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Play as a Mage, a class in the game that’s similar to the Ranger.
Use your staff and various magic.
Just like most items in the game, you can equip up to 5 at the same time.
Items include:
Mage Staff- This is the main item and it has to be picked up for you to be in-game.
Item – This item is your magic book and it can hold up to 5 spells.
Stone – These are your favorite spells. You can cast and block up to 5 Stone at the same time
The Stone list has a total of 55 spells.
War Staff – This allows you to attack the ground and create an explosion. You can hold up to 2 War Staves.
The War Staff list has a total of 10 spells.
Spellbook – This allows you to use spells by using certain actions. You can equip up to 1 Spellbook.
The list has 10 spells.
All Spells list in the game contains a total of 5 spells.
The Companions list has an infinite amount of them.
Besides the Companions, there are 2 more Cheats: one for the bombs and the other for the directions.
Chat – This one lets you chat with other players.
Chat Cheat – This one can give a certain amount of Gold to any person that’s in game.
Bombs Cheat – This one can increase the bomb count by 5.
Directions Cheat – This one can give you the treasure map.
Mage Class – Janek Sh. from TerrariaMade.
All Script – Spell Script & Bomb Script – Tiger_Jin from TerrariaMade.
UI & Game Functions – Clifton from TerrariaMade.
Sounds – Turbulenca, a talented sound designer.
Icons – Oktavia a graphic artist and TerrariaMade.
All these people are very helpful with TerrariaMade.
And, of course, Creator & Game Designer – Shirovox, who did all the hard work and the game’s storyline and ending.Pages

Thursday, July 19, 2013

Floating in the ruins…

Sometimes the sea calms down. You float, gently. You wonder if all the people that were banged on the head with stones are all dead or if they just sleep off the good news of life. A little life or living is heard in the dying. The boredom is…well,


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  • Play the original Blake and Mortimer computer games, inspired by the classic TV series.
  • Humourous adult humour.
  • 8 classic arcade style games.
  • Replay the comedy classics and complete the secret goals.
  • Customise your own character by picking your hero’s appearance and personality traits.
  • Unlock additional characters by chucking coin sacks into pots.
  • A faithful adaptation of the TV series.
  • Storyline continued by the series writers.
  • System requirements

    • Windows: 7/8
    • Dual Core CPU
    • 2 GB RAM
    • 25 GB HDD
    • DirectX: 10


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      Like many noblemen, Laran Krakenshield has been travelling for much of his life to places far from home in search of new lands, new people, and new business opportunities. He’s not a merchant nor a fighter, but he’s not entirely comfortable without a blade in his hands and a rock at his back. At least for now.
      The veteran adventurer turned mayor of the port town of Argosa found a far more appropriate home when the Arcane Age collapsed and the world became a chaotic place of bandits and monsters. Now, in an age of chaos, the Empire is looking to expand its borders and claim the solar system for its own, putting Argosa at the center of it all. However, what good are vast military might if the gates of the city are left open?
      So Laran, together with the local council of advisors and volunteers, is planning out their defenses against the Empire. In this capacity, they’ve placed their hopes on a necromancer named Madiel. What could go wrong?
      Key Features:
      This adventure comes with multiple custom maps and tokens to enhance your gaming experience. Print them and use them to facilitate a fast, easy, and intense roleplaying experience!
      The gods of the planet Argosa – the Pantheon – are presented with a new flavor in the form of an easy and intuitive player and GM screen. It includes each of the gods from their own individual books, with new book entry cards to aid in ease of play and organization!
      The planet Argosa is being invaded, but that’s nothing new for your party! The custom-written “Planet at the Crossroads” adventure toolkit expands your game and presents the new world of adventure like never before.
      Play the first chapter in the upcoming Legendary Planet Adventure Path. The Scavenged Codex will cover the next five chapters in the series for up to 5th-level characters.

      A Digital Dungeon Crawl: An exploitable scenario designed for virtual tabletop RPGs!
      Largo’s Gate is an intergalactic station where over a thousand cultures, races and species co-exist in the murky underworld. Here you find the quirky, the wealthy, the desperate, and the dangerous. It is a place where anyone, whose sole purpose is to work for the station’s proprietors, can make a quick buck off the back of others. An Unrighteous Servant is currently working in one of the shops, tasked with protecting the people of the Nightfall district and providing aid as needed.


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      Minecraft Server Requirements:

      Minecraft Updates and News:

      Minecraft Jamaica is run by owner Michael White as part of the Indijam team, a team of experienced and knowledgeable Minecraft players.

      published:23 Jul 2012


      In the new CNC multitool shop which is about 2 weeks old, I did a test on a small piece of aluminum. It took about 6 hours and I learned a lot to get it looking this nice. This video is to show you that this is a doable project on a small scale, as the real thing in all it’s glory is deeper than what I’m talking about.

      I will explain the brief process of how to do this project on a small scale.
      Primarily this project is for those people who do not have lots of time to do small scale projects.
      The concept of the nitrogen is when nitrogen is compressed into a high pressure gas, it becomes a plasma state. So its very high temp but very low volume. This high temp is what makes the metal molten. The nitrogen is introduced to the oven in a bell jar and the nitrogen is forced into the pot using a computer fan.
      This chemical reaction becomes so hot it turns into a plasma. What this does is it gives us a very intense but a very small oven.
      The nitrogen plasma is moving very fast due to the ideal gas Law and it physical shape. The nitrogen plasma is actually mixing the molten metal and spurring it into some amazing looking pattern. The nitrogen is a inert gas and it is working hand in hand with the pot to react and heat to get hot enough to turn into a plasma.
      In this setup we have about 50 cubic feet of space. This is about the volume of one to two shipping containers. This is about 25 to 50 liters. You can see that this is going on a small scale but it can be expanded to a large scale in a fireproof room.
      I have had a lot of questions and it might take a few days to get around to answering them. Please feel free to ask them in the comments and I will make sure to answer them in the order that they are received. Thanks!
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