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Published: July 21, 2022 (4 weeks ago)

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Name Medieval Arms
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Winter Voices is a short game inspired by “Super Snow Bros”. One day, a little snowflake, named Otohiko, floating above the snow…
It’s now time for a long journey, on a snowy trail, to the distant capital, from shelter to shelter. Travelling in the snow is an ordeal and strangers, tramps or travelers also caught up in this unexpected winter now replace the familiar faces of your childhood village. Haunted by ghosts in your past, to avoid giving up on the voyage and going back, you must find the courage to face your fears.
– 5 different characters, each with 3 different talents!
– 8 places, each with a unique enviroment, full of surprises!
– A short experience that can be replayed by the player to have different encounters with the environments and the characters.
– A strategy game of exploration and fast reflexes!
What will you encounter?
In your journey you will meet furries, monsters and other trampy characters that may not seem at first glance like nice people.
You may also encounter some new ennemies: snowballs, snowflakes and the big snow giant…
These are the descriptions of the 5 characters of Winter Voices Episode 1.
Otohiko : A mischievous snowflake, Otohiko’s boots have given him awesome skiing skills! He is a great freeride adventurer and has enough skills for 9 types of avalanches.
Gakuto : Gakuto is an old experienced snowboarder, and has the skills to expertly deal with all types of snow. He also has a few tricks to help you out of a tricky situation.
Neko : Neko is a lively snowboarder, a newbie who’s new to the sport of snowboarding. He’s never let the snow decide what he does… He is tough as nails and can handle any course with his stealth and jumping skills.
Anju : Anju is a great ski jumper, she is able to take extreme bumps and drops and deal with all types of snow and weather without fear. She always finds her way out of a bad situation with her superior skiing skills.
Sato : Sato is an old clumsy snowboarder who’s never really left the village. He’s old and lacks the snowboarding expertise of Gakuto and Neko, but nonetheless he has shown himself to be a great human snow pit! Sato’s jumping skills will


Features Key:

  • Set in an alternate 1960s, a violent and paranoid regime branded dissenters and deviants and terrorised the local population. Windows…
  • Publisher: I Smile Back for publisher.AU

    Platform: PC, Linux, Mac

    Release Date: Out now!

    Price: $10.00 USD/ $15.00 AUD

    ESRB Rating: T for Teen13+ content

    Filesize: 16.08 GB

    Rdio Support: Yes!

    If I haven’t made a mistake here, this aims to be the ‘prologue’ for nearly all subsequent combat DLC. I have intentionally not included a story mode beyond the prologue since I have focused on providing extra combat, tech and gameplay elements over a new narrative. If you’ve bought games for the extras and not the story, this is going to provide plenty of satisfaction.

    This is set in a 1960s US that is a more paranoid, violent and closed off society than our own, so players will probably find this game unsettling as they notice the references.

    Almost My Floor: Prologue system requirements:

    • Minimum: 5650 x 1050 minimum resolution and graphic card driver that supports the DirectX 11 API.
    • Recommended: 5450 x 1050 for the best experience, and a higher-end card that can support play with pretty much any graphics setting.

    Please note that this is an unfinished game and I will be adding additional game content and features in future updates. Please check the pinned comment for updates.

    Feel free to use my forums link for any requests/feedback.

    2018 –


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    __Level 0
    Save / Power / Options / Difficulty
    Select / 2 / 0 / 0
    A level without a target and the ball would go to the same position every time.
    __Level 1
    Save / Power / Options / Difficulty
    Select / 4 / 0 / 0
    Avoid using the right stick you must throw the ball properly.
    __Level 2
    Save / Power / Options / Difficulty
    Select / 6 / 0 / 0
    All the players will try to stop you from throwing the ball.
    __Level 3
    Save / Power / Options / Difficulty
    Select / 8 / 0 / 0
    A level without a target at the same time as the enemy team.
    __Level 4
    Save / Power / Options / Difficulty
    Select / 10 / 0 / 0
    A level with time limits.

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