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Mbr Regenerator V4.5 Ts Rar

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Preventing whitespace from breaking a CSS layout

This is a somewhat difficult question to phrase and I don’t have any code to show. I hope to have a more concrete explanation to show as I formulate more questions. I have a general question about stripping whitespace out of a website.
I have a website that uses an ASP.NET Web Forms project and I have a “logo” as a fixed, 100% width div that I have background-image set for. This logo, has a height and width that extends beyond the width of the container- I have left a white background behind to show you a visual example of the problem.

I have it set to have a max-width of 1200 pixels and a max-height of 220 pixels to account for default resolutions. This is to show a picture in a square box. I have a container that sets the width to 1200px and I have a set max-height. Now, the problem I have is when I run the site on a Windows 10 device (or other web capable devices), the size of the white background (shown as the yellow) is seen as the size of the window. This defeats the purpose of having the max-height set. Is there a way to have the browser see the max-height, but not the white background be seen as the window size? I thought about using overflow:hidden in the container, but I want the picture to be just over the white, not behind it.
I am working in Visual Studio 2017 Community


You may want to change the CSS to something like this:
.overflow {
max-width: 1239px;
max-height: 220px;
overflow: hidden;

It is not quite 100% white space, but I would say it’s close enough.


Files in MSSQL Server 2014 do not appear in linked Access 2016 table

I have a database (mssql server 2014) which contains several text and xml files, some of which are of a large size (up to a few gigabytes). I would like to import these files in an Access 2016 (desktop) database.
At first I opened the linked tables in the database and deleted the access data source