 2

    Dromornis 2

    Dromorraphe 2

    Dryolestes 2

    Dryosaurus 2

    Dubraserpeton 2

    Dubreuillosaurus 2

    Dulitosaurus 2

    Dystocarps 2

    Dystylops 4

    Dyrosaur 2

    Dyrosauridae 2

    ## E

    Early ichthyosaur 2

    Early lineage of Archaic pterosaur 4

    Eccentrosaurus 2

    Echinodon 2

    Ecteninion 2

    Ectodont 2

    Edaphosaurus 2

    Edophodon 2

    Edopoikia 2

    Edoposaurus 2

    Edromaeus 2

    Ectenioides 2

    Ectodontidae 2

    Effigia 2

    Effigia excavata 2

    Elginerpeton 2

    Eldabarwa 2

    Elognathus 2

    Elphyriorhynchus 2

    Elpistostege 2

    Elopteryx 2

    Ellagicrinus 2

    Elliptocycloceras 2

    Eligmodonta 2

    Eloschisi 2

    Elopteryx 2

    Ellipsomerus 2

    Emoia 2

    Endennasaurus 2

    Endothiodon 2

    Endothiodon passus 2

    Endothiodon paradoxus 2

    Endothiodon strauchharicus 2

    Endothyra 2

    Endothyra mortoni 2

    Entelodon 2

    Epidemesaur 2

    Epidendrosaurus 2

    Epiduronien 2

    Epidylops 2

    Episodoiocnemis 2

    Episodicthys 2

    Episodicthus 2


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    MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures is a tactical squad-based, single-player dungeon crawler. You play as a being summoned to die in a twisted and bizarre dungeon, with the purpose of fighting off the hordes of creatures trapped inside.
    You start in the base, a tall tower filled with enemies of every shape, size and description. But the tower is crumbling and the path to the upper levels has fallen away, rendering the way in dangerous for you.
    You will need to equip a team of heroes, each with their own abilities to defeat the entire lower-levels. Your team can morph between a selection of beastly hero forms to suit your current strategy.
    For example, the Eagle is a fierce combatant, while the Minotaur can freeze enemies in its path. Every battle has tactical components, but ultimately your goal is to reach the upper levels of the dungeon and ascend to the Lord of Death.
    Should you make it to the upper levels, you will be presented with the final test. The Lord of Death must be faced down and defeated. Only once you have dealt with him will you be allowed to ascend to the next level.
    About Play Cubed:
    Play Cubed is a publisher and creator of all kinds of video games. They love to make games that challenge players and provide a lot of fun and joy. Play Cubed makes games with titles like MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures, Secret Agent, and Mighty Gunz. Their games are always fun and lighthearted, especially considering the new features that they come up with.
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    METAMORPH: Dungeon Creatures [2017]
    Short Review

    From the creators of the critically acclaimed Stronghold!

    MetaMorph: Dungeon Creatures is a tactical dungeon crawler which draws heavy inspiration from classic ARPG such as Gauntlet and Magicka].

    EXPLORE a web of trap filled, monster infested lairs as you work your way deeper underground.

    MASTER tactical combat, elemental powers and character switching to escape a brutal fate.

    TRICK your enemies by turning the dungeon’s saw blades, bombs and boulders against them!

    MORPH between powerful spirit forms, shapeshifting to counter and crush


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    System Requirements:

    PC, Mac and Linux
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